1. BDBoop

    The Emmys

    I haven't watched for years, but sure was happy to see Peter Dinklage take home the best supporting actor in a drama series Emmy! Emmys 2015: Peter Dinklage wins best supporting actor, drama, for Game of Thrones | EW.com Anybody else see their favorite(s) win? Apparently GoT won HUGE last night!
  2. D

    Republican bashing on the Emmys. Too bad there's no Fairness Doctrine

    Colbert ate prunes in honor of his man. Paul Giamante proved "anyone can PLAY the President." "John Adams" guy referenced a day when statesmen could articulate complex thoughts in complete sentences. Tommy Smothers busted on The Man in general. Aww...no Fairness Doctrine. No equal time. Heh-heh.