1. Claudius the God

    The MInistry of Real Estate Development

    Trump has created a new cabinet position modeled after a Python sketch where otherwise upright gentlemen of some means gather to administer silly walks in a regulated environment. In this case, the new Ministry is consumed with increasing the number of high-end condominiums, golf courses and...
  2. excalibur

    Interesting story that has been overlooked
  3. TennesseeRain

    #TrumpLeaks uncovers photos of Donald Trump, Jr. at Russian real estate conference in

    Moscow Washington, D.C. – January 4, 2017 -The Democratic Coalition uncovered photos Wednesday morning of Donald Trump Jr. at the Adam Smith Conferences 6th Annual Russian Real Estate Summit in Moscow in 2008. The photos were released as part of an effort known as #TrumpLeaks, a research...
  4. the watchman

    Trump attorney: We’ll challenge Mueller if he investigates old real estate deals

    An attorney representing President Trump in the ongoing investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russia said in an interview published Saturday that his team would challenge special counsel Robert Mueller if the probe began looking at Trump's former business deals. Politico...
  5. T

    This Trump real estate deal looks awfully like criminal tax fraud

    I am going to guess it is things like this that causes Trump to not release his tax returns and to warn Mueller against looking at his person finances. Indeed, it appears Trump "gifted" two condos to his least favorite son for far less than market value, and this son went ahead and sold them...
  6. S

    The corruption of the 4th Estate

    Things like this just keep coming out. You know what it is? It's absolutely nothing. I'm thoroughly disgusted with it all at this point. One of the people supposedly involved in this...
  7. thrilling

    Manafort's puzzling real estate purchases

    Paul Manafort's Puzzling New York Real Estate Purchases - WNYC Between 2006 and 2013, Manafort bought three homes in New York City, paying the full amount each time, so there was no mortgage. Then, between April 2015 and January 2017 – a time span that included his service with the Trump...
  8. Dittohead not!

    Trump and the fourth estate

    Surely by now you've seen Trump's latest news conference, or at least parts of it. Has he succeeded in alienating the media? If so, can he get away with having done so? What do you think?
  9. D

    A Closer Look at Donald Trump's Claim About Hillary Clinton's Estate Tax Plan

    Trump may not have a good plan for America but he sure has the nerve to call Hillary Clinton's estate tax plan a bad one when, in effect, it isn't! He was rated quite poorly for it too which he should take good note of. It's that type of thinking and reaction by Trump that makes him a candidate...
  10. boontito

    George Harrison Estate Disapproves of RNC Use of Music

    ...and did so in a hilarious way:
  11. Babba

    Even the real estate "expertise" is bogus

    As Digby points out, the only thing he's done is to invest in property that has made money ever since it was purchased for some trinkets and then sell himself. Everything he's else he's done has been a failure. Hullabaloo
  12. PACE

    Trump and real estate tax shelters

    Relax, it's only for the rich, nothing to see here, move along,,, Oh, and he called Reagan's tax reform a disaster... Forbes Welcome
  13. R

    Why Does the Real Estate Industry Tolerate Losing BillionS$$ Due to Credit Bureaus ?

    It happens every hour of every business day. A home buyer calls a real estate co. wanting to buy a house. The guy has owned houses and rented apartments, and has not missed (or even been late) on a single monthly housing payment in over 40 years. Still, he's turned down by the seller, on the...
  14. meridian5455

    Seattle Couple Who Fled Nazi-Controlled Europe Leaves $847K Estate to 'America'

    A couple from Seattle left all they had, nearly $1 million, “to the government of the United States of America" in their identical wills, the lawyer who administered the estate said. A cashier's check for $847,215.57 was received and deposited into the U.S. Department of the Treasury's general...
  15. Use Caution

    IRS Wants $702 Million In Taxes From Michael Jackson’s Estate. Hmm? Would he CHEAT?

    The King of Pop may have passed, but debates over Michael Jackson’s life and death are alive and well. The latest: how much is Michael worth? His estate says $7 million, but according to the Los Angeles Times, the Internal Revenue Service disagrees. The agency says Jackson’s estate is actually...
  16. Tom Joad

    Michelle Obama Reportedly Vacationing With Oprah Winfrey at Maui Estate

    I admit it. This is a troll thread. I posted it because I knew how much it would wind up the wingers. Michelle Obama Reportedly Vacationing With Oprah Winfrey at Maui Estate continued
  17. Spookycolt

    Expanded Medicaid’s fine print holds surprise: ‘payback’ from estate after death

    Its crap like this that is going to doom this program. It is flawed on so many levels that people are signing up with no idea what's actually entailed in it. Beyond belief. Basically the government is considering this healthcare a "loan" that will need to be repaid once your dead...
  18. L

    Real estate status in Mumbai

    Real estate industry is thriving in Mumbai. Mumbai has been attracting settlements from various parts of the country. The metropolitan city has been the popular choice for residential and commercial purposes since decades. Most of the earlier human settlements have been in Mumbai. The city has...
  19. Dutch

    Real Estate Bubble in the making?

    source .........Perhaps worst of all, Wall Street has begun to explore the option of securitizing the rental revenue, much in the way that they used mortgage-backed securities to ramp up capital in the bubble years. Three separate REO-to-rental trusts appeared on the market, under the...
  20. Daktoria

    The Estate Tax

    I think there's one area I can see revenue increases justified, and this is it. Seniors have done a miserable job in assimilating future generations, yet expect to dish off the bill merely on the basis of ageism. These people are jerks, and I don't see a problem with taxing them 100% of their...