1. RNG

    The economics behind the demise of democracy

    Here is an Axios summary of a more detailed analysis by a couple of university economists on the economic basis for the erosion of democracies and the strengthening of autocratic rule. Ultrashort version, whether in fact or in perception, there appears to be a lessening of material wealth in...
  2. RNG

    Economics of renewables ongoing improvement

    This is from an article on Royal Dutch Shell and the shift in philosophy they are undergoing, slowly lessening their dependence on fossil fuels and increasing their participation in renewable and alternative energy sources. An interesting read at Shell: How It's Remaking Itself for a World of...
  3. publius3

    Why Supply-Side Economics Is Right And Keynesian Economics Is Wrong

    Work and value-adding production make an economy prosper, and eliminating disincentives to doing so, such as high taxation and regulatory burdens, stimulates growth. Why Supply-Side Economics Is Right And Keynesian Economics Is Wrong
  4. PACE

    president "it's my party and I'll cry if I want" INSISTED he open with economics

    His little rebellion,,,,, I wonder who had the cattle prod behind the door? CNN: Trump wanted economic remarks at top of Charlottesville statement | TheHill
  5. T

    Rick Perry on supply and demand economics: Supply it, then demand will follow

    Good fucking lord. Texas sized genius right there. Rick Perry explains supply and demand. Not surprising, he seems to not know a thing about it. Folks, this fellow is in charge of all the nuclear material in the US. Rick Perry on supply and demand economics: Supply it, then demand will...
  6. Madeline

    Amazon and Your Home Economics

    Several news items regarding Amazon announced in the past two days offer you opportunities to save money. Amazon Dash Free to Prime Subscribers: Get 2% or more back when you use the new Amazon debit card to pay...
  7. Æthelfrith

    Corbyn proves folk understand economics

    Austerity is now a vote loser in the UK. Using it for ideological gain (at the expense of economic rationality) is no longer available to right wingers. The blip is over!
  8. Minotaur

    Economics and Tax Day

    The country runs on taxes and this year we made sure it runs for a micro nanosecond on us so you better treat me good arseholes. That micro nano second you just gained is from me. LOL
  9. Loki

    Muslims immigration drives down economics

    This may not be a popular topic but one that exists neverless. The problem is first cousin marriage. This is true for the thousands years since Mohammad had several first cousin wives. It is practice today as yesterday and years. Now, we do not need to imagine because the results of in breeding...
  10. L

    Traditional Economics Failed. Here’s a New Blueprint.

    Politics in democracy can be understood many ways, but on one level it is the expression of where people believe their self-interest lies— that is to say, “what is good for me?” Even when voters vote according to primal affinities or fears rather than economic advantage (as Thomas Frank, in...
  11. N

    Soft Currency Economics (Modern Monetary Theory)

    I have struggled to wrap my head around the conceptual economic perspective known as MMT or chartalism or neochartalism for quite a while now. I am chronically discontented with it but I can't come up with a way to refute or reject it outright. It makes sense that a conservative would be...
  12. J

    Rubio stands in front of the blind right and trys to sell trickle down economics,

    His proposed tax reform – zero percent rates on capital gain, dividends, and estates – would benefit the rich almost exclusively. As the Washington Post’s Matt O’Brien noted, eliminating taxes on capital gains would give middle Americans a $66 tax cut, while the top 1 percent would get upwards...
  13. KnotaFrayed

    Simple economics problem....

    Consider there are 100 people in the world and there is $100 of currency distributed equally amongst all the people (each person has a dollar). Consider that for every dollar any person spends, someone is spending a dollar on someone who just spent a dollar, so commerce still goes on, but it is...
  14. Æthelfrith

    Right Wing Economics

    It gave us monetarism via Friedman. That was disastrous. Then it gave us neo-liberalism and we slept walked into disaster. Is economics beyond right wingers?
  15. M

    economics: pipeline vs oil train

    Very timely article in today's paper about the very subject some of us have been discussing recently. Headline: CANADIAN CRUDE FLOW SHIFTS TO PIPELINES Canada's exports of crude by rail are leveling off as new pipelines are coming into service. At least there is ONE country doing the...
  16. GordonGecko

    Thanks to failed Tea Party economics, Kansas may now need Obamacare to help save it-

    Kansas Fiscal Woes Forcing Brownback To Consider Medicaid Expansion Ohhhh, the irony. Sam Brownback and a GOP state house (Sorry, subject-changers, no Democrats were involved in this) went with good ol' "Reaganomics" and made massive cuts in taxes for the wealthy and corporations...
  17. Amelia

    When Leftwing Economists Gruber and Krugman Practiced Economics, by Larry Elder

    When Leftwing Economists Gruber and Krugman Practiced Economics - Larry Elder - Page 1 The topics are the living wage and government-mandated paid family leave, and Gruber and Krugman doing an about-face on former positions. The former positions cited from Gruber and Krugman were stated...
  18. Æthelfrith

    Supply Side Economics

    This story has been doing the rounds for some time: "Recent reports show that far from costing the country money, Her Majesty the Queen actually brings in £10 million a year. Instead of trying to abolish the Monarchy, why doesn't the government turn all the unemployed into monarchs, thus...
  19. H

    Drugs and economics

    drugs specialy drugs that are adictive create a market. anyone who illegalize such a market creates an illegal economy anyone who wants drugs to be illegal supports an illegal economy a black market. anyone who illegalizes a product which has a market supports crimninals in their...
  20. meridian5455

    Everything Millennials Need To Know About Politics And Economics in 25 Quotes

    1) No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems — of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind. — Thomas Sowell 2)...