1. cpicturetaker12

    EXTREME POVERTY #'s changed by TRUMP ADMI from 18.5MIL to 250K using RW Heritage #

    POVERTY! Don't like the #'s, use ALTERNATIVE 'FACTS'. I can tell you MOST of America is in no way sharing in the current "booming economy". Foreign Policy magazine using UN #'s that were published. TRUMP DIDN'T LIKE THE #S, so he used Heritages #'s, 18.25 MILLION down to 250,000. I'm...
  2. vikingbeast

    Government of Fringe Extreme

    Interesting test - as this government was never intended to be ran by fringe extremists, it's interesting to watch this administration try and operate against the grain. We the people should have cashed out these assholes a long time ago. So the question that remains - how long can we last...
  3. Babba

    What Do You Consider Extreme Left Wing Policies?

    Just curious about members ideas on this.
  4. kmiller1610

    Did the (Extreme) Left get exactly what they wanted through the election of Trump?

    It had to be obvious to anyone who observes human behavior that Trump is easily provoked and has very little self control. Can the Trump negatives assure future successes? So in terms of long term advancement for those who want a wholesale change in the country, does a President Trump serve...
  5. Madeline

    3 US Customs Officers Arrested For Extreme Sexual Abuse Of Colleagues At Newark Airpo

    http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/newark-customs-officers-busted-sexually-hazing-coworkers-article-1.3492966 One of the accused is female, and all the alleged victims are male. This is 100%, without a doubt, a very serious indictment if proven. Your thoughts?
  6. PACE

    Russian Bots take up the cause for the extreme right post Charlottesville

    https://www.propublica.org/article/pro-russian-bots-take-up-the-right-wing-cause-after-charlottesville And Microsoft strikes a precedent in court: waging a war against Fancy Bear, Putin's favorite basement dwellers...
  7. PACE

    Trump Derangement syndrome - on the extreme right

    RNC member tweets article calling for McCain's death - CNNPolitics So this woman from Nevada, Dianne Orrock, retweeted a tweet of a mentally ill woman in Australia about John McCain: "Just fucking die already" And this woman's promotion? "Amen" "Amen", so this woman's uses a...
  8. Minotaur

    Analysis | Extreme candidates lose because they boost the other party’s turnout

    This is why in many states Blue Dogs and/or moderate Republicans win. The population does not support extreme one way or another except in the extreme population districts. One issue for both parties imo is that parties tend to vote for extreme candidates in some congressional primaries that...
  9. Madeline

    Google Accused Of Extreme Sexism In Pay

    Google accused of 'extreme' gender pay discrimination - NY Daily News Sounds as if gender discrimination is not their only problem. This is a recurring problem in the tech industries. WHY are people so forward-thinking about computers clinging on to sexist stereotypes? Your thoughts?
  10. Rasselas

    Extreme GOP Senator Ernst Call for DJT's Tax Returns

    I think she's a wacko bird, but she's pretty high-profile in the GOP. Interesting development--good for her! Sen. Ernst calls for Trump to release his tax returns - POLITICO
  11. Blueneck

    An extreme case of animal cruelty

    Someone that could do that must be dangerous to humans, IMO. They need to catch this person quickly. Cat Tortured With Hot Glue in Utah Abuse Case | Time.com
  12. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Mexico should impose Extreme Vetting! To KEEP OUT BAD American Hombre-Opps? Homers!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K2O8LuzSso :think: These are bad times in our REAL Ameican history. But the orange baby has Made Comedy Great Again!
  13. Madeline

    Hitchcock, An Extreme Sexual Abuser?

    Tippi Hedren, star of "The Birds" and "Marnie" has released her autobiography titled "Tippi: A Memoir" that paints a very dark portrait of one of America's most beloved film directors. Tippi Hedren accuses Hitchcock of sexual harassment in memoir | Dhaka Tribune This makes me feel so sad...
  14. Madeline

    Extreme DV Offender On Bail Kills Wife

    Pa. man allegedly kills wife he previously held captive for days - NY Daily News I can't find the name of this colossally incompetent judge in any news report. I certainly hope he has the moral sense to resign. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated problem. Some states have considered bills...
  15. C

    Trump: France, to face 'extreme vetting'

    France and most of Europe will be on Trump's 'extreme vetting' list... Donald Trump says France, others hit by terror may face 'extreme vetting' by Tribune news servicesContact Reporter Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is asserting that countries like France that he says...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    Disturbing POLL: RACISTS are more likely to be REP most EXTREME ARE Trump supporters

    ZERO surprise but it is good to see decent people's instincts borne out in statistical measurements. We knew it intuitively, we aren't crazy. Decency should have ZERO to do with party affiliation. Too bad it does! WEDNESDAY, JUL 6, 2016 05:59 AM EDT The disturbing data on Republicans and...
  17. meridian5455

    Obama declares May 23-27 to be Extreme Heat Week

    Designating May 23-27, 2016, as Extreme Heat Week, during which Federal agencies will take a number of actions to work with community planners and public-health officials to enhance community preparedness for extreme heat events...
  18. PACE

    Lets take the extreme viewpoint - Abortion is made illegal in any form

    So the comments so far clearly indicate that women are in control of their own bodies, they have the right to planning, and it's their domain to manage. Good, because abortion will never go away, no matter how hard the right tries to chip away at it. And insofar as fetal tissue is concerned...
  19. Friday13

    Extreme Heat in Iran...Felt Like 163 Degrees F

    Extreme Heat in Iran Felt Like 163 Degrees Fahrenheit
  20. bajisima

    Extreme turberculosis in the US

    A patient with an extremely hard-to-treat form of tuberculosis faces months of potentially grueling treatment with a cocktail of antibiotics, some of which can cause deafness, kidney failure and other severe side-effects, experts say. "The patient, who is not being identified, is in a...