1. DemoWhip

    Conservative Utah Poised to Repeal Anti-LGBT Education Law

    Let's hear it for UTAH! The red conservative state is finally catching on that discrimination against the LGBT Community has its consequences and is never the right thing to do. Other states that think like Utah did need to follow their example and emulate their stance on repealing...
  2. HayJenn

    Education Department flunks spelling

    In quoting civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois, the Department of Education on Sunday sent out a tweet misspelling his name. And then it sent out an apology that misspelled the word "apologies.""Education must not simply teach work - it must teach life. – W.E.B. DeBois," the Department of...
  3. bajisima

    DeVos clears Senate hurdle on becoming education secretary

    Betsy DeVos cleared a major hurdle in the Senate to become the next education secretary despite vigorous opposition from Democrats. Senators voted 52-48 to cut off debate at dawn Friday, setting the stage for a final confirmation vote next week on President Donald Trump’s nominee...
  4. Singularity

    Trump education secretary may be blocked — at least needs Mike Pence

    Murkowski and Collins will vote no. 50/50 now. Stay tuned for developments. Sessions expected to be confirmed. Expect that to be delayed now so he can vote for DeVos and keep the Mike Pence option alive. Tillerson confirmed as SecState.
  5. The Man

    Education is freedom Vladimir Zhirinovsky gives a speech today in Duma (Russian parliament). It is with regards to a debate about spending more on education. Whole thing too long and too irrelevant to translate. But one bit which is prominent in the video above...
  6. ProgressivePatriot

    ‘The Trump Effect’: Hatred, Fear And Bullying On The Rise In Schools

    We all know that this has been a divisive election cycle thanks to the over the top, belligerent spectacle of Donald The Trump. Almost everyone who is to comatose has been effected, but one group has been seemingly overlooked. I am talking about our young , school age people, and minority...
  7. Amelia

    More cuts to Wisconsin education

    My governor continues to cut services, infrastructure, education funding. 2014: Scott Walker cut school funding more than any governor, Greater Wisconsin Committee claims | PolitiFact Wisconsin 2015: Scott Walker's university budget cuts -- how big? | PolitiFact Wisconsin And now he says he's...
  8. Zephyr

    Michael Brown’s Parents Ordered To Turn Over Education, Medical, Tax Recs In Lawsuit

    I wonder if they will comply with this court order? Does anyone believe their lawsuit had any merit? The discovery process may result in more problems for them than they ever expected. NEWS Michael Brown’s Parents Ordered To Turn Over Education, Medical, Tax Records In Lawsuit Federal...
  9. C

    BREAKING: Donald Trump has named Betsy DeVos as his nominee for education secretary Liberals must already love her. :-)
  10. L

    Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers talks about Donald Trump, the importance of education

    Whether we like Trump or not, Flea has walked the walk.
  11. Southern Dad

    Trump picks Betsy DeVos to education secretary post

    Trump picks Betsy DeVos to education secretary post This one might cause some screaming.
  12. The Man

    Russia's new Minister of Education

    Olga Vasilyeva a Stalinist and Orthodox Christian religious freak... wonderful: God, Stalin and Patriotism — Meet Russia's New Education Chief This is especially interesting: Tikhon Shevkunov who was recently promoted by Kirill to the rank of Bishop is a very influential figure...
  13. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Those who pay for education should consider the benefits of a bonus system for studen

    Those who pay for education should consider the benefits of a bonus system for students. We have been watching the Canadian and U.S. national level of education stall in the doldrums, as compared to other nations. Not shamefully so but irritatingly so. We need to reverse this slow slide...
  14. Two If By Tea

    Is It Time To Rethink Education?

    I can't remember what channel but recently there was a documentary about Jobs and Education. Apparently alot of employers have openings but cannot find "skilled" workers. The argument made was that our education model is stuck in generations past and not adequate for the new economy. In...
  15. MaryAnne

    Clinton Education Plan.

    She laid her plan out for Education in front of those who matter. Hillary Clinton's Brilliant Education Plan Will Work And End Education Wars
  16. The Man

    Military education reform in Russia

    This is very interesting. As it currently stands, every post secondary institute or university (there are no "colleges" over there, at least no such term) have a military training program ("kafedra"), which all male students must go through. This is required in return for them getting...
  17. The Man

    Education language struggle

    This is from April, but I just caught it: Georgian no longer language of instruction in Gali, Abkhazia - Democracy & Freedom Watch | News | Democracy & Freedom Watch Commonly spoken languages of my homeland, Abkhazia, include: Abkhaz, Russian, Georgian, Megrelian, Armenian, and Svan...
  18. heirtothewind

    About Bernie's idea of free college education

    I support Bernie Sanders, but I think his idea for free college education should be limited to those who demonstrate academic ability and have a definite occupational goal. When I went to Kent State [1964-68], majors were limited to subjects that prepared students to enter a profession. Now...
  19. ebpforumorg

    What educational intervention/method/trick would you try out with a field experiment?

    I'm especially interested in methods that could be evaluated with a so called "randomized controlled trial." Randomized controlled trials means using random assignment of schools/classes/students to groups that receive different educational intervention and then comparing the groups to each...
  20. ptif219

    This State Offered Free College Education. Here’s What Happened.

    This shows the free college Hillary and Bernie claim they will provide will not be free and will not work. This promise everything is just more democrat lies This State Offered Free College Education. Here?s What Happened.