1. Friday13

    Cruz's Eligibility Goes to Court

    Lawsuit Over Ted Cruz?s Eligibility to Run for President Heads to Court
  2. Friday13

    Cruz Eligibility Lawsuit Filed ... in TEXAS

    Federal lawsuit questions Cruz's eligibility for president
  3. bajisima

    Trump questions Cruz's eligibility to be president

    At least he is consistent... "Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is raising questions about Republican rival Ted Cruz's electability in light of the Texas senator's birth in Canada, which Trump called a "very precarious" problem. Trump said in an interview with The...
  4. Babba

    Raising the Medicare Eligibility Age Isn’t Harmless

    Not only is it not harmless it's downright cruel and unusual. The author points out that on average, people are living 5 years longer once they reach 65 years of age. That average includes all income groups. It turns out that lower income people have gained less than a year. And people in...
  5. Fred Garvin-MP

    HEADS UP: Sheriff Joe Arpaio 2:30 Live Press Conference On Obama's Eligibility Thread

    This afternoon at 2:30pm Phoenix time/ 5:30pm Eastern, July 17, 2012, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department, a authoritative law enforcement agency that had the assistance of the Honolulu Police Department, will hold a live press conference wrapping up a 11 month Investigation into Barack...
  6. I

    Watch The Live Feed Of The Georgia Obama Eligibility Hearings At 9am EST Here

    Here is where you can watch the live feed of the hearing to determine if Barack Obama is a natural born Citizen is eligible to be placed on the ballot for the Georgia presidential primary. There will be three different cases starting at 9am Est in Atlanta in Judge Malihi's courtroom.The three...
  7. I

    An Official Ballot Challenge To Mitt Romney's Eligibility To Be President Filed In Il

    Reading the paperwork on this I found out some things I wasn't aware of pertaining to our citizenship statutes back in the 1940's such as the statute listed in this challenge, U.S. Nationality Act of 1940 Sect 201, 54 Stat. 1137 which provides provides the law by which a person born outside the...
  8. A

    Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpio Gets Death Threats Investigating Obama's Eligibility.

    I find this disturbing that a person of the law would get death threats for probing Obama's eligibility. According to the Sheriff, the media blackout on such a controversial figure such as him investigating the President raises questions for sure. You would think the media would jump all over...
  9. P

    50s Heartthrob Pat Boone Attacks Obama's Eligibility At GOP Convention In California

    50's Heartthrob Pat Boone Attacks Obama's Eligibility At GOP Convention In California Pat Boone is making headlines in Hollywood for what he did friday night at the GOP Convention. He introduced Michelle Bachmann to the stage and while there he brought up allegations that Obama isn't a natural...
  10. P

    It's Official: A Full Law Enforcement Investigation Will Probe Obama's Eligibility

    This could get down right ugly. A special law enforcement group has been authorized to constitute a investigation brought on by the Arizona Tea Party into the long form birth certificate 'Abstract' which was released on April 27th of this year which many experts in computer graphics and imaging...
  11. P

    U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Threatens AWOL Unless Obama Proves Pres Eligibility

    His name is active duty Staff Sergeant Daryl Moran and he is threatening to go AWOL unless the president shows his 50 year old original long form birth certificate instead of the abstract that was released on April 27th of this year. Moran is stationed in Germany with his wife and kids and has...
  12. V

    WOW: List Of Lawmakers Doubting Obama's Eligibility Growing (INVESTIGATION TIME)

    House Majority Whip James Clyburn warned two weeks ago that after the Nov Elections that Republicans would go after his eligibility status if they won. Well according to this list compiled of doubters, it looks like it will happen. Apparently according to a CNN poll last month, 6 in 10 in...
  13. V

    Newt Gingrich Uses New Strategy: Sounds Off On Obama's Eligibility

    This ought to get the Obama Administration nervous. Newt is right on the money with this serious issue that just wont go away. Obama needs to put this to rest with his past and faith. The American people deserve a answer to the ligitimacy of this presidents qualifications to Article 2 Section 1...
  14. V

    Supreme Court Gets Case On Obama's Eligibility (Writ Of Certiorari)

    This attorney is very good. His name is Mario Apuzzo. Isn't it strange all of the sudden we are seeing Obama's eligibility issues all over the political spectrum? First we have a document that appeared last weekend from the Hawaii Democratic Party that verified that Obama was never...
  15. V

    Key Democrat James Clyburn: GOP to shut down government to probe Obamas eligibility

    It's breaking tonight. I knew this would happen and since Sarah Palin brought it up and Woodwards Book came out it looks as though she was right. She did say his past needed to be looked into this last week. I think this will shake the Administration apart. Just on the 23rd of September a new...
  16. V

    Movie About Obama's Eligibility To Hold Office Coming To A Theater Near You

    If you ever wanted the media and uninformed Americans to take notice of the constitutional eligibility question for Barack Obama to hold the office of the presidency, the time has come. Coming to a theater near you is a movie that should get America's attention as well as the media. It's called...
  17. L

    Illinois Resident Finds Loophole In Law To Contest Obama's Eligibility

    I want you all to read this carefully with a open mind what this person has uncovered in Illinois pertaining to Elections Certifications for candidates to hold a elected office. This woman found a loophole ( a 5 day legal objection window to challenge ballot signatures of candidates making them...
  18. C

    Other States including Georgia follow Arizona on Presidential Eligibility Bill for 2012

    First it was Arizons who also is leading the nation in fighting illegal immigration. Now Georgia will introduce legislation to make a Presidential candidate prove they are a Natural Born Citizen by showing certified documents that verifies them. Other states that are introducing Bills are...
  19. C

    Army 'showdown' at eligibility corral

    Army 'showdown' at eligibility corral Hooah!
  20. U

    Australian News service focus on Obamas Eligibility Scandal

    Of course Zack Jones is correct. Bobby Jindal could be a catalyst for some interesting legal battles http://australia.to/...4:breaking-news Did Hope for Rising GOP Stars like Bobby Jindal Play a Role in the Obama’s Presidential Eligibility Scandal? When questions about...