1. Coyote

    Tragically Hilarious News

    As I look at 45's Twitter timeline tonight, it occurs to me that America has jumped the shark. Unlike the infamous Happy Days episode from which this phrase originated, we're doing it in relative slow motion. At this point in the show the tow boat is coming around for the final lineup to the...
  2. HenryPorter

    Trump planning to merge Departments of Education and Labor

    I think we all can see where this is going to go... [COLOR=#000000][FONT=ProximaNova][FONT=Verdana]
  3. T

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos under fire for saying schools can report undocumented

    Odd. I would think the secretary of education would be interested in the education of kids, not trying to get their parents thrown out of the country. Must be those deep Christian values of hers. Indeed, apparently using schools to attempt to enforce immigration policy is a local community...
  4. ptif219

    Obama’s education officials propose nationwide school boycott to force gun control

    That boycott is years old it is called home schooling. The schools have failed students for decades. Even a shooting surviver does not want gun control to be the issue Obama?s education officials propose nationwide school boycott to force gun control ? GOPUSA
  5. Arkady

    Education by State

    I'm a big believer that policy choices should be made not based on abstract principles (what you'd like to think would work), but rather based on real-world outcomes (what the evidence suggests is actually working). Given the way our states act as laboratories for democracy, a good approach is...
  6. Claudius the God

    Funding Education

    The United States funds education in two distinct ways, local taxation and federal subsidies. Of the two, local taxation accounts for the majority of the dollars needed to fund k-12. Federal dollars on average fund only 14% of the cost of public schools in these age groups. That means state and...
  7. bajisima

    Education company embedded social psychological software in tests

    Education and publishing giant Pearson is drawing criticism after using its software to experiment on over 9,000 math and computer science students across the country. In a paper presented Wednesday at the American Association of Educational Research, Pearson researchers revealed that they...
  8. ProgressivePatriot

    The Religious Right Takes on the UN Over Sex Education

    Why is the religious right attacking UNICEF? You might not believe the answer More absurdity from the religious right. These people have to be borderline psychotic. They are targeting UNICEF – a...
  9. L

    Betsy devos is now fighting the union at the education department

    Rachel M. Cohen Mar. 15 THE UNION REPRESENTING nearly 4,000 federal employees working for the U.S. Department of Education filed a complaint this week accusing the agency, run by Betsy DeVos, of union busting. The complaint, filed with the Federal Labor Relations Authority on Tuesday...
  10. Friday13

    Online "university"...major education fail

    The 'professor' needs to go back to school... "Professor" replaced after insisting that Australia isn't a country
  11. S

    The War In Education

    School Privatization Is Educational Apartheid by Another Name It's a nauseatingly one-sided take on education. I agree that education should be publicly funded, but I cite this as an example of the sorts of propaganda that are flying everywhere on the issue. In particular, what annoyed me was...
  12. bajisima

    Inside Silicon Valleys big money push to remake education

    Interesting. Thoughts? While there are disagreements over its exact definition, personalized learning generally means that students spend significant time working on different assignments tailored to their needs, can progress through content at their own pace, and have some agency over what...
  13. J

    We should be grateful to have small hands head of the education dept Betsy DeVoe

    That with her advanced degree in stupidity will do just wonders for our education system in this country. Every Dept head scum bag selected was put there to destroy the dept they headed. I'm glad to see him getting what he deserves and I hope jail is in his future. The Red badge of stupidity is...
  14. R

    The Marxist origin of abortion, sex education, and LGBT rights

    The primary agenda behind modern left-wing sexual politics (such as LGBT rights, elective abortion, government-subsidized contraception, explicit sex education for children, etc), and fit very will in with the Frankfurt School of Marxism - essentially their view was that the "nuclear family" and...
  15. RNG

    Trump to announce computer science education initative

    Even more surprising: Looks like Dot.Don is doing something good for a change. But before I get too excited I want to see the details and more importantly, what his crazy Ed Sec will twist this into...
  16. L

    Trump teaming up with Facebook and Google to boost STEM education in public schools

    Good move.
  17. Rob Larrikin

    The Left has feminized men, environment, industry, sex, marriage, education & news

    The Left has feminized men, the environment, the weather, politics, the courts, the rule of law, the military, education, marriage, history, the media, movies, TV, children, industry, restaurants, jobs, you name it. We now live in a horribly feminized world, which is terrible for families, kids...
  18. Friday13

    tRump's Dept of Education hires new fraud chief...

    Trump Crime Syndicate expansion...maybe. Appointment of someone with no knowledge or experience in "identifying, investigating and adjudicating statutory and regulatory violations of federal student aid programs," definitely. Can't wait to see the Trump-Humpers defend this one...
  19. Bourne

    Gutting the Education budget

    Trump and Devoss have proposed serious cuts in the budget for the Department of Education which will adversely effect children's education. Have a look at Elizabeth Warren's take on those cuts. This Trump bugetary insanity has to be stopped...
  20. T

    Trump Signs Executive Order Reviewing Federal Role in Education

    Ah yes, the Trump executive order. Yet another one ordering folks to look at something. Not actually doing anything, but another review. Trump's entire presidency seems to consist of golfing in Florida, tweeting, and signing executive orders ordering the review of something. Trump Signs...