1. Southern Dad

    Protecting Veterans Educational Choice Act

    Here we have a bill that has both Democrat and Republican support. It's something that we all pretty much agree upon. I have to question why three Democrats voted against this nearly unanimously supported bill. You almost have to be saying screw the veterans to not support this bill. Karen...
  2. R

    Funny, but educational video of BLM protesters getting run over:
  3. ebpforumorg

    What educational intervention/method/trick would you try out with a field experiment?

    I'm especially interested in methods that could be evaluated with a so called "randomized controlled trial." Randomized controlled trials means using random assignment of schools/classes/students to groups that receive different educational intervention and then comparing the groups to each...
  4. D

    Will you call our educational system "broken"?

    The primary goal of our education is not to educate our students; it's to sustain the teachers’ unions and fatten the bank accounts of the college professors and administrators at our universities. This is why the education establishment hates private schools, school vouchers, and charter...
  5. Erro

    Low educational attainment

    The main reason, in my opinion, why education standards are generally so low in the west, is that education has been politically hijacked by politicians and used as a political football for their ideologies. Education was always about learning, not a social experiment, not reinforcing political...
  6. Khimary

    Educational caste

    Is it true that the USA lies in the 20th place for the average IQ after the most of other "advanced" European and Asian countries? Does that mean that nonetheless our politicians are trying to attract smart people from poorer countries, our country is still getting more and more stupid! I'n...
  7. C

    The Indestructible Properties :: Our educational system

    The educational institutes are increasing the educational cost of our children everyday and night. Still another unsupported group of intellects has worked out for the downfall of educational institutions. Here are some of the quotes of the day: “An idiot is the one who does not know what...
  8. O

    Oftencold's Educational Series Part One, Posting Clinic; Lesson 1 - the Riposte

    When attempting to make a quick "comeback", clever rebuttal or brilliant riposte, it is vitally important to appear clever, mature, calm (or possibly amused,) and above all cleverer than the poster to whom you are responding. This rather sad example of a poor riposte was made recently by a...