1. bajisima

    GE is dismantling an empire

    Kind of sad.. It was once a sprawling corporation that included NBC, Universal Studios, a giant appliance company and even one of America's biggest banks. But now the iconic company founded by Thomas Edison is making itself smaller and smaller. And that shrinking has gained urgency in...
  2. Friday13

    What Happens When a Bad-Tempered, Distractible Doofus Runs an Empire?

    Trump and those who inflicted him upon this country are proving this to be accurate every day... What Happens When a Bad-Tempered, Distractible Doofus Runs an Empire?
  3. Friday13

    Trump has added 49 new, for-profit businesses to his empire

    And the Trump/Kushner Crime Syndicate continues to grow. Ethics? Emoluments? He disregards the Constitution and the laws with the attitude that they don't apply to him. New report shows tRump added 49 businesses to his empire since running, winning, taking office Case documents/Trump Inc
  4. bajisima

    Glenn Becks empire imploding

    Kind of figured both himself and the Trump supporters would do him in. Glenn Beck‘s TheBlaze is saying farewell to 20 percent of its employees. And Beck may cry. “What happened?” he asked in a highly emotional piece that he posted to his website and to Medium that makes it sound like...
  5. PopeADope

    What was the most influential Empire?

    What do you think is the most influential Empire to exist and why? By influential I largely mean it's influence on our world today
  6. The Man

    EU and Roman Empire

    Niall Ferguson: Paris attacks are 'exactly how civilisations fall' - Business Insider Fascinating...
  7. Minotaur

    Star of Empire, Cookie's son was profiled and ticketed...that is when it gets funny

    Profiling and brutality happens more often than we want to admit but this time kudos goes out to a cop that will make you smile! In today's news Taraji Henson who play's Cookie on Empire sends a pointed apology to police after police release video cam of the stop of her son. Leading up to that...
  8. M

    The story of the American Empire

    As it stands in present day. Pretty interesting I must say. Didn't know that American Samoans were treated as non citizens for instance. Pretty shameful. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASSOQDQvVLU&list=UU2C_jShtL725hvbm1arSV9w One more evidence that the USA is an...
  9. The Man

    Another piece for Putin's empire

    Karakalpakstan: Karakalpakstan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It's the poorest area of Uzbekistan, and that's saying a lot! Ethnic Karakalpaki make up a third of the population, ethnic Uzbeks - another third, ethnic Kazakhs are another twenty percent. Among the Karakalpaki, separatism has...
  10. Babba

    Ayn Rand-loving CEO destroys his empire

    Ayn Rand-loving CEO destroys his empire - Salon.com This is what Randian, Libertarian horse manure gets you. This is what some actually want for our country as a whole. It's the dumbest philosophy EVER.
  11. kmiller1610

    Revival of Boardwalk Empire: Season 4

    I have always had mixed feelings about this show. The tremendous attention to detail, set dressings and music are a big attraction to anyone who wants to get immersed in a bit of history. But Steve Buscemi just is not a compelling star, mob boss, heavy or hero. His liaisons are always more...
  12. Dangermouse

    Murdoch empire under attack again.

    David Cameron, our Tory PM faces further embarrassment as his close friends Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks (disgraced ex-Murdoch employees) are now to face new charges, one of which is "Bribery of a public official". This could become significant in the US as interest is revived in just how...
  13. bobgnote

    BRUNO, SUDDEN DEATH, and BOARDWALK EMPIRE portray interesting current events:

    BRUNO (2009) starred Sacha Baron Cohen, as a very silly man. But if you go over the story, you can see Cohen is sketching Obama Administration personages, and hey, the DDD-crats suck balls on Willard and GW Bush, so they must seem queer, to somebody else, besides me. In fact, the sketch...
  14. whitedog

    The legacy of perhaps the most evil empire in human history!!

    Secret War in Laos | Legacies of War
  15. lka

    Empire State Building Shooting: Multiple Wounded After Gunman Opens Fire

    NEW YORK (AP) -- A recently fired store worker shot a former colleague to death and then randomly started shooting others near the Empire State Building before he was shot by police officers, law enforcement officials said. Read more, Empire State Building Shooting: Multiple Wounded After...
  16. Oscar99

    Mass-shooting by Empire State Building????

    NYPD reports multiple people shot by the ESB. I pray this was not a terrorist act. :(
  17. Daktoria

    True American Empire Scenario

    Imagine 25 years from now that an American corporation controls a monopoly of foreign supply chains for a vital American consumer good. This corporation then issues the American government the following message: "Either you change your way of living to fit our standards, or we will embargo...
  18. Tedminator

    Can 2k USMarines defeat the Roman Empire?

    How Many U.S. Marines Could Bring Down the Roman Empire? | Open Culture imo yes a 21st century MEU can easily defeat the 1st century Roman Empire.. but it'll take several years. I suggest the Marines set up a secure base on an island; Sardinia or even further south in Malta. Start...
  19. sparty

    WTC’s Freedom Tower to rise higher than Empire State building today

    World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower to rise higher than the Empire State building today, while competing for rival’s business - NYPOST.com
  20. Sassy

    Vampire Empire

    I love to read. Great idea. I recently read the first two installments of 'Vampire Empire'. Loved them. Can't wait for number three. A human Princess is captured by a vampire prince..........who just happens to love humans and would rather be one than a beast.......you can guess the general...