1. A

    Sarah Palin retaliates against Obama and tells him "Passing the Buck Doesn't Plug the D#*! Hole".

    She wasn’t amused with his “drill, baby, drill†cheap shot at her yesterday at the Press Conference. I can't wait to hear Gibbs response to this. I totally agree with her on this though. Rush was right about Sarah and Todd being better prepared than Obama to deal with this disaster in the...
  2. Amit

    Chris Christie stops spending money NJ doesn't have
  3. U

    Harry Reid Situation vs. Trent Lott Situation: Trent stepped down. Why doesn't Harry?

    This needs to be discussed. It has been non stop all over the radio talk shows tonight and I believe that Reid should step down for the remarks he made. Lott apologized repeatedly and he was forced out by Dems, Repubs and even help from the White House. Why is it that Harry Reid is being coddled...
  4. michaelr

    I doesn't matter

    I am done with the CT forum, you all can have it, and with it comes the BS. Have fun.
  5. F

    7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told

  6. kmiller1610

    CNBC doesn't aplogize at all

    For those of you who think that bad journalism begins and ends with Fox News .... Interestingly, CNBC did not issue such an apology on Friday. It also did not clearly acknowledge...
  7. Six

    " Jobs Created" in a District that doesn't exsist

    Hillarious. The White House is going to extremes to justify it's disasterous 787 billion Stimulus debacle. They're even creating new districts out of thin air. The truth is the stimulus basically perpetuated a deepening recession by creating very little private jobs and increasing the debt...
  8. Blueneck

    Bill Clinton gets the girls (doesn't he always?)

    This is good news for a change.