1. S

    Balance of trade understated effect upon their nation's domestic production.

    Balances of trade understate their effects upon their nation's domestic production. Nation's balances of international trade are determined by the total net prices of their globally traded goods and service products which contribute to trade surplus nations' and reduce trade deficit nations'...
  2. RNG

    Another Trump effect.

    In a divided U.S., therapists treating anxiety are hearing the same name over and over: Donald Trump The CBC Washington correspondent has talked to a whole bunch of clinical psychologists and academics about the effect the Republican President's actions and policies is having on the mental...
  3. HayJenn

    The Trump Effect

    Since the founding of the United States, politicians and pundits have warned that partisanship is a danger to democracy. George Washington, in his Farewell Address, worried that political parties, or factions, could "allow cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men" to rise to power and subvert...
  4. PACE

    The Mueller effect, FARA filings up in the dark times of Trump

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/mueller-effect-fara-filings-soar-shadow-manafort-flynn-probes-n838571 Including, Cambridge Analytica:
  5. excalibur

    Supreme Court allows President Trump's travel ban to go fully into effect

    BREAKING news. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/12/04/supreme-court-allows-president-trumps-travel-ban-to-go-fully-into-effect.html
  6. PACE

    Fox news revenue drops 17% due to the Hannity effect

    https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2017/10/26/fox-news-ad-revenue-nose-dives-declining-whopping-17-percent/218336 Fox down 17%, CNN down 1%, NBC up 2%... Money talks, bullshit walks. More on this: Which Cable News Anchor Had The Most Ad Revenue in September? | TVNewser
  7. bajisima

    Sinister side effect of new cancer drug: it costs 500K for one dose

    On Wednesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved a new cancer therapy developed by the pharmaceutical company Novartis that experts hope may revolutionize the way doctors treat cancer—but the half-million dollar price tag has sparked a national conversation the costs of...
  8. TNVolunteer73

    McCabe Firing of Comey did nothing to effect the investigation.

    OOPS.. another case of Fake outrage of Democrats Comey firing will not derail Russia probe, acting FBI director says It appears the forum LWers in the forum are playing in verbal masturbation... just playing with themselves and their bigotry.
  9. M

    No Comey effect?

    Says who? Says the New York Times. Story in the New York Times: THERE'S REASON TO BE SKEPTICAL OF A COMEY EFFECT Story by Nate Cohn May 8, 2017. Trump was already making gains in those polls BEFORE Comey sent the letter on Oct 28th. I bet Hillary is NOT going to like this story...
  10. Babba

    The Halo Effect

    There are parallels to the right wingers in this country to the right wingers in Germany discussed in this article. This is very similar to many right wingers here in the US who voted for Trump. They aren't actually affected by immigration or immigrants and don't actually know any, but...
  11. Christopher

    Maybe Our Biggest Issue for Real Change: The Backfire Effect

    I really think this is, if not one of the biggest issues, the biggest issue we face for real change. We are wired to protect ourselves, not just from physical harm, but from mental and emotional. Our strongly held core beliefs about politics or religion or whatever else are protected to the...
  12. RNG

    The Backfire Effect

    I had run into more grandiose explanations of this before, but here is a link sent to me by Mr. RNG Jr. that was forwarded to him by a Twitter friend. Hang in to the end. It's worth it. You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you - The Oatmeal
  13. G

    New national color coding for America's Greatness goes into effect.

    We are now at code Orange.
  14. PACE

    The Midas Effect

    The myth of Midas in Greek Mythology is a perfect play of tragedy, born from a singular wish; to turn everything into gold, until King Midas touching his own daughter, killing her, and turning her into gold. Trump's self exaggerations of the golden touch brings laughable grimness to the land...
  15. N

    Which single policy would have the most positive long-term effect?

    Explain your answer, and no choosing "all of the above."
  16. HadEnough2

    Domino effect in progress. John McCain withdrawls support for Trump.

    Every minute it gets worse and worse for the Pussy Grabber.
  17. Dangermouse

    The IPC suspends the Russian Paralympic Committee with immediate effect

    There will be no Russian team at the Paralympics by unanimous vote. The IPC has more balls than the IOC. The President certainly pulls no punches! " ...“With the full facts to hand, we were deeply saddened to find that the State-sponsored doping programme that exists within Russian sport...
  18. Goofball

    (GENERAL WARNING IN EFFECT) Hillary buddy Khan pushes Sharia Law

    Kill the gays! Oppress women! Kill anyone who doesn't follow Sharia law! And Gruber's Stupid's buy the lie that Hillary is the champion of these groups. Exclusive: Khizr Khan Founded Islamic Journal to Defend Sharia Law » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  19. bajisima

    Melania Trump's girl on girl photos released not having desired effect

    Seems the NY Post has found and released old nude photos of Melania Trump with another woman done for a French photographer. But its not having the impact they expected it would. "For the second day, the New York Post continued a quest to expose Donald Trump’s wife with even more risque...
  20. DemoWhip

    Gay Pride Month in Full Effect Across the United State

    Pride is pride and although terrible tragedies have occurred recently, that will not immobilize those who believe in Freedom and Equality for the LGBT community! SEMPER FI!! Gay Pride Month in Full Effect Across the United States Picture | Gay Pride Month 2016 - ABC News