1. BDBoop

    May is National Drum Month!

    I did not know that. And I am a big fan of percussion. I think I like the song Tusk because of the marching band more than anything else. Drum Fill Friday, With S? Percussion : All Songs Considered : NPR ^^^ a quiz which I have yet to take. This made my night. Share 'em if you got 'em please...
  2. Babba

    Wherein, I Disagree with Kevin Drum

    Kevin Drum has been one of my favorite pundits since before the invasion of Iraq. Which he supported. I disagreed with him then and i disagree with him now. This is something that too many lefties didn't get about Obama and HRC back in 2008...
  3. Toldyaso

    Racism LOWEST on List of Americans' Conerns, Despite Left's Drum Beating

    Racism LOWEST on List of Americans' Concerns, Despite Left's Drum Beating Well, notihing exposes the left's true agenda, like the FACTS, and the FACT IS, they are DESPERATE to keep RACIAL STRIFE drummed up, as much as possible, as the recent Bundy/Sterling flaps show us. Both guys were...
  4. The Man

    Handgun with drum magazine?

    Russian SOBR (SWAT) says, yes :D
  5. Justoffal

    The Sad Journey of one Kilowatt hour from the Boiler Drum to the Prius Battery

    Today we still use hydrocarbon combustion for about 70% of our electric needs. In the Future Tokomak will most likely be the one and only source of Global energy needs fulfillment. Nothing else even comes close. ITER - the way to new energy However for now and present let us deal with...
  6. Granite

    What is Drum Corps?

    Drum Corp season is beginning. Will the Blue Devils take number one again? (they have 13 championships under their belt) Will Phantom Regiment get into the top five like they used to? Will Vangaurd take number one? (they sure want to) Will the Blue Knights play something besides weird music...
  7. michaelr

    Bin Laden uses Pakistani floods to drum up support

    Bin Laden uses Pakistani floods to drum up support I wonder who they got to channel him, they should have asked Presley if he had any new music whilst they had the spirit...... The dude is dead!!!