1. Madeline

    Evidence Emerges of White Power Gangs In LA Sherrif's Office

    Read it and weep. Link to news article titled: Police violence, cliques and secret tattoos: fears rise over LA Sherrif's 'gangs', The Guardian, August 6, 2018 And the really horrifying part is, the problem has been reported (and reforms promised) for over a decade. Murders! Of civilians on...
  2. Spookycolt

    Video Emerges of Hillary Clinton Saying Illegal Immigrant Children Have to Go

    Here we go, a video of Hillary saying children of illegals must go. So was she lying here or did she flip flop on yet another issue? Remember this was only two years ago. Video is at link...
  3. D

    McCain Emerges as Trump's Top Republican Nemesis in Congress

    Senator McCain, a decorated war veteran, has the excellent ability to stand up to Trump. He does not walk in lock-step with him as other Republicans. With his core beliefs he should switch political parties and join the Democratic Party! Or would Republicans want to keep him as one of their own...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Hillary emerges from daughters apt. upright, mobile, waving--photo's

    Maybe these are all adobe photoshopped. Doesn't look like a hospital to me. Looks like a NY apartment building. I'll assume her daughters. Even stops to have a photo taken with a little girl. Other than her 'do', she looks pretty okay to me. This according to twitter source has her LEAVING...
  5. PACE

    New Jihadi John emerges,,, sounds like they already know who he is

    Is this ex-bouncy castle salesman the new Jihadi John? | Daily Mail Online
  6. BoiseBo

    Walker emerges as leading candidate to run Enterprise Rent-a-Car branch!

    CLEVELAND (The Borowitz Report)—Based on his performance in Thursday night’s debate, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has emerged as a leading candidate to manage an Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch, Enterprise has confirmed. Tracy Klugian, a human-resources director for the rental-car giant, said...
  7. Singularity

    Netanhayu in hot water after powerful center-left coalition emerges

    JERUSALEM (AP) — When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved his unwieldy coalition and called new elections last month, he appeared almost certain to be returned once more to office. But a new center-left alliance has surged past his Likud party in the polls, turning the March 17 contest...
  8. MGunner

    Unedited Tape of Bundy Emerges

    But, but, he's a racist!
  9. Stefan Bandera

    Video threatens Winter Olympics with a 'present'/Video threat emerges amid security c

    Sochi Winter Olympics: Video threat emerges amid security concerns - CNN.com Video threatens Winter Olympics with a 'present' // Video threat emerges amid security concerns over Sochi Winter Olympics Message on jihadi forum website In the video, two men believed to have been suicide...
  10. BDBoop

    A new government-shutdown threat emerges

    A new government-shutdown threat emerges - The Maddow Blog Growing numbers of Republicans in Congress are setting their sights on a new target in looming fiscal showdowns this autumn over government funding and the debt limit: "Obamacare." Several Republicans are pledging to oppose a stopgap...
  11. yuri zhivago

    finally the proof about IRS wrongdoing emerges and

    the verdict is in-Darrel Issa is a typical modern GOP hack, swine and sub human bacterial excrement: Breaking: Full House committee transcripts shed new light on genesis of IRS targeting Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have just released a full transcript of testimony from a key...
  12. Cicero

    A great truth emerges in the debate

    "Foreign policy of the 1980s, social policies of the 1950s, and economic policies of the 1920s" Barack Obama to Mitt Romney, describing his opponent's stand on the issues. I think this is, actually, a great encapsulation of what Willard espouses. It is on point, concise, and visually...
  13. G

    Compromise emerges for NATO role in Libya fight

  14. P

    Vitter challenger emerges at 11th hour

    Retired Judge Chet Traylor filed his candidacy for the Republican nomination Friday evening. More...
  15. michaelr

    A year after financial crisis, a new world order emerges

    A year after financial crisis, a new world order emerges I remember a couple of years ago predicting the collapse and the destruction of the middle class all to enable the NWO. I think it was Sparta that asked why the need to destroy the middle class, and i told him that the NWO can't have...
  16. B

    GM emerges from bankruptcy

    Well, that was fast. washingtonpost.com Does anyone know what this means? No cynical one-liners, please. MarketWatch.com Story
  17. T

    Molecule of life emerges from laboratory slime

    Molecule of life emerges from laboratory slime - life - 13 May 2009 - New Scientist
  18. B

    Truth emerges too late for Kim Soo-im

    I read this article in the paper today. The most fascinating story I've never heard of. The Associated Press: AP IMPACT: Truth emerges too late for Kim Soo-im
  19. C

    Bhutto attack video emerges

    DRAMATIC video footage of the attack which killed Benazir Bhutto has emerged tonight. The film shows the former Pakistani Prime Minister addressing huge crowds in Rawalpindi. But panic ensues when bullets are fired at Mrs Bhutto's convoy which was then followed by a suicide bomb blast...