1. cpicturetaker12

    FLA GOP candidate fabricated college diploma (hot & blonde likely will get elected)

    Oh well, she's blonde and hot. If she has a big chest, who cares about her credentials to run the state. That district is RED. So what if she lied. CAMPAIGN August 11, 2018 - 11:02 AM EDT University says GOP Florida House candidate faked her diploma: report BY AVERY ANAPOL 2527 School...
  2. RNG

    Did you guys know you elected the reincarnation of Carnak the Magnificent

    And you thought he was just the Republican President. Well, I feel much better now. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/trump-with-my-feel-ill-know-if-kim-is-serious-within-a-minute-2018-06-09
  3. BoiseBo

    Trump's lawyers argue he can't be impeached because he was never actually elected

    :flag: WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In what they believe is a legal masterstroke, lawyers for Donald J. Trump are now claiming that he cannot be impeached because he was never actually elected. In a lengthy memo sent to the special counsel, Robert Mueller, the lawyers pushed back...
  4. cpicturetaker12


    UPDATED: James Clapper tells Rachel Maddow the president is illegitimate: ‘Trump would not be president if not for’ Russia ] DOMINIQUE JACKSON 22 MAY 2018 AT 22:19 ET Rachel Maddow opened her show with an assessment of former director of national intelligence, James...
  5. The Man

    Last freely elected mayor resigns...

    Yekaterinburg Mayor Resigns Over Scrapping Of Direct Mayoral Elections Look through this thread about Roizman and all about this whole thing: http://politicalhotwire.com/world-politics/190999-people-fight-elect-mayor.html No more elected mayors, that's it. Most Governors are now also appointed...
  6. DemoWhip

    Gay Man Who Wore Heels in Veteran’s Parade Elected Mayor of Texas Border Town

    Gay Man Who Wore Heels in Veteran’s Parade Elected Mayor of Texas Border Town by Andy Towle ==================================================== The times they are a changin'! The election of Mr. Lozano as Mayor proves that. The opposition would of course like to try to paint him in...
  7. Southern Dad

    Democratic Party files federal lawsuit alleging conspiracy by Trump Campaign

    We are almost to the midterms and we are still dealing with the 2016. I wonder what their desired relief is in the lawsuit. A do over?
  8. DemoWhip

    The First Openly Gay Man Has Just Been Elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame

    The First Openly Gay Man Has Just Been Elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame by Andy Towle ==================================================== KUDOS to Rick Welts on his historic achievement! The LGBT Community has come a long way in the field of sports and when someone gains this...
  9. Darkman

    Joe Arpaio suggests he'd revive 'birther' theory if elected to Senate

    Joe Arpaio suggests he'd revive 'birther' theory if elected to Senate https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/28/politics/joe-arpaio-birther/index.html
  10. bajisima

    Gretchen Carlson elected as chair of the Miss America pageant

    Wondered where she might end up, now we know. Gretchen Carlson was elected to lead the Miss America pageant after its CEO and previous chairman resigned amid a sexist email scandal, the organization said Monday. In a statement, the Miss America Organization said that Carlson, who won the...
  11. Goofball

    So, what is this "Insurance Policy" the FBI had against Trump being elected?

    As has been discussed, FBI agents can have political opinions. Having said that, how Mueller picked so many strident Hillary supporters for his team is puzzling. But, once those FBI agents discuss the actions they are taking to prevent the election of a particular candidate they have...
  12. DemoWhip

    Jenny Durkan Elected Seattle Mayor, is First Out Lesbian and First Woman Since the 19

    Jenny Durkan Elected Seattle Mayor, is First Out Lesbian and First Woman Since the 1920s - Towleroad ​by Andy Towle ==================================================== Woman Power!! Yes, They CAN Do It! And she did! Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Durkan on her victory! All over the...
  13. Idiocracat

    Va.’s first openly transgender elected official

    Say it ain't so, and she's a metalhead too.
  14. J

    The elected a monster and I think many of them know it.

    So they will never respond to the fact that their hero is a lowlife , their made up solution and response is that Clinton was worse , which has everyone in the know laughing. Without lying or distorting what Clinton has done, there is zero comparison between their hero and Clinton. She is ten...
  15. Djinn

    Huckabee: Senators should be elected by state legislators

    That's right. Apparently, former Arkansas Governor and mainstream Republican Mike Huckabee is proposing that we repeal the 17th Amendment, taking the power to vote for senators out of the hands of the people, and handing them to state legislatures - which are of course slanted Republican, in no...
  16. Minotaur

    Toss the theories: We now know how Trump got elected

    This survey proves beyond a shadow of doubt why he is President: Many Americans Believe Chocolate Milk Comes from Brown Cows If you’ve ever had a glass of chocolate milk and found yourself wondering where chocolate milk comes from or how it’s made, you’re not alone. In fact, a startling...
  17. Eve1

    How long before a politician in the US gets elected after saying something like this?

    Duterte said the victim was beautiful and as mayor of Davao city where the riot took place, he should have been first in line. He later apologized and said he did not intend disrespect to women or rape victims...
  18. The Man

    Erdogan "elected" head of ruling party in Turkey

    Erdogan elected leader of Turkey's ruling party | News | Al Jazeera Also: Turkey's Erdogan vows fight against enemies as returns to lead party | Reuters Erdogan returns as chief of Turkey's ruling party - CNN.com Turkey's ruling party elects President Erdogan as leader - ABC News Know...
  19. B

    Liberal Democrats Promise Second Brexit Referendum if Elected

    The centrist Liberal Democrats in the UK have officially promised that a theoretical government headed by their party after June's election will hold a second referendum on Brexit to gauge whether or not the British people are resolute in their commitment to leave the EU, or have changed their...
  20. the watchman

    what is your attitude towards government since trump was elected.

    your feelings on the way government officials are conducting themselves.