1. mrmike

    China and eugenics?

    How far down the rabbit hole will this go? and do we really believe our own government is beyond doing this type of experimentation? Fears arise as Chinese modify human embryo genes Chinese scientists have successfully edited the genes of human embryos for the first time, confirming...
  2. Monk-Eye

    Biocentrism Social Inquiry Inn Eugenics On Identity Politics

    " Biocentrism Social Inquiry Inn Eugenics On Identity Politics " Save it to state that womb mammary whom hewn eugenics pappary should hopefully first understand a punnet square . Punnett square - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia * Deep Spaced Off * A venture beyond crazy considerations...
  3. Daktoria

    Does Freedom of Speech Equal Eugenics? this goes along the lines of the previous threads I've made concerning sensitivity. Freedom of speech, by definition, does not entail prior "offer and acceptance" in choosing to have sound waves or light waves transmitted onto someone's ears and eyes. Therefore, sensitive personalities...
  4. T

    Obama's Holdren is a eugenics mad man.

    It's getting very difficult to respect Obama's judgement. Or is the real Obama at work. There is a long pattern of bizarre actions. Book he authored in 1977 advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population Sounds like he favors EUGENICS as performed by our...
  5. L


    Here are studies that were carried out by examining the correlation of I.Q.s between identical twins (monozygotic) reared apart. The studies were carried out by Newman 1937, Shields 1962, Juel-Nielson 1980, Bouchard 1990, and Pederson 2002 they found an average of 0.75 for heritability of...
  6. L

    Eugenics for a better america

    What is more immoral a person being told not to have kids (which is stressful anyways) Or struggling in school and living in an impoverished environment and beaten and neglected by parents who are felons? What about the kids being raised in home with no food? You have turned your backs on...
  7. C

    Satire: Eugenics

    The Eugenizer (Terminator Redux) I wonder: would society be better off, or worse off, with most morons murdered? It's an academic question, of course, because we'll all too CIVILIZED toward PROGRESS to consider something as SATANIC as eugenics.