1. Friday13

    US Customs effectively steals man's life savings

    This is in violation of US forfeiture law as explained in the article. US customs reportedly took away a man's life savings of $58,000 — even though he was never charged with a crime
  2. DemoWhip

    Ex-Cruz aide: Trump presidency 'is effectively over'

    Mr. Tyler is correct. Many times it is only after a person has been released or quit a job that they can comfortably speak out about the issues that have relevance and that affect the American people. It is increasingly difficult to do so while still employed without confronting the...
  3. the watchman

    Conservatives have effectively rendered being a "racist" a qualification to be POTUS.

    well, just look who is going to be our next president. His chief adviser and who he's recommending to be our Attorney General. nuff, said.
  4. libertariat720

    Liberals Have Effectively Rendered The Term "Racist" Moot

    Congratulations liberals, after misusing the word "racist" and slapping it on everybody you disagree with, it now has no bearing when you label someone that. Now people who might actually be legitimate racists could be easily overlooked as just another victim of hyperbole. Hillary Clinton's...
  5. Devil505

    Is Trump's election bid effectively over?

    Because of his racist argument against the judge. I'll add another question: Does Trump's racism reflect much of the GOP base or is it an aberration?
  6. GordonGecko

    Praise for Trump pt.1- He has effectively NEUTERED Social Conservatism--

    Let's look at a few facts about Mr. Trump- 1. He is on his THIRD marriage. 2. He is on his SECOND marriage to a former mistress. 3. His current wife, Melania, has posed nude. 4. Until he declared his candidacy, his last position on abortion was "I'm very pro-choice" in 1999. 5. He...
  7. zitiboy

    Walmart effectively ends healthcare coverage

    They didn't have a decent healthare plan to begin with, but now they're telling all their employees "Don't expect us to help if you get sick, just make sure you cover your shift if you call in". Bye bye healthcare walmart profits up nerly 10% I was listening to a dept. manager at one of...
  8. conservative

    Elitest Leftist: Parents aren't smart enough to raise them (their children) very effectively

    Harwood: Opponents of Obama's School Invasion 'Not Smart Enough' To Raise Their Children A new high-tech Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Racism. And parents too dumb to raise their children. That was how NBC sought to explain away opposition to Pres. Obama's planned speech to...