1. jackalope

    Disgraced Ex-Senator Ensign Now Treating Cats And Dogs

    You know, his statement about coming back into a profession where you're humbled, there's something to that. The founders intended the lawmakers to be citizen lawmakers, not professional politicians. I know there are ethics problems with lawmakers running private businesses, and people...
  2. TheHighForester

    Ethics Committee refers Ensign case to Justice Dept., FEC

    Ethics Committee refers Ensign case to Justice - Politics - More politics - msnbc.com There are several hundred more up there who could be investigated on the same charges. It's time for a complete housekeeping, in which no one in the House or Senate is kept.
  3. jackalope

    John Ensign's ethics case comes to Senate floor Read more: http://www.politico.com/n

    I'm pretty curious about why they decided to make this rare move, bringing the Ethics report to the full Senate. There's got to be something else in there, I'd think. Other than what we already know - the affair, the payments, the lobbying job for the cuckolded staffer.
  4. P

    Coburn gives feds evidence on Ensign

    It may signal that the criminal probe into the embattled Nevada Republican is picking up steam. More...
  5. P

    Ensign draws calls to resign

    Senior Dem says the Nevada Republican should resign if allegations against him are true. More...
  6. michaelr

    Ensign receives handwritten confirmation

    Ensign receives handwritten confirmation Pay or pay, it is your choice, and be careful, else go to jail, do not collect $200.00. But it isn't forced...............