1. Madeline

    Mayor Emanuel Declares Chiicago "A Trump-Free Zione"

    Love him or hate him,. Raul Emanuel has a distinct speaking style. VERY blunt. Emanuel declares Chicago 'a Trump-free zone' after DACA decision | TheHill If other Democratic mayors follow suit, this could be a conflagration, politicalkly. Not that it isn't already. Your thoughts?
  2. the watchman

    Emanuel sues Trump's Justice Department over sanctuary city threat.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Law Department on Monday filed its much-touted lawsuit against President Donald Trump's Justice Department over its effort to withhold some grant funding from so-called sanctuary cities. Emanuel wants a federal judge to block the Trump administration from enforcing its new...
  3. the watchman

    Mayor Emanuel says Chicago will remain a sanctuary city.

    it's about a 30 second read. So, I'll just highlight something I found very concerning. Mayor Emanuel says Chicago will remain a sanctuary city | WQAD.com somehow I don't think Trump hiring on a white nationalist is helping here.
  4. meridian5455

    Chicago ‘is broke and crime is soaring’ while Rahm Emanuel focuses on THIS

    Chicago hotels, restaurants and grocery stores would not be allowed to require patrons to prove their gender in order to use restrooms under a proposal Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced Wednesday.The ordinance, which members of the city's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender caucus also...
  5. meridian5455

    Al Sharpton calls on Rahm Emanuel to resign

    Civil rights activist Al Sharpton wants Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down amid mounting criticism over the delay in releasing video evidence of a high-profile shooting and the continuing controversy surrounding police-involved shootings in Chicago. “He’s gone beyond the point where he can...
  6. meridian5455

    Illinois Democrats file to remove Rahm Emanuel from office

    In Chicago, calls for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign are growing, and a state legislator is trying to force the issue. Illinois lawmaker files legislation to remove Emanuel from office immediately - Story | WFLD It might be an uphill battle: The proposal would allow a recall election to be...
  7. meridian5455

    Rahm Emanuel blames Chicago’s rise in crime on the police

    Emanuel’s comments came during a “closed to the media” gathering of police chiefs in D.C. last week, but the Washington Post was able to sneak in and hear the chiefs blame their officers’ morale for the crime spikes across the country: Chiefs of some of the nation’s biggest police departments...
  8. meridian5455

    Emanuel set to call for largest property tax hike in modern Chicago history

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel is set to call for the largest property tax increase in modern Chicago history to raise enough money to make a major pension payment for police and firefighters next year, the mayor's City Council floor leader and a City Hall source told the Chicago Tribune late Wednesday...
  9. meridian5455

    So NOW Mayor Rahm Emanuel is getting tough on crime?

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Monday his 17-year-old son was on his cellphone with a college counselor when he was attacked from behind by two unarmed men on the Ravenswood street where the mayor lives. Emanuel was tight-lipped about the Dec. 19 mugging, except to say that it unmasked “blind spots”...
  10. BoiseBo

    Emanuel Cleaver gives Creepy Munster Kid the business!

    Any other Charles Murray fans in the house? ;-) “The problem, though, is that he was quoting Charles Murray, who has been pouring racist sewage into open ears for a couple generations now, and he has been pushing his theories of the bell curve and white supremacy, and Ryan quoted him, and as...
  11. Spookycolt

    Rahm Emanuel busted fudging crime statistics

    A tact he undoubtedly learned from Obama, the Mayor is busy hiding the facts of brutality in his city and would rather spend time reclassifying crime instead of actually dealing with the problem. The fact that he is being caught now shows that he was more than likely doing this when he worked...
  12. TennesseeRain

    Sarah Palin Calls on Obama to Fire Rahm Emanuel for Offensive Comment

    Former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Monday called for President Obama to fire his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, because of an offensive comment he reportedly made. At an August strategy session of liberal groups and White House aides, the Wall Street Journal recently...
  13. zam-zam

    Week Two Of Rahm Emanuel Vs. Da Union

    AP breaks down briefly the main sticking points in the on-going labor dispute: With an average salary of $76,000, Chicago teachers are among the highest-paid in the nation, and the contract outline calls for annual raises. But some teachers are upset it did not restore a 4 percent raise...
  14. zam-zam

    Chicago Teachers Union Vs. Rahm Emanuel

    Showdown in the Windy City, Democrats fighting with each other, kids caught in the middle: CHICAGO -- Hundreds of striking teachers marched in downtown Chicago on Monday chanting and carrying signs after walking off the job in a contract dispute with school district officials. "We need...
  15. M

    Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel Goes After Union Jobs and Benefits.....

    Emanuel Reveals Plan To Lay Off 625 City Workers « CBS Chicago Emanuel Reveals Plan to Lay Off 625 City Union Workers..... CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel today said he plans to lay off 625 city workers as part of a plan to close a $10 million budget gap. Emanuel said he will outsource...
  16. M

    Chicago: Black Aldermen UnHappy With New Mayor Emanuel Over Picks for Poice and Fire

    Black aldermen unhappy with Emanuel A number of black aldermen on Monday accused Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel of shortchanging African-American voters who put him in office after the mayor-elect chose white men as police superintendent, fire commissioner and 911 center chief. For some black...
  17. K

    Emanuel: I will order a 'forensic audit' of Chicago city government

    This seems like a good place to start. I wonder what hidden items he might find. It could be rather embarrassing to some that have been working for the city for a long time. Do you think that this would be a good policy for all new Mayors/Governors to take?
  18. K

    Emanuel beats rivals to become next Chicago mayor

    Emanuel beats rivals to become next Chicago mayor - Yahoo! News Here is good news for Emanuel fans. He is the next Mayor of Chicago. I wish him and the city well. I love the place.
  19. MajikMyst

    Rahm Emanuel wins Chicago mayoral race

    CHICAGO — Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago on Tuesday, easily overwhelming five rivals to take the helm of the nation's third-largest city as it prepares to chart a new course without the retiring Richard M. Daley. With 86 percent of the precincts...
  20. R

    Rahm Emanuel Deemed Ineligible for Chicago Mayor

    crash and burn for Rahm? could be. what do you think? An Illinois Appellate Court today ruled that former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is not an eligible candidate for mayor of Chicago because he has not been a legal resident of the city for at least one year The surprise 2-to-1...