1. R

    Perry to drop out of the 2016 race

    breaking news - usa today. sorry no link. there at least 5-6 others who need to drop out too.
  2. BoiseBo

    Rand Paul may be the first to drop out

    I might have guessed Rick Perry since he's out of money, not paying his staffers and sitting at around 2%. That was until i watched TRMS last night. See, in Kentucky you can't be on a ballot for both president and senator. So Rand wants to add a caucus at tremendous expense in ADDITION to...
  3. meridian5455

    Democrats drop Thomas Jefferson & Andrew Jackson names from annual fundraising dinner

    Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are history in Connecticut. Under pressure from the NAACP, the state Democratic Party will scrub the names of the two presidents from its annual fundraising dinner because of their ties to slavery. Party leaders voted unanimously Wednesday night in Hartford...
  4. J

    House Republicans drop controversial abortion bill

    John Boehner and other just sold the anti-abortion believers straight down the political river. House Republicans drop controversial abortion bill ahead of Roe v. Wade anniversary | Fox News I find it hard anymore to give Boehner credit for just being stupid, drunk, and a crying pussy. I...
  5. EnigmaO01

    Oil could drop to $30.00 per barrel

    How low will oil fall? $30 is possible - Dec. 31, 2014 Thoughts?
  6. Spookycolt

    Teacher to student: If you don't support gay marriage, drop my class

    A real life example of the liberals intolerance to any opposing view. You are not allowed to discuss and they want no discussion about anything other than their own beliefs. The fact that this exists in our learning facilities is even more horrendous because kids are being taught that there is...
  7. Goofball

    Obama campaigns for Maryland Dem. Dems polls drop 9 points in 1 week.

    Coincidence? Same campaign stop where the crowd walked out on Obama. Obama Visits Maryland; Democrat Drops 9 Points? | The Daily Caller
  8. BoiseBo

    States expanding Medicaid see a 30% drop in uninsured hospital admissions

    And the idiot states that didn't (like mine) are paying for the smart ones that did. WASHINGTON (AP) - The number of uninsured patients admitted to hospitals has dropped markedly this year, reducing charity care and bad debt cases, particularly in states that have expanded Medicaid coverage...
  9. Friday13

    A drop of their own medicine

    Seems the GOTP don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot. RepubliCon candidate in Arkansas has Arkansas voter registration cancelled because she's registered to vote in THREE STATES...
  10. Minotaur

    2014 Deficit to Drop $100B

    Good job President Obama. "The government's budget deficit will drop to $583 billion this year, the lowest level of President Barack Obama's tenure, the White House said Friday. Last year's deficit was $680 billion. The latest update from the White House budget office is also $66 billion less...
  11. Spookycolt

    As predicted, Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are starting to drop

    June 23, 2014 - Christie Trails Clinton, But Inches Up In Iowa, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Voters Reject Bergdahl POW Swap Iowa (IA) Poll - June 23, 2014 - Christie Trails Clinton, But I | Quinnipiac University Connecticut It seems she is running into some trouble now. How far...
  12. Spookycolt

    Maryland, the first State to drop out of Obamacare due to its inefficency.

    This seems to go against what the democrats are telling us, about how great Obamacare is working out. Apparently the system is so glitched that states are having to find alternate methods to meet their requirements since Obamacare systems are complete failures. Maryland to reportedly abandon...
  13. Stefan Bandera

    Insurer's Plan To Drop Doctors From Medicare Advantage Scrutinized At Federal Hearing

    Insurer's Medicare Advantage Plan Criticized At Federal Hearing - Courant.com Insurer's Plan To Drop Doctors From Medicare Advantage Scrutinized At Federal Hearing UnitedHealthcare's (UHC ) recent decision to drop thousands of doctors from its Medicare Advantage plan came under...
  14. Spookycolt

    Target announces it will drop part-time employees from its healthcare plan

    But...But....But...these are all made up GOP LIES....it can't really be happening. But it is. As we conservatives predicted, the end total is probably going to be in the neighborhood of 60 million people dropped from policies and forced into Obamacare, many of them paying higher prices...
  15. the watchman

    Home> U.S. George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Wants to Drop Charges, 'Be With Him'.

    George Zimmerman's girlfriend who called Florida police to say he was breaking her stuff and was brandishing a weapon no longer wants to press charges against him and instead wants to get back together with him. Zimmerman, 30, who faces a felony aggravated assault charge as well as lesser...
  16. meridian5455

    Obama approval ratings drop, Americans say he's not trustworthy

    President Barack Obama's approval rating among American voters has dropped to its lowest number in Quinnipiac University polling since he became President, according to a survey released on Tuesday that also raised new doubts about trust.As Obama juggles the bungled rollout of HealthCare.gov and...
  17. michaelr

    Whopping 932,000 Americans Drop Out Of Labor Force In October; Participation Rate Dro

    Whopping 932,000 Americans Drop Out Of Labor Force In October; Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 35 Year Low What a fucking plunge, oh man this has to be a monthly record. Nearly a million people no longer participating in the labor market, a half a million dropped out the month prior. Hey...
  18. Babba

    The Stunning Drop in Infrastructure Spending

    The Stunning Collapse Of Infrastructure Spending In One Chart This is so incredibly shortsighted. You people who wail about how your children and grandchildren are going to be paying off our debt should be a whole hell of a lot more worried about the crumbling and outdated infrastructure...
  19. bajisima

    Hillary Clintons approval ratings drop

    A new poll is showing that Hillary Clintons approval rating has dropped 15 points. Her sharpest decline is with young voters, some democrats and independents. Poll: Hillary Clinton approval sinks - Lucy McCalmont - POLITICO.com
  20. michaelr

    Look Out Below: Home Sales Plunge: “Biggest Drop in 40 Months”

    Look Out Below: Home Sales Plunge: “Biggest Drop in 40 Months” Home Sales Collapse At Fastest Rate In 40 Months; Congress Is Now Unable To Get Things Done; Fed Will Do The Opposite Of Tapering ? More Money Printing! | InvestmentWatch More QE? Wow just what we need, more "aggressive...