1. cpicturetaker12


    So let's see what Eddie Munster does with them. SLIME! Will he give impeachment as a 'parting gift' as he is walking out the door?? Or it's something the Republicans want triggered right away? If they do, do they really think Rosenstein will hand over 'political documents' that they are...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    IND State REP drafts bill to require JOURNALISTs be licensed after NBC Trump threat

    So let's get this straight. What would be the requirements? REP, male, white, minimum age? Remind me again what requirements one needs to get a license for one's 2nd amendment rights in IND? Bet you don't need a degree, hell do you have even know how to read and write? Seriously, is there a...
  3. Spookycolt

    Report: Administration drafts 'religious freedom' executive action

    Very nice job Trump. Thank you for protecting Christians and all other religions in America, this should have been done a long time ago. Report: Administration drafts 'religious freedom' executive action
  4. excalibur

    Feds Fight Release of Whitewater Indictment Drafts

    Hillary, so bent. Feds fight disclosure of Hillary Clinton Whitewater indictment drafts - POLITICO
  5. Chief

    bipartisan group drafts immigration reform

    Senators reach deal on immigration changes - Yahoo! News What made this possible? Yep... The time is right... Glad to see you duders coming on board with reality. However, this is going to create an interesting dilema. Latinos are typically socially conservative. The sort of things the...
  6. jackalope

    FEC Drafts Opinions for Guyana-Born Man About Presidential Run

    Okay, this seems pretty dumb to me. If he wasn't born in the US, isn't it fairly clear that he doesn't meet the qualifications for the office? And if not, why would the FEC allow him to raise funds as a candidate for that office?
  7. michaelr

    GOP lawyer drafts Obama impeachment

    GOP lawyer drafts Obama impeachment It is about fucking time! Got my support!!!!
  8. michaelr

    CDC Drafts “Isolation Order†for H1N1

    CDC Drafts “Isolation Order†for H1N1 and here is comes, Martial Law for the man made flu, boy just in time to, the derivatives market is set to tumble a bit... CDC’s website Do not report a sore throat folks, it is only a flu.
  9. C


    The appeasing usurper has sent a letter to Iran. Let us be reminded that they back Hamas and have financed terrorist and insurents while providing them with Iranian made weapons which has killed and injured American Servicemen AND women. This is another sign of bad judgement and it shows his...