1. cpicturetaker12

    *****speakers up, wide screen, enjoy!!******

    See you guys later. ENJOY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIoSga7tZPg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khQN5ylb3H0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33BsIgrSJes Merry Christmas from FLORIDA!
  2. RNG

    Breath deep and enjoy.

    Because you can't be sure how long it will last. The saviour of the US economy has a new two pronged non-monetary stimulus program. Automobile emission standards and fuel economy regs are to be rolled back. Oh joy. Trump expected to roll back U.S. fuel-economy requirements -...
  3. BAZINGA DrumpF

    YOUR OFFICIAL ROCK HALL CLASS OF 2017 ROSTER. A little late here FFS! Enjoy!

    YOUR OFFICIAL ROCK HALL CLASS OF 2017 ROSTER. (btw.Did a PH search 'Rock & Roll Hall of Fame' and got nothing here, SO!) The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is proud to announce that 6 artists from the ballot are included in the Performer Category and 1 individual is recognized with an Award for...
  4. BAZINGA DrumpF

    We enjoy cleaner AIR thanks to the EPA! China seems to need an EPA so the breath.

    We enjoy cleaner AIR thanks to the EPA! China seems to need an EPA so they breathe! China chokes on smog so bad that planes can't land Winter has arrived in Beijing, and residents are struggling to escape the heavy smog that has settled on the city. This season the air pollution in China —...
  5. BoiseBo

    "Berners" will enjoy this

    Integrity and consistency are pretty much what this country could use. Rachel's awesome segment from last night: Bernie Sanders' track record distinguished by consistency | MSNBC And when you're done watching Rachel's brilliant segment, kick in a few bucks...
  6. M

    Why do liberals enjoy offending Muslims and then cry about terrorist attacks?

    The idiots in france remind me of the nazi party and its propaganda machine where they protrayed and depicted jews as subhuman scum, often with big noses and Green faces, I'm disturbed to hear the news about the democrats supporting these rats for suffering a terrorist attack, I mean, it wasnt...
  7. P

    Is Running Around And Yelling At Random White People Who Are Just Trying To Enjoy...

    ...a brunch a smart idea? I mean, punishing people for crimes they didn't commit just because they're white...is it ok in modern America? By the way, I'm not insulting all blacks in insulting the idiots who ran into random restaurants to nother ransomed white people.
  8. Cotton2226

    Colors - Enjoy

  9. Use Caution

    Well, I will enjoy the illegals cumming out, and will stop using these business NEXT!

    The best part of this plan, is that illegal workers will be exposed fully, and the employers who have been stealing from us all as well. The home owners as well, you know, the ones cleaning your toilets who are illegals, cutting your grass etc. As you folks are the biggest problems here, next...
  10. mrmike

    Obamaism is failing.... Did you enjoy the ride?

    Can't say I disagree much with the opinions in this article. Apparently, Obama doesn't walk on water, dithers quite a bit, and has a habit of pointing fingers at others for his failures while he desperately tries to spray teflon coating on his back. Other than the most devout Obamaholes, the...
  11. Tom Joad

    Most of Those Outraged by Obamacare Enjoy Big Taxpayer Subsidies Themselves

    Most of Those Outraged by Obamacare Enjoy Big Taxpayer Subsidies Themselves | Connecting the Dots, What Matters Today | BillMoyers.com Like I always say, the biggest hogs at the government trough are conservatives. They just don't want to share that Gravey Train they are on with anyone else...
  12. yuri zhivago

    enjoy your modern republican party

    From: Jim Allen <jimallen@consolidated.net> Sent: 06/18/13 10:59 PM To: [Doug Ibendahl] Subject: 13th Congressional District reply Rodney Davis will win and the love child of the D.N.C. will be back in Shitcago by May of 2014 working for some law firm that needs to meet...
  13. Kropotkin

    Democrats Enjoy 2-1 Advantage Over GOP Among Hispanics

    Democrats Enjoy 2-1 Advantage Over GOP Among Hispanics So confirming what we saw in last year's election: The Republican Party is the white people party. And mostly an old white people party, as whites aged 18-34 are pretty evenly split between the Republicans and Democrats...
  14. meridian5455

    Some students may not enjoy Obamacare protections

    Some students may not enjoy Obamacare protections - CNN.com Under the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act, or ACA, lifetime limits are supposed to be a thing of the past. But there are about 30 schools in the country, mostly in California and the Ivy League system, that offer students...
  15. M

    Drivers enjoy running over turtles

    Save the Turtles! Experiment Shows that Many Drivers Enjoy Running Them Over - Forbes Disgusting. It's bad enough that the turtles were run over, that pisses me off. But the real disturbing aspect is the casual cruelty displayed here. What the fuck is so fun about running over a turtle, one of...
  16. boontito

    Welcome to Iowa, President Obama. Enjoy Your Stay.

    Iowans Send Message to Obama - Yahoo! News Iowans Send Message to Obama - Yahoo! News --- Okay, first, I'm giving points for creativity because SUX is the airport code for Sioux City. But beyond that... I dunno.
  17. nonsqtr

    nice little video - enjoy

  18. A

    For those who enjoy snide remarks

    You'll love this video. It's an oldie but a goodie! The ultimate passive-aggressive snide/snarky "apology". lol :D YouTube - 22 Minutes Apology to America
  19. Ronin Tetsuro

    ‘Accidental Salahis’ enjoy White House breakfast

    Raw Story Normally, I'm the first one to deride these fluff pieces as non-stories, but I feel the return of this story to the media narrative as a suggestion at a trend has some dark implications. Specifically, it would be easy to false flag another Washington DC attack and blame it on...
  20. nonsqtr

    federal employees enjoy salary boost while Americas suffer through recession

    http://www.usatoday.com/printedition/news/20091211/1afedpay11_st.art.htm?loc=interstitialskip Amazing. While 7,300,000+ Americans have LOST THEIR JOBS,and even more suffer through the recession , FEDERAL EMPLOYEES are enjoying a BOOM of massive pay increases. No clearer picture of the...