1. Rob Larrikin


  2. KnotaFrayed

    The Kansas "Experiment"

    Although, it was not really an experiment, but perhaps a more fully loaded version of Reagan/Voo Doo/GW/Trump "economics" Definitely worth a listen to, since a lot of the discussion is from Republican legislators......on how the big tax cut to stimulate the economy (trickledown economics)...
  3. L

    Kansas Republicans Sour on Their Tax-Cut Experiment

    The state legislature nearly reversed Governor Sam Brownback’s signature policy after a voter rebellion. His economic legacy, one GOP lawmaker says, “is going down in flames.” Charlie Riedel / AP RUSSELL BERMAN It was only two months ago that Governor Sam Brownback was offering up the...
  4. vikingbeast

    America - The Failed Experiment

    Being aware that we are about to Constitutionally swear in "The Dongoloid" as the President, should we sum it all up by saying - The United States of America is a failed experiment? A failed experiment indeed on more levels than just that.
  5. libertariat720

    [GW post #2] Can We Get Along? An Experiment in PH Political Debate

    During the 2016 campaign our country became so divided; friendships have been destroyed merely due to political differences. I hate that! I have an idea that might help our country come together, and help us relate better to our friends and family members personal perspective on the issues...
  6. C

    Thought experiment

    So, let us for a moment, imagine that the universe exists, but there is no God. In what way would the Earth be different? Note, I'm not talking about humanity, or society - although, if someone wants to take a stab at that, I suppose that would be a way to go - but rather the planet itself...
  7. Spookycolt

    Russian sleep experiment

    A truly horrifying story and it shows how far humanity can go if we do not keep them in check.http://youtu.be/MEwbfnCpKA4
  8. OldGaffer

    GOP Voters Stage Major Revolt Against Brownback's Kansas Experiment

    Kansas has always been an "establishment" Republican state in the past. Now the establishment has been kicked in the head by extremist tea partiers and are seeing the results of full bore "trickle down". A wrecked economy and three credit rating downgrades in the last four years...
  9. Babba

    Kansas' Economic Experiment is Huge Failure

    Kansas is a perfect example of right wing economic polices and their consequences. We have practiced some of these things nationally, but thank God the Democrats have been able to keep the Republicans from implementing them full bore. Washington Monthly | Kansas? Experiment in Right-Wing...
  10. C

    Bernie vs Trump, Who is more Violent! (Social Experiment)

  11. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Kansas, a real life experiment in tax cuts for rich for growing the economy

    https://www.facebook.com/LateNightSeth/videos/629856370498379/ Oh, look who is facing budget issues for cutting taxes for the rich and small businesses. NO great job increase And when budget is up, guess what he did? In typical Republican fashion, cut education. Republicans are assholes...
  12. ebpforumorg

    What educational intervention/method/trick would you try out with a field experiment?

    I'm especially interested in methods that could be evaluated with a so called "randomized controlled trial." Randomized controlled trials means using random assignment of schools/classes/students to groups that receive different educational intervention and then comparing the groups to each...
  13. Dr.Knuckles

    The JetBlue Experiment

    I think the other 500 threads are already focusing on who's fault it is that it can't be done. So my question in this thread is "how". "How did they do it?" "How did this work?" http://youtu.be/EPurzKVTlU4
  14. L

    The Holy Quran Experiment

  15. CEngelbrecht

    The Holy Quran Experiment

    Frickin' fargin' brilliant! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEnWw_lH4tQ Caption: Islam has been under huge scrutiny lately and is often criticised for being an aggressive religion... but what about Christianity? In this video we disguised a Bible as a Quran and read some of it's most gruesome...
  16. bajisima

    Marine Corp "women in combat" experiment gets mixed results

    Over the past nine months, the Marine Corps tested a gender-integrated task force in both Twentynine Palms, Calif. and Camp Lejeune, N.C. in an attempt to gauge what the Corps might look like with women in combat roles. "According to a recent report in the Marine Corps Times, only a small...
  17. C

    The Mice Utopia Experiment

    Read more: What Humans Can Learn From The Mice Utopia Experiment
  18. Singularity

    Group tries "open carry and race" police experiment w/ dramatically different results

    First, a couple of disclaimers: I don't know who this group is or what their credibility as filmmakers are, but the video seems to show legitimate information so I'll overlook that. I usually try to be very careful not to use independent (as in not from an established or well-known source)...
  19. Rasselas

    Most Extreme Conservative Experiment in the States Has Failed

    Kansas governor proposes tax increases: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/kansas-governor-seeks-tax-increases-221839354.html The good news is, we found out whether tax cuts would really pay for themselves in economic growth. The answer: "Not fast enough to avert a budget crisis and a crisis over...
  20. Lex Luthor

    Seattle's grand experiment in wealth redistribution a disaster!!

    SEATTLE?S MINIMUM WAGE CRASH: $15 to ZERO! Profits Tumble!