1. the watchman

    The Sarah Palin era is over: What the end of her Fox News contract really means

    In 2010, Fox News announced with great fanfare that it had hired Sarah Palin as a contributor. On Wednesday morning, Politico’s Mike Allen informed his readers that her days with the network were through — and that she’d actually severed ties with Fox nearly a month ago. The former conservative...
  2. jackalope

    Charlie Hebdo, Jewish grocery attacks herald a bleak new era for France

    I was able to read the whole article, by clicking in through Google. I'm afraid the link posted is just for subscribers only, tho. Hope not, it's a very good article.
  3. Babba

    What Americans Have Forgotten About The Era Before Roe v. Wade

    Those who are glad that women's access to legal abortions has been reduced so dramatically don't care about the actual living, breathing human beings who are adversely affected by those draconian laws. And if you think denying access to abortion stops them from happening, you couldn't be more...
  4. vikingbeast

    Week Two Of the New Era

    Well here we are - into the second week of the Renewal of America after last week's election! And my how things have improved! The potholes seem a little less hard on the car suspension, 8 years in a row with no raise a little easier to live with, our people are getting smarter and better...
  5. Singularity

    New era for Spain as Felipe VI crowned

    Not much to say here other than note the event. In a country where the idea of the Divine Right of Kings was the lay of the land pretty much until the 20th century, the monarch is still a very important figure. Unlike most European "crowned republics," as the term is sometimes used, the King...
  6. J

    K E Y S T O N E X L is the beginning of a new era....

    Supporters of the project, including labor unions, say building the nearly 1,700-mile pipeline would create thousands of good-paying jobs and help the United States become less dependent on foreign oil -- in part by getting vast deposits of crude oil in Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South...
  7. meridian5455

    History Suggests That Entitlement Era Is Winding Down

    History Suggests That Entitlement Era Is Winding Down by Michael Barone on - A Syndicate Of Talent It was 76 years from Washington's First Inaugural in 1789 to Lincoln's Second Inaugural in 1865. It was 76 years from the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865 to the attack at...
  8. meridian5455

    In Obama era, have race relations improved?

    In Obama era, have race relations improved? - Yahoo! News I would say that they have not. If anything, they have probably gotten worse.
  9. Cicero

    The era of not my responsibility

    The era of not my responsibility By Dana Milbank, Published: November 11 Herman Cain denies that he sexually harassed women over the years, but there’s no disputing the rude thing he did last week to a man. After Karen Kraushaar came forward as one who accused the Republican presidential...
  10. jackalope

    BREAKING NEWS: WWII Era Plane Piloted by an 80-yo man crashes at Reno Air Show

    Watching Lawrence O'Donnell, he just broke in with a breaking news video of a plane crash at an air show in Reno, NV. The plane was a WWII era plane (he said the kind, sorry, I didn't catch it), and was being piloted by an 80-yo man. It crashed right near the stands, they just had what looked...
  11. M

    A new era in U.S. foreign policy

    While I did not agree with our intervention in Libya, the author lists what our requirements were prior to getting involved: A new era in U.S. foreign policy – Global Public Square - Blogs It is this type of unilateral support from other countries that I think we need in going...
  12. boontito

    Is There Hope For America In An Era Of Broken Trust?

    Interesting commentary: Is there hope for America in an era of broken trust? - Yes, things are bad, but they have been worse... much worse.
  13. kmiller1610

    America Still Awaits New Era of Civility After Arizona Shooting

    A nice piece of journalism that tracks public comments by the politically correct nattering nabobs... America Still Awaits New Era of Civility After Arizona Shooting - Here's my favorite: "the debt ceiling should not "be used as a gun against the heads of American people to...
  14. Singularity

    Gates: Boots on the ground era is over

    Defense secretary warns against fighting more ground wars - I think this pretty accurately reflects how the U.S. will fight future wars, and how it should fight them, there is no real sense to engaging in protracted, bloody land campaigns involving large armies. It is kind of...
  15. M

    American Era

    This is sort of a just for fun poll. Which era of American history would you think would be the most interesting to study, live in, or other kind of experience? Federal Era (1776 - 1828) Jacksonian Era (1829 - 1877) Industrial Era (1878 - 1945) Modern Era (1946 - 1980) Post-Modern Era...
  16. Feetie

    What will the new political era bring?

    Just wanting to get a feel for what you think this new congress will bring. I hope that this thread will not be reduced to hyperbole, rhetoric, or talking points. What I mean is we all know there are those who believe the GOP are all heartless bastards who serve the rich. We all know that the...
  17. Mr. Neo-Con

    The Bush Era Top Tax Rates and what it means to small businesses!

    Here are some facts about these TAX AND SPEND Democrats that want to allow the Bush era top tax rates to expire. Read below (from the Tax Foundation) and find out for yourself. The bottomline is that businesses (small/ S Corporations) get hit with a large bill. That's it! And, they...
  18. Dr.Knuckles

    Mdern era NHL pre-season traditions

    Well it's the end of September which means the beginning of October is only days away. NHL season is upon us. In the modern hockey era there are certain traditions involved in preparing for the new season. These were not factors a generation ago, but my how times have changed. 1) Check to...
  19. B

    Obama bemoans 'diversions' of IPod, Xbox era

    I remember liberal clowns piling all over McCain (I am not a McCain fan) for not being able to use a keyboard efficiently due to his handicap from his time in Vietnam and their insistence that any modern president must be completely technology immersed. I don't hear them whining now.
  20. michaelr

    Why the sun looks poised to set on Japan's era of cheap government debt

    Why the sun looks poised to set on Japan's era of cheap government debt According to Geithner, this only happens in other nations, well economics does not work that way. If you take the revolving bailout fraud, the war costs, and Obama's massive debt, I would estimate our debt at 135% or...