1. 5 stringer

    Keith Ellison Denies Domestic Abuse Allegations

    Sure looks like someone sat on this until the time was ripe. I don't think it's really going to hurt him, at least not among the muslim vote. Just my opinion.
  2. S

    Balance of trade understated effect upon their nation's domestic production.

    Balances of trade understate their effects upon their nation's domestic production. Nation's balances of international trade are determined by the total net prices of their globally traded goods and service products which contribute to trade surplus nations' and reduce trade deficit nations'...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Florida man who killed four kids during standoff got a gun despite domestic violence

    Holed up most of yesterday, a cop was called out on a domestic disturbance in Orlando with 4 kids being held hostage--he took a shot at the cop. Police didn't know if the kids were alive when I saw it last night. He shot all 4 kids and himself. He has a long rap sheet including several...
  4. HayJenn

    Session - Says Domestic Violence Is Not Grounds for Asylum

    WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Monday that fear of domestic violence is not legal grounds for asylum in a closely watched immigration case that could have a broad effect on the asylum process, women who have endured extreme violence and the independence of immigration...
  5. Friday13

    The "infantilization" of young, white, male domestic terrorists

    We have been seeing from several posters here exactly this type of attempt to excuse the behavior of these terrorist kids who bomb and shoot and kill. 'He was a quiet and normal kid': The infantilization of young, white, male domestic terrorists
  6. HayJenn

    Oregon bans all domestic abusers from owning guns

    Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) signed a bill into law Monday that blocks convicted domestic abusers from owning guns, making the state the first to add a new gun safety law since the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., last month, HuffPost reported. The state had already banned those with domestic...
  7. The Man

    Do domestic abusers belong in Olympics?

    Russian hockey player Vyacheslav "Slava" Voynov was suspended from the NHL (LA Kings) in 2014, after reports, and a criminal investigation alleging, that he viciously attacked and beat his wife, Marta Varlamova, at home NHL suspends L.A. Kings defenceman Slava Voynov after arrest on domestic...
  8. the watchman

    another WH aide quits over domestic violence allegations.

    breaking news. A speech writer this time. Can't find a link yet. *edit...found it*...
  9. bajisima

    Senate votes to give Pres Trump continued domestic spying powers

    Bipartisan too...How did your senator vote? Defenders of civil liberties and privacy advocates expressed their discontent on Thursday after the U.S. Senate passed a bill that reauthorizes and expands the ability of the goverment to spy on the digital communications without a warrant. With...
  10. PACE

    Fury as archbishop says domestic violence is caused by women 'not obeying men'

    This piece of shit 56 women were killed in Spain due to domestic violence Fury as archbishop says domestic violence is caused by women 'not obeying men' - Mirror Online What a dip shit.
  11. D

    Roy Moore's Close Ties To White Supremacist Groups Linked To Domestic Terrorism

    Roy Moore's Close Ties To White Supremacist Groups Linked To Domestic Terrorism By Troutfishing ====================================================...
  12. The Man

    Decriminalizing domestic violence

    More: Nine Months After New Domestic Violence Law, Russian Women Still Struggle Russians do, very much, believe that government should not intrude into private family life of citizens... Unfortunately, Putin decided to accommodate the more extreme side of this belief. As a result, women...
  13. Monk-Eye

    Rapid Rise Of Domestic Terrorism - The Horrid Dream Of Murky Angel Is Coming True

    " Rapid Rise Of Domestic Terrorism - The Horrid Dream Of Murky Angel Is Coming True " * Persistent Violent Under Ground * * Surrendering Civil Liberties For Facilitation Of Ideological...
  14. Idiocracat

    America's White Domestic Terrorist Problem

    It seems like it's a weekly thing now. What's making white men so angry? Police arrest man who stockpiled weapons, explosives at his NY home
  15. Sassy

    Domestic abusers should wear monitors

    I saw a discussion on this possibility and thought, gee, yeah, why don't we do that? We know that restraining orders don't keep them away. If the Texas shooter was on one, he wouldn't have been allowed near the church his wife's family attended. When will domestic abuse, which often ends...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    RED STATE-TN PUNISHES victims of domestic abuse/rape forces wearing of ankle bracelet

    So the victim has to wear the ankle bracelet?? Why not the abuser? SHE gets the scarlet letter? She has to wear it? To work, to her kids school, church, the grocery store? Women are FIRED FROM THEIR JOBS for being victims of domestic abuse. 'Business doesn't want that kind of trouble...
  17. Idiocracat

    White Domestic Terrorism Thread

    Perhaps Trump needs to add European countries to his ban list? N.C. airport bomb suspect wanted 'to fight a war on U.S. soil,' complaint says
  18. PACE

    Here's the face of a domestic terrorist

    Oklahoma man arrested for anti-government bomb plot - Chicago Tribune A Tim McVeigh admirer:
  19. Saladin3

    RIP Heather Heyer a young American killed by a domestic terrorist

    An American walking peacefully in the street.....Exercising her first amendment right....Killed by a crazed terrorist....She will undoubtedly not be the last....Candle Light Vigil tonight to pay respects in Virginia.....Maybe the supporters of these White Nationalist thugs will take a moment...
  20. PACE

    Ted Cruz called on the Justice Dept to label murder an act of domestic terrorism

    Yes, That Ted Cruz; Let's see, Orrin Hatch, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, who else?????