1. KnotaFrayed

    Really? Did Jesus need anything more than a donkey to develop a following?

    Why might his have something to do with why some many people who are perfectly capable of reading the books of the Bible and understanding Christ's teachings and life, might believe the following is why so many are leaving organized religion or forsaking religion at all? Why would someone...
  2. meridian5455

    Animal rights jackasses protest donkey basketball fundraiser

    FERNDALE, Wash., Feb. 11 (UPI) -- Animal advocates in Washington state are calling on a school district to cancel an annual event stretching back four decades: a game of "donkey basketball." The Ferndale School District, which has held the annual basketball games featuring students, teachers...
  3. meridian5455

    Wal-Mart recalls donkey product in China

    Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the world's largest retailer, has recalled donkey meat sold at some outlets in China after tests showed the product contained the DNA of other animals, the U.S. company said.Wal-Mart will reimburse customers who bought the tainted "Five Spice" donkey meat and is...
  4. B

    Nine foot tall reptilian ate my donkey alive.

    this site has become an epic fail
  5. I

    Beware of donkey flu!!!!!!

    Dailymotion - The Colbert Report: Arlen Specter Contracts Donkey Flu - a Funny video
  6. I

    You are a donkey Mr. Bush

    Have any of you seen this ? Its absolutely hilarious : YouTube - Chávez: You are a donkey Mr. Bush I mean bush bashing is getting a bit old but this is just too funny not to watch. Got to say Chavez has got balls.
  7. T

    Elephant v. Donkey "Fight of the Century"

    I just wanted to post a thread discussing the current campaigns for for the House, Senate, and local governatorial races. Being a MA resident I am experiencing, first hand, a brutal race between Dem. Deval Patrick and Rep. Kerry Healey. Like most of the campaigns across the country, this race is...