1. M

    Ebola: It's back

    Ebola spreading in Congo city. 3 new cases have been confirmed in Mbandaka, a city of more than a million, for a total of 17 confirmed cases, 21 probable cases, 5 suspected cases, and one death. Most outbreaks have been in remote, rural areas, and this is the 9th Ebola outbreak since 1976...
  2. Singularity

    Ebola: 0 U.S. citizen death. Flu: 37 kids dead, more dying. Where is the leadership?

    Pretty straightforward. What is the government doing about this? Reminder: Obama sent the Army into Africa to contain Ebola and gave multiple press conferences to reassure the public. There were people on TV calling for international travel to be shut down, and certain restrictions were...
  3. SunsetRose

    Is Ebola a manmade disease?

    I believe biological weapons are the wave of the future. So, I'm wondering....was the Ebola virus tested in Africa to see how useful it could be as a weapon?
  4. meridian5455

    Ebola Tainted Meth & Heroin Found In Texas

    Warning: your meth or heroin may be contaminated with Ebola GRANITE SHOALS, Texas (KHOU) - A police department northwest of Austin says a woman was arrested after she responded to their Facebook hoax about contaminated drugs. The alert, posted to Facebook on Tuesday, stated “Breaking News...
  5. Dittohead not!

    Ebola is now an epidemic in the US....

    ...or would be if this sort of nonsense had actually been true: Remember "Barack Ebola" and how he was bringing illegals infected with that disease in from Mexico? Why is it that the public has such an appetite for pure, unadulterated BS?
  6. Amelia

    Ron Klain: Ebola experience offers three lessons for managing [refugee] fears

    Ron Klain: #Ebola experience offers three lessons for managing fears re: refugees coming to US. (Remember debate over travel from W. Africa to US?) First, must acknowledge fears & address -- not dismiss as illegit (that only exacerbates fears & fuels doubts about leaders' candor.)...
  7. bajisima

    Cured ebola nurse, now in critical condition, doctors are staggered

    Sad story.. "A British nurse who was apparently cured of Ebola earlier this year is now in a critical condition, doctors have said, with experts expressing astonishment at the deterioration of her condition. Pauline Cafferkey was admitted to the specialist treatment isolation unit at Royal...
  8. the watchman

    Ebola nurse to sue: ‘Corporate neglect’ gave me Ebola.

    One of the nurses who contracted Ebola while caring for an Ebola patient will file a lawsuit on Monday against the hospital’s parent company, NBC News confirmed Sunday. “I wanted to believe that they would have my back and take care of me, but they just haven’t risen to the occasion,”...
  9. Bourne

    Why no ebola vaccine?

    Have any of you wondered why the United States pharma industries haven't developed a definitive vaccine to combat the ebola virus? The answer, as is usual, MONEY. Ebola was limited to western and central Africa. American pharma couldn't care less about Africa. There's no profit in spending...
  10. A

    Ebola outbreak: Virus mutating, scientists warn

    No evidence so far that Ebola is becoming an airborne disease. Ebola outbreak: Virus mutating, scientists warn BBC News - Ebola outbreak: Virus mutating, scientists warn
  11. BruceTLaney

    China ready to test Ebola Vaccine on humans:

    I hope the vaccine works but just in case it causes a Walking Dead Moment we might need to shore up our southern border! China to test its Ebola vaccine on humans - The Times of India Actually I hope it works and can help the people in Africa that have been stricken by this disease.
  12. jackalope

    PolitiFact's Lie Of The Year: Mass (Conservative) Hysteria Over Ebola

    Cons flummoxed by science ... again. Shocking.
  13. J

    Ebola remained in yesterday

    Yeah, really, did you noticed that Ebola has disappeared from topics? Hmmm...strange...it was one of the main problem, I thought... Where is the "Manufactured Fear of the Year" award?
  14. bajisima

    India isolates man with ebola infected semen

    A month after recovering from ebola, an Indian man is being isolated because his semen still contains the virus. "According to the ministry and doctors, patients whose blood samples test negative for Ebola after treatment continue to shed the virus in their body fluids, such as urine and...
  15. Sassy

    Ebola is back in the US

    I am very happy we have brought this Dr. from Sierra Leone over. It makes you wonder about how well we are treating people over there, though. Sub-standard, I guess.
  16. vikingbeast

    May As Well Import Ebola

    We'd just be one more third world country getting fucked up diseases. If we want to be like a fuckin' third world nation, it's time we start to act like it! USA: The World's Newest Third World Nation
  17. vikingbeast

    Kill 'em! Novel Way To Stop Ebola!

    Why didn't the surgeon general think of this? Wait, we don't have one.................... Ex-SC GOP director: Ebola patients should be ?put down immediately? | New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
  18. justagurlinseattle

    DISGUSTING! Bellevue Hospital Employees Face Discrimination Over Treating Ebola-

    Bellevue Employees Face Ebola at Work, and Stigma of It Everywhere For six years, Mayra Martinez had been going to the same beautician in Queens, and considered her a friend. On Saturday, while getting her hair done, Ms. Martinez, 45, mentioned she had just gotten a new job. “Where?” the...
  19. the watchman

    Ebola update: Maine judge rejects quarantine for nurse Kaci Hickox.

    CNN) -- A Maine judge on Friday ruled in favor of a nurse who defied a quarantine in a tense standoff with state authorities, saying local health officials failed to prove the need for a stricter order enforcing an Ebola quarantine. District Court Chief Judge Charles LaVerdiere ordered nurse...
  20. Liberal Doses

    Learn to live with Ebola?

    Now, with the Nurse from main contesting the process of quarantine will we politicize the process quarantine to the point of where we will be expected to "learn to live," with Ebola and read books on "Living with Ebola." Like AIDS, Ebola is a virus that kills. Just much faster. The scientific...