1. boontito

    North Korean Soldiers Shoot Defector As He Escapes (Video)

    Pretty dramatic real life look at an escape across the border from North Korea to South Korea.
  2. the watchman

    how is it Fox News escapes the "fake news" label with Trump supporters?

    have you noticed this? Thanks to Trump CNN has now been labeled "fake news" by his supporters. Also, "fake news" is....well, just about any media organization that reports something he doesn't like. No doubt it's damaging to our political discourse and democracy itself. We don't have to believe...
  3. The Man

    Octopus escapes aquarium! Video is from a couple days ago, from the Primorsky Oceanarium, in Vladivostok, Russia. This octopus apparently undid the latch on the barred lid of its special aquarium, pushed the lid open, and climbed out of there, to go for a stroll/swim around...
  4. Wonderer

    Self-Learning Robot Escapes Testing Ground (and goes missing for 45 minutes)

    It seems like almost everyday now we hear some strange story about a robot, from the Microsoft Twitterbot going full Nazi in 24 hours to Google’s AI digesting romance novels and regurgitating them as postmodern poetry. We are witnessing the overlapping pubescent evolutions of both algorithmic...
  5. meridian5455

    Terrorist released from prison, escapes deportation, stabs police officer in neck

    An immigrant with a long criminal record yet protected from deportation by feel-good rules went on a rampage this week, stabbing a female police officer in the neck before being shot and killed by police. This scenario played out this week in Berlin, Germany, and suspect Rafik Mohamad Yousef, a...
  6. Singularity

    Federal judge escapes with his life, leg injury after apparent robbery attempt

    I'm sure you all can find this where you need to. Judge Terrence Berg of Michigan was approached by two armed assailants outside his home — believe it was last night — who then attempted to force him inside. A struggle of some kind occurred and they shot Berg in the leg before racing off...
  7. Zaragunudgeyon

    One of the few successful escapes from Auschwitz.

    On June 20, 1942, Kazimierz Piechowski, two other Polish political prisoners and a Ukrainian mechanic escaped from Auschwitz in a fast car they stole from the camp's commandant. Here's how they did it. During World War II, Jews, Gyspsies, Communists and homosexuals weren't the only groups...
  8. Meursault

    Venezuela; The Irony Escapes Joe Biden

    Joe Biden describes situation in Venezuela as 'alarming' | World news | He cant be this stupid. Well, yes, he can be. Question is, are the American people or his liberal constituency as stupid as he thinks they are? Basically Biden is saying Venezuela is becoming a brutal...
  9. A

    Two presidents. Two Saudi escapes. This is dark skinned male and Saudi national, Abdul Rahman Ali al-Harbi. You've seen him recently. Not actually a guy planting a backpack but he was at the scene and behaved unlike anyone else when the blast occured. He was the guy who FBI...
  10. B

    UK envoy 'escapes suicide bomb'

    A suspected suicide bomber targets the convoy of the British ambassador to Yemen, but he is unhurt, reports say. More...
  11. michaelr

    Armed bank robber escapes intense law enforcement search, remains at large

    Armed bank robber escapes intense law enforcement search, remains at large The the gestapo is now involved in local law enforcement. These fucking clown just say this shit like it is normal, well I have news for these idiots, it ain't.