1. MaryAnne

    Did McCain Have An Episode Today?

    His bizarre questions,calling Comey President,insisting Clinton was part of the Russia investigation. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/06/08/sen-john-mccains-bizarre-questioning-of-comey/?utm_term=.62262653454a
  2. R

    Star Wars, Episode 8 has a title:

    "The Last Jedi" Sounds ominous, and, if the rumors/spoilers I have heard are correct, Luke will put on a show of power never before seen in the series.....
  3. Madeline

    Michael Jackson Episode Cancelled Over Race

    Some cable channel I never heard of made a biography of Michael Jackson as a tv show, and hired a white actor to play him. Jackson's family, especially his blue-eyed, blonde "bio daughter", Paris, objected so strenuously to the casting that the channel has decided not to broadcast it. Too...
  4. thrilling

    60 Days in. Season 2, Episode 10. Sewer Gate.

    I am guessing many of you have heard about this show. I challenge you to watch this episode. Warning, it is not for the squeamish. The sewers start getting clogged and the water is backing up through the prison drains. Although the sites, and sounds of the mess is truly disgusting...
  5. Lunchboxxy

    RNC episode III-Revenge of Sith

    Alright guys, round three! Tonight! The most Darth's this side of Korriban! The lights, the bad CGI, and Palpatine's penchant for dramatic fear mongering! (Chris Christie also pictured) My new modem should be here in the next hour or two, but until then I'm relying on you guys (and the...
  6. Amelia

    Tonight's episode in this year's crazy election

    So, I'm filling out my absentee ballot. I'm reading it aloud so I don't make any dumb mistakes, and husband is in the room. This is the guy who has agreed to vote for Bernie in the primary but he says if Clinton wins the nomination, he'll vote for whomever the GOP puts up -- which is most...
  7. meridian5455

    Simpson's episode predicted a Trump presidency

  8. BAZINGA DrumpF

    House of Cards Season 4 Episode 1 Wee! Bad part is. I have to watch only one a month.

    Good new there's 13 episodes, And a season 5. Bad part is that Netflix dumps them all,again for me. Can watch them all, two a night. but most not. NEED something the elections of 2016. Now the open new scene here, in a jail cell with 2 guys, was a little much. If it was love, not so much...
  9. the watchman

    black history month: episode 1.

    black comedians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z19kt3_Wc54 WARNING: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE.
  10. Engine-Ear

    NBC to air President Obama's Running Wild with Bear Grylls episode on Dec. 17

    On Dec. 17 at 10 p.m. ET, the network will unveil a special episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls featuring the 44th president of the United States. Shot while Obama visited Alaska this summer, the installment will see Obama observing the effects of climate change with the survival expert...
  11. meridian5455

    Family Guy predicted Bruce Jenner would become a "woman" in 2009 episode

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BE18ac3zY4 Nailed it!
  12. S

    Episode VI: Return of the Progressive

    Progressives are starting to wrangle control of the Democratic Party away from the centre neoliberals and Third Way politicians of the New Democrat Coalition. Losses during the 2014 election is prompting many within the party to take a new direction, one that takes a decidedly strong stance on...
  13. OldGaffer

    Episode VII, is everybody ready to go again?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOVFvcNfvE Fun times, my kids were the perfect age to love these movies when they came out in the late 70's. Hell, I loved them myself.
  14. Vortex

    Ole Miss Students May Face Charges in Racist Episode

    More articles: Ole Miss racial incidents have many feeling uneasy - CNN.com Fraternity expels 3 linked to statue noose, suspends Ole Miss chapter - latimes.com =========== So what say all you posters who have been saying racism doesn't exist?
  15. meridian5455

    Mandela memorial interpreter deemed a 'fake'

    Outrage over 'fake' interpreter at Mandela memorial - CNN.com Maybe he was new at doing sign language?
  16. I

    COINCIDENCE? Episode of "Lone Gunmen" Aired 6 Months Before The 9/11 Attacks

    In this pilot episode of "Lone Gunmen" that aired on FOX, the plot focused around the American government hijacking a plane and crashing it into the World Trade Center via remote control. Was this predictive programming used by the government to prepare the masses for what was to come 6 months...
  17. meridian5455

    How Hilary Rosen saved Barack Obama from a more damaging episode

    How Hilary Rosen saved Barack Obama from a more damaging episode - Yahoo! News Obama needs all the help he can get, even from an idiot like Rosen.
  18. C

    Sarah Palin wants over 1m per episode for her new reality show

    Sarah Palin Reality Show Close to Becoming Reality on Cable - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com The possibility of Sarah Palin becoming presidency has been eliminated - thank God. My only qualm is that I'm going to see rerun after rerun of her show on both CNN and E! :glare:
  19. conservative

    The Worst Episode of Hyperinflation in History

    The Worst Episode of Hyperinflation in History: Yugoslavia 1993-94 Under Tito Yugoslavia ran a budget deficit that was financed by printing money. This led to rates of inflation of 15 to 25 percent per year. After Tito the Communist Party pursued progressively more irrational economic...
  20. L

    Little Mosque on the Prairie Episode 1

    Little Mosque on the Prairie - Season 1 Episode 1 This is a really funny Canadian show that just premiered.