1. T

    Trump points to job numbers, strong economy after media attacks

    Is the president lamely attempting to divert his Twitter tirades away from stupidity by pointing out economic indicators? Because it certainly appears he is trying to claim credit for a growing economy that he had fuck all to do with. Indeed, little more than a quarter into his term, I can't...
  2. RNG

    Boosting the economy from the bottom up

    Let me preface the main thrust of this post by saying that up until about 12 years ago I was a trickle down believer. Then I retired and got the time to study it and I am now the opposite. But here is an issue that I am not sold on, either way. An op-ed appearing on the CBC site today reports...
  3. RNG

    The hydrogen economy

    First let me say that I am a physical chemist by education and have maintained an interest in related things since. And since most of my career has been spent in the energy industry I of course have had a long held interest in that. In a recent thread, fuel cells were being discussed. And...
  4. The Man

    Economy, war drive Ukainians to Israel

    War in Donbass continues to drive Ukrainians to Israel - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post Those families don't want their sons getting conscripted and sent off to Donbass, where Ukrainian troops are dying every day: Three Ukrainian servicemen killed in Donbas in past 24 hours Five Ukrainian...
  5. M

    Fuel economy rollback

    The announcement could come as early as this week. Trump administration is moving to roll back federal fuel economy requirements. Current requirements are to require an average of 36 MPG for cars and light trucks by 2025. Pros and Cons: Would have combated global warming. Would have...
  6. Babba

    The Economy is NOT Booming

    While the economy is not booming it's not doing too badly in reality, contrary to what Trump keeps saying. (It's just like his continued insistence that crime and the murder rate are out of control when that's a complete lie.) Anyway, since the Great Recession the economy has been steadily...
  7. Two If By Tea

    Why Trump Can't Fix The Economy And GOP Will Fail Big Time

    Donald Trump likes to say jobs, jobs, jobs, but is oblivious to economic reality. For starters we are at the tail end of the money bubble and the mini bull market will be short lived once reality sets in. To make matters worse a GOP run congress that unwittingly clings to Ideology and...
  8. T

    Mexican economy may suffer under Trump policies on immigration and jobs.

    Mexican Central Bank Head Quits Amid Fears Over "Trump Impact" | Zero Hedge So why the sudden announcement? Among the theories emerging is that Carstens has had enough dealing with the unpredictabilities in the political climate, especially since the Trump election, and wanted out. During...
  9. Spookycolt

    The economy Trump will inherit

    Just to put it all in perspective. Gross domestic product is chugging along, growing at a 1.7 percent*pace in the year through the third quarter. That's slower than what most prior administrations faced, and comes against a backdrop of weak global demand,*aging demographics and tepid...
  10. Ginger

    Donna Brazile Shreds Obama Economy

    Acting DNC chair says 'people are more in despair about how things are' In an email to Hillary Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta from February 2016, released Friday by WikiLeaks, now-acting chair of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile gave a frank and honest assessment of the...
  11. OldGaffer

    If Trump beats Clinton, it could wipe as much as $1 trillion from the US economy

    US economy could lose up to 5 pct if Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton in presidential election More of those nasty Economists predictions, they are almost as bad as Climate Scientists and Biologists pushing their evil Science.
  12. bajisima

    Fading college dream saps US economy of productivity

    For decades, a growing pool of college graduates poured into the U.S. labor market, boosting productivity and shaping America’s status as the world’s dominant economic power. That driver of growth is diminishing. Enrollment has declined every year since peaking in 2011, according to the...
  13. MaryAnne

    Ben Stein On The Economy.

    Full employment ? Shortage of skilled workers? So Ben Stein is saying the same thing I have been saying to all you nay Sayers! How do you like me now?:) Conservative Economist Ben Stein Says Trump May Make Him Vote Democrat for First Time
  14. bajisima

    Americans remain gloomy about the economy

    Americans, Japanese and many Europeans are glum about their national economies. By contrast, Chinese, Indians and Australians feel positive about theirs. Those are among the findings from a survey released Tuesday of 20,132 people in 16 countries by the Pew Research Center. Just 44 percent of...
  15. Babba

    Moody's Analytics Says HRC Proposals Would Boost Economy

    They analyzed Trump's plans last month and found that they would plunge the country back into recession, cost millions of jobs and fail to improve incomes. But the country may well elect that walking disaster anyway. Analysts Say Clinton Proposals Would Strengthen The Economy | ThinkProgress
  16. TNVolunteer73

    Bexit passes, Liberals panic, 3 days later economy is unchanged.

    Markets back up, Trade continues at the same pace as Pre-Brexit.... .... ... Liberals ran in circles screaming and shouting ...
  17. excalibur

    Brazil moves to shrink the state

    Needed someplace else too. Brazil moves to shrink the state -
  18. Babba

    Why Our Economy Hasn't Recovered As Well As From Other Recessions

    The stalemate on a federal government budget and the sequester has contributed greatly to the anemic recovery. Here's a reminder of why past recoveries were so much stronger. Here?s one really obvious way to boost the US economy ? Quartz
  19. Wrangler

    Hillary putting her pervert husband in charge of the economy?

    Does this make Hillary an inept candidate because this shows that she has no idea as to how to do it?, after all....even when she speaks, those are not her own words, while reading the teleprompter.
  20. L

    Near Zero GDP Growth, Disappointing Jobs Report, Weakening Economy

    Not good for Hillary. What Surprisingly Weak April Hiring Means for the U.S. Economy - TheStreet News Release: Gross Domestic Product