1. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Is the ongoing punishment of Adam and Eve justifiable?

    Is the ongoing punishment of Adam and Eve justifiable? Christian dogma says that Adam and Eve were murdered by neglect when God locked away the tree of life. Eve was deceived by Satan and the talking serpent that God put in Eden. This caused the Original Sin concept that Christianity calls...
  2. Madeline

    Trump To Planet Earth On Xmas Eve: F*ck You

    https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/12/a-twitter-tirade-on-christmas-eve/549170/ I am gobsmacked. Trump has no ability whatsoever to behave with any class. Your thoughts?
  3. Minotaur

    Rep. Tim Ryan Takes on GOP Tax Scam on Eve of Vote

    Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNpZpmxO8Gw
  4. TennesseeRain

    [GW post #346] montana gop candidate assaults reporter on eve of election

    Reporter Says Montana GOP Candidate 'Body Slammed' Him | HuffPost Fucking facists.
  5. the watchman

    Donald Trump's New Year's Eve speech cited Dubai business partner.

    (CNN)Donald Trump gave a lengthy description of his electoral victory, and lavished praise upon a Dubai business partner, during a ten-minute speech to 800 paying guests at his Florida estate Saturday night. At points throughout his address, Trump name-checked prominent attendees, including...
  6. John T Ford

    7 Muslims Set Homeless Man on Fire on Christmas Eve

    Germany remains under attack by the foreign invaders. Six Syrian "refugees" and one from Lybia ages between 15 and 21. Again, Merkel should be imprisoned for allowing these military aged devout muslims to invade her country. American is heading for the same fate as Europe. Thank...
  7. Wonderer

    On The Eve Of Trump’s Presidency, Right Wing Hypocrisy Is In Full Swing

    On The Eve Of Trump’s Presidency, Right Wing Hypocrisy Is In Full Swing Posted at 4:00 am on December 2, 2016 by Kimberly Ross We are in the waning days of the Obama administration. If you label yourself a conservative, this is a beautiful thing regardless of who you supported this past...
  8. G

    On eve of election Clinton rallies 30,000 at birthplace of American Independence

    Hillary Clinton rallies massive crowd at birthplace of American Independence on eve of election Hillary Clinton rallies massive crowd at Independence Hall - NY Daily News PHILADELPHIA - Hillary Clinton returned to the birthplace of American independence to make her closing argument...
  9. bajisima

    Bernie Sanders requests rally on the eve of the DNC convention

    Has this ever happened before? Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has asked permission to hold a rally in Philadelphia on July 24, the eve of the Democratic National Convention. "The permit application for the event — which would involve an estimated 15,000 to 40,000 people — is one of...
  10. G

    Mitt Romney to campaign with Kasich on eve of Ohio vote

    Columbus (AFP) - Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee who has slammed current frontrunner Donald Trump, campaigns with Governor John Kasich on Monday, ahead of Ohio's crucial primary, sources in both camps said. The appearances will be the first for Romney on the 2016 campaign trail...
  11. meridian5455

    Times Square New Year's Eve Ball is racist - Tweets #BallLivesMatter

    Somebody dropped the ball. A pair of hastily deleted tweets from the official Times Square Ball Twitter handle blasted the event as "racist" and made a questionable reference to the Black Lives Matter movement hours before the clock struck midnight. Social media users were up in arms...
  12. mrmike

    20 year old girl shot in head on New Years Eve

    A sickening crime. 20-year-old UNT student shot in head on New Year's Eve DENTON, Texas - Police are investigating the shooting of a 20-year-old University of North Texas student. Sara Mutschlechner was driving along North Elm Street around 2 a.m. Friday when a black Toyota or Lexus...
  13. excalibur

    Brussels cancels New Year's Eve fireworks due to threat

    Brussels Cancels New Year's Eve Fireworks
  14. BoiseBo

    Feels just like Christmas Eve!

    So with so with so many on the stage tomorrow night, how about a few questions involving a show of hands in the interest of saving time? Who could forget the iconic moment in 2011 when Baier asked (in so many words) 'would you walk away from a ten to one deal where there would be a dollar in tax...
  15. J

    Obama's Christmas Eve Document Dump

    What better way to hide a mandated doc dump --- release them on Xmas Eve NSA posts report on privacy violations -- on Christmas Eve - UPI.com!
  16. BruceTLaney

    So tomorrow is Christmas Eve:

    What will you do to honor the spirit of the Jewish Rabbi that is a Christian Messiah? As for me I will donate ten bags of food to ten families that I do not know. I have a friend that is a Priest that has given me the names and addresses of these people and I will have others take these bags to...
  17. J

    Obama: I actually Ended the War in Iraq even though it wasn't my idea

    Obama says he didn't make decision to pull troops from Iraq, video from 2012 says otherwise | Conservative Firing LineConservative Firing Line Holy sheepshit, get this fucking guy to a doctor. I have to ask the question again: Is Barack Obama mentally ill?
  18. Rev. Hellh0und

    There Is No Hell Fire; Adam & Eve Not Real – Pope Francis Exposes

    I've been saying that for years.... I guess I am no longer a heretic? lol
  19. B

    On the eve of the election: VA Gubernatorial statistics, 1953-2013

    To get a better perspective at how Virginia gubernatorial politics has worked for the last 60 years, I have input the data from every gubernatorial election since 1953 into one excel table, which is here: VA-GUB Tot. Vote Tot. Pres vote* Ratio: Gub/Pres Margin %Margin „Swing“ DEM GOP IND...
  20. B

    Obama to sign Israel security bill on eve of Romney visit

    Obama to sign Israel security bill on eve of Romney visit | Reuters "(Reuters) - President Barack Obama will sign a bill to strengthen U.S.-Israeli military cooperation on Friday on the eve of a visit to Israel by his Republican presidential challenger, Mitt Romney. Obama will seek to stress...