1. Arkady

    How the Trump era has changed me.

    Back before Trump, I used to be pretty hard on myself for my political prejudices. I'd heard this great quotation from the author and Youtuber John Green: "Imagine others complexly." The idea is that you were supposed to keep in mind that others are as complex and nuanced as you, and this was...
  2. ptif219

    50 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

    The list is pretty good. the democrats will of course hate it and deny it
  3. Friday13

    $7 Million settlement proposed in jail death from Arpaio era

    Aren't there enuf criminals in the GOP congress? $7 Million settlement proposed in jail death from Arpaio era
  4. John T Ford

    Era of Radical Feminism is Over

    "HomeMakers for America will be in the nation’s capital on March 8 to celebrate a national and international movement that started in May 2017 when the pro-God, pro-family, and pro-freedom organization published its Declaration of Mothers. Since then, thousands of women in more than 4,000...
  5. Dittohead not!

    Sessions may end Obama era policy that allows for legalization of pot

    AP NewsBreak: US to end policy that let legal pot flourish Well, maybe. We should find out tomorrow for sure: Comparable to heroin, the drug that currently kills more Americans than traffic accidents? That must be a bit difficult to support. Also difficult to support: outlawing pot...
  6. bajisima

    Sessions to rescind Obama era pot rules

    In a seismic shift, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce Thursday that he is rescinding a trio of memos from the Obama administration that adopted a policy of non-interference with marijuana-friendly state laws, according to a source with knowledge of the decision. While many states...
  7. John T Ford

    In the Era of Fake News

    During a segment that aired on Friday’s broadcast of Birmingham, AL ABC affiliate WBMA 33/40’s 5 p.m. local news, political reporter Lauren Walsh sought out voters in Columbiana, AL to gauge their reactions to the Washington Post report that alleged Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore...
  8. MaryAnne

    New Era In Politics

    Is this the beginning of breaking the log jam?
  9. Friday13

    Anne Frank Center compares trump era to pre-holocaust Germany

    It IS "alarming"...those who refuse to see it are willfully ignorant of history. Anne Frank Center compares Trump era to pre-holocaust Germany
  10. Friday13

    Trump pulls back Obama era protections for women workers

    Trump has no respect for women... Trump Pulls Back Obama-Era Protections For Women Workers - NBC News
  11. DebateDrone

    End Of An Era? Will We See the End of the White House Correspondents' Assoc. Dinner?

    The White House Correspondents' Association was founded in 1914 based on a rumor that a Congressional committee would select the journalist to cover the President. The dinner began in 1920 and every President has appeared at least once in their term. Could this be the end of the dinner in...
  12. excalibur

    Is Leftist Era Fading in Latin America?

  13. Davocrat

    U.S. whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians "thriving" during Obama era

    ...But the news couldn't be worse for Republican pols. Did we elect the coolest leader of the free world or what? Okay, Canada my have topped us, but I dunno... How Americans feel about the state of their lives have improved markedly in the eight years since Barack Obama was elected president...
  14. Dr Sampson Simpson

    So, who's ready for the era of renewed sexism?

    We saw the right's reaction to Obama, so when Hillary is president, you know we will get flooded with sexism. We already see it. It will only get worse. Why a Hillary Clinton Presidential Win Means a New Era of Public Misogyny - The Atlantic
  15. Spookycolt

    Tesla....a new era?

    This car seems rather amazing. 0-60 in 2.8 seconds? Pretty amazing.
  16. meridian5455

    Obama: We’re living in ‘most peaceful’ era in human history

    We’re fortunate to be living in the most peaceful era in human history, President Obama said in Germany on Monday before announcing that he was sending 250 more American special operations forces troops to Syria. “I want to begin with an observation that, given the challenges that we face in the...
  17. Amelia

    Equal Rights Amendment

    What additional rights would the ERA give women beyond those already written in law today?
  18. RosieS

    Draft Women AFTER ratifying the ERA

    I mostly wanted to get this thread title on search engines because Bing has diddly-squat about it. It was mentioned in the Rep. NH debate yesterday, so here's yer link: Repeated attacks by Christie leave Rubio rattled in GOP debate Men are.uniformly promoted, no pun intended, and are...
  19. Detective Mike Logan

    what will FUTURE historians refer to our current era as?

    we (obviously) refer to our current time period THE MODERN ERA or MODERN HISTORY. we refer to other eons as PRE-HISTORY, ANCIENT HISTORY and also have MEDIEVAL HISTORY (interchangeably called the middles ages). so in the far future when assumably Future historians will refer to their own era as...
  20. Different guy

    The Era of Pride

    14 US states with bans on same-sex marriage can no longer enforce them in the wake of a historic US Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is now legal across the entirety of the United States. The Countries Where Gay Marriage Is Legal Whether it will be the beginning of a new US war in...