1. Devil505

    What shall we do with some rifles easily made into fully automatic weapons?

    I've posted these videos in gun-specific threads and never received a real answer from any NRA defender. The next few posts will show how easily an AR15 or AK47 can be turned into fully automatic weapons capable of killing hundreds of innocent people in mere minutes. The combination of...
  2. bajisima

    SC nominee Neil Gorsuch to be easily confirmed?

    Democrats can’t seem to land a punch on Neil Gorsuch — and it’s not even clear they want to. President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has breezed through more than 70 meetings with senators. Opponents who’ve scoured his record have found little to latch onto. And some Democrats are...
  3. the watchman

    How easily are we inflenced by the media? (my lastest rant)

    there's no so-called "quid pro quo" regarding Hillary Clinton emails. Yet, the media obsesses over every little tiny email, keystroke, involving it - so long as it is even remotely related to the Clinton Foundation. Keeping in mind, this all started off as an investigation into the Benghazi...
  4. Devil505

    The GOP just voted to allow terrorists to easily get the slaughter devices they need.

    Money has always meant more to this GOP the human life or the protection of their country. The GOP is no better than ISIS! Want to protect this country against terrorists?.........vote against all Republicans in November! The GOP makes money off of terrorism so naturally they don't really want...
  5. G

    Cruz: My five year old kid could easily hop the border.

    Ted Cruz: Immigration reform needs 'boots on the ground' | MSNBC This not the first time this creep has used his kids as political tools..next thing we will be sniveling about is acting all above the fray by telling people not to mention his kids and they are not to be brought up on the...
  6. the watchman

    Chris Christie's facial expressions during Donald Trump's speech were easily the best

    you just have to see the expressions yourself. Chris Christie's facial expressions during Donald Trump's speech were easily the best part - Vox Frankly, to me, it was like Trump thought he was declaring "Martial Law", before ever being elected. He holds this press conference framed by...
  7. J

    Hate speach isn't as easily sold when the econimy comes around.

    The hate rhetoric had free rain after the regressives destroyed the economy and regressives have taken notice. This has been done for ever, in horrible economic times, giving the population excuses to blame their perceived failures on, has always been marketable. The regressive came with the...
  8. MaryAnne

    Trump Easily Flattered.

    His admiration of Putin is an example. Donald Trump Is So Easily Swayed by Flattery That He Defends Putin
  9. The Man


    Just a few images of what filthy Turkish scum did to my mother's Armenian people. My people, by blood. And won't even acknowledge it, let alone apologize. This is why I spit on their red flag. Why I wouldn't shake hands with a Turk today. Well, FWIW, I am... not friends, wouldn't go that...
  10. Pete1242

    How easily do people relate to political views?

    Politically I find I am at odds with most people, and can't relate with friends or family over politics. By politics I mean being anti-state, as such being opposed or neutral to every politician who ever lived. I see little difference between big government or small government, as the existence...
  11. B

    Looks like the Senate Immigration Reform comprise will pass easily

    Senate immigration deal includes tougher border security - CNN.com Nuts and bolts: -Boots on the border up to 40,000 (1 border agent for every 1,000 feet). Currently, we have 20,000 boots on the border, so this would double the number. -Completion of the 700 mile fence at the US-Mexico...
  12. jackalope

    Jindal easily wins 2nd term as Louisiana governor

    Absolutely unsurprising that he was re-elected, but still notable for the massive win, IMO. Especially when many Governors around the country have high disapproval numbers.
  13. Oscar

    Tax hikes will not fix the deficit! Easily explained.

    Tax the Rich? If Obama convinced Congress to simply tax small business owners and investors who make $250,000 or more per year to pay off the deficit, their rates would have to rise to levels that are not even possible. The top two rates would need to rise to 132% and 142%, which is, of course...
  14. MajikMyst

    Depressed Republican Leaders Are Convinced Obama Will Easily Win Reelection

    Republican leaders are now convinced that without a stronger candidate, President Obama will easily cruise to reelection in 2012. A Politico story on Mitch Daniels today began with this sentence, “Top Republicans are increasingly convinced that President Barack Obama will be easily reelected...
  15. C

    G8 Members Easily Distracted by Certain "Events"

    You be the judge. U.S. President Barack Obama (C) and France's President Nicolas ... - Yahoo! News Photos Scenes from the G-8 - Ben Smith - POLITICO.com :laughing: The next question is, where was Sanford at the time of this meeting? Better yet, has Michele Obama seen that picture yet?
  16. O

    Brain Busting - Warning: Verbally Graphic Post - Do Not Read if You Disturb Easily

    The "Why" of this post is for a measure of understanding. I read threads where they discuss what is and what is not torture. I find myself at odds with what I know and the severity of the instances discussed. For those who don't know, part of my long ago past, feels like lifetimes ago, I...
  17. O

    GOA report: Nuclear material easily available!!!

    GAO-07-1038T, Nuclear Security: Actions Taken by NRC to Strengthen Its Licensing Process for Sealed Radioactive Sources Are Not Effective