1. K

    My Political Education

    I've just found out that you can learn a lot from forums if you participate. I'm a member of a lot of forums related to things I enjoy and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge through participating in them. So, why not learn about politics. As much as people like to say, "I don't like...
  2. A

    Should US Taxpayers foot the bill for "education"?

    My answer: yes, absolutely.
  3. R

    Is education even necessary?

    Why do people even need a formal eduction? Dave Thomas dropped out of high school at the age of 15. He was the founder of "Wendy's" fast food stores. There are millions of stories of Americans who became wealthy with no real education. This belies a well known fact-you don't use anything...
  4. J

    Education tip o' the Day

    Dear Parents: Pay your own damn education bills. Do I ask you to pay for my ski vacation?
  5. L

    Proposed additions to the California Education Code

    A bill before the assembly calls for the teaching of the contributions of the Gay community to the state and nation. I do not want to be crude but isn't AIDS education already mandated? Why is it that contributions by individual homosexuals are not sufficient? Do we have laws requiring the...
  6. M

    Sex Education in Schools

    Do you think its necssary for sex-ed to be taught in schools? And if so, how fare should they go as in what they teach. I know the school I went to, they didnt have a class like that available.