1. cpicturetaker12

    ETHICS office issued criminal referral against TRUMP to DOJ today!

    Well another day, another 'legal transgression'? I'll give the experts who saw the referral as to what is NOW required by it's submission. Maybe SESSIONS will just tell everyone to go fuck off? Or can he? Remember he is recused. Ethics Office has ‘essentially’ reported Trump to the...
  2. the watchman

    Acting ethics chief flags Trump financial disclosure form for Rod Rosenstein psssst...hey dems, this gives you all a perfect narrative to use against our do nothing Congress.
  3. Friday13

    Ex-White House ethics chief: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is a ‘symbol of corruption’ least he hasn't killed anyone on 5th Av...yet. Ex-White House ethics chief: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is a ‘symbol of corruption’
  4. bajisima

    Pelosi calls for ethics investigation into Rep Cardenas

    Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Saturday called for an ethics investigation into San Fernando Valley Democratic Rep. Tony Cárdenas, who this week acknowledged that he is the unnamed defendant in a Jane Doe lawsuit alleging he molested a 16-year-old girl. Cárdenas has vehemently denied the...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Bush ethics lawyer running as a DEM for Franken's Senate seat

    Bush ethics official to run for Franken's former Senate seat as Dem: report BY BRETT SAMUELS - 04/29/18 07:23 PM EDT 5 Richard Painter, the former chief ethics lawyer for George W. Bush’s administration, is expected to announce on Monday he will run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate seat...
  6. T

    FIFA points to ethics rules after Trump tweets support of World Cup bid

    Though it may be redundant to say, but the president did use Twitter in a fashion that may seem inappropriate. I know, fucking shocker. Indeed, as the vote for where a World Cup series would be held near, Trump went on Twitter to threaten, or at least imply, retaliation for any country that...
  7. excalibur

    Menendez Admonished by Ethics Panel

    And they say he broke the law. Huge story, MSM snoozes to protect the Dims. Menendez admonished by Ethics panel, which says he broke the law | TheHill
  8. Friday13

    House Ethics probe into TN rep campaign finances expanded

    Just another "crooked" republiCon. Ethics Committee to expand campaign finance investigation of Tennessee Republican
  9. Friday13

    Family businesses still pay Ivanka, raising ethics questions

    Trump Crime Family... Family businesses still pay Ivanka Trump, raising ethics questions
  10. Davocrat

    Trump embarrassed by ethics violations of others

    That's right. Even Ben "Dining Room" Carson call called on the carpet. ------------------------- The White House held private meetings with four Cabinet-level officials last month to scold them for embarrassing stories about questionable ethical behavior at their respective agencies, sources...
  11. T

    Two FCC Commissioners Face Federal Investigations Over Ethics Violations, Criminal Br

    I don't know. Seems fairly clear cut, as the guy literally says folks should vote for Trump. What on earth would posses someone to do something so blatantly unethical? Watchdog group says FCC commissioner violated Hatch Act at CPAC FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly was asked a question...
  12. T

    Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ could violate ethics rules

    Is is award season, those moments of groups gathering (or in this case one person gathering) to self congratulate on some sort of achievement. Yes, tomorrow is supposedly the day where our esteemed and classy president hands out awards, to whom I am unsure, for the biggest fake news. Note that...
  13. Singularity

    Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House ethics committee

    No word yet on why. Just submitted the letter to Ryan without warning today. Some have pointed out that if Gowdy is suspected of ethical violations himself, he would've had to recuse or resign. The ethics committee is evenly divided, so any recusal would've given Democrats the majority...
  14. C

    The ethics of the Protocols.

    Watching the second season of a fascinating show on Netflix called Travelers. Don't stop. This isn't a "TV" topic. It really is about ethics. Without boring anyone with too much detail about the program, basically it is kind of a twist on Quantum Leap. People from the future send their...
  15. bajisima

    DOJ wont disclose details of Muellers ethics waivers

    The Justice Department is refusing to reveal details of the process that led up to former FBI Director Robert Mueller being granted an ethics waiver to serve as special counsel investigating the Trump campaign's alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. In response...
  16. DemoWhip

    Ex-Ethics director to file second ethics complaint against Conway

    Ex-Ethics director to file second ethics complaint against Conway | TheHill By John Bowden ==================================================== Therefore, it sure appears that a good case is slated to go forward legally as the American people have a right to know if Conway was...
  17. Crusher

    Rep. Devin Nunes cleared by House Ethics Committee

    Rep. Devin Nunes cleared by House Ethics Committee after complaint he divulged classified information amid Russia investigation - LA Times The House Ethics Committee on Thursday cleared House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes of Tulare of any wrongdoing after a complaint that he had...
  18. Amelia

    Baby born after uterus transplant -- ethics

    I don't know which forum this thread should belong in. Mods, I don't mind if you move it. First Baby Born To U.S. Uterus Transplant Patient Raises Ethics Questions Another expensive way to create new life while already born children are waiting for loving families. That's how I...
  19. the watchman

    Bush ethics lawyer: Trump lawyer should be disbarred if he wrote Flynn firing tweet

    The top ethics lawyer in President George W. Bush's administration said that President Trump's lawyer should be disbarred if he wrote Trump's tweet revealing he knew Michael Flynn had lied to the FBI. "A lawyer who writes a Tweet like that incriminating a client should be disbarred. He can tell...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    JARED and JUNIOR are next say 2 Ex-WH ethics chiefs.

    I certainly hope so! Maybe he will give up his SON-IN-LAW for his son. Maybe Jr. will flip on Jared. Maybe Jared will flip on Jr. Stay tuned.. from the NYT op ed piece... ...Lest there be any doubt about what is happening, the statement of the offense filed along with Mr. Flynn’s plea...