1. MyParentsAreProud

    Facebook suspends woman who complained about posters calling for Trump's murder

    Facebook makes CNN look like a model of fairness! Facebook Defends Calls For Trump Assassination
  2. MyParentsAreProud

    Is Mark Zuckerberg the antichrist?

    Facebook is the perfect platform to control what people think. They ban anyone who has a mass audience that pushes Christian, morals and family values. Is a lower case ¨f¨ the news mark of the Devil? How else do you explain Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar...
  3. Macduff

    George Gilder Says Facebook (And Google) Central Control Model Is Doomed

    https://finance.townhall.com/columnists/jerrybowyer/2018/08/02/george-gilder-says-facebook-and-google-central-control-model-is-doomed-n2506140 We all should start reading up on blockchain because that looks like the next business model for the internet.
  4. John T Ford

    Facebook Continues Censoring Conservatives

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=GUJXqJ4f_to Facebook turned down an ad for Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng on Friday, her campaign said, deeming it too graphic for the social media site. Elements of the video focused on Heng’s immigrant parents, who...
  5. boontito

    YouTube, Apple and Facebook Remove Content From Infowars And Alex Jones

    https://money.cnn.com/2018/08/06/technology/facebook-infowars-alex-jones/index.html Each social media platform said Monday that it had removed content from Jones or InfoWars because it had violated their policies. The companies' moves shut down key distribution channels that had given the...
  6. bajisima

    Facebook finds plot to interfere in midterms

    Facebook says it has removed 32 accounts and pages believed to have been set up to influence the mid-term US elections in November. It said it was in the "very early" stages of the investigation and did not yet know who was behind the pages. It described attempts to erase election...
  7. John T Ford

    Facebook's Death Spiral

    (Bloomberg) -- Mark Zuckerberg is counting the cost of user disenchantment with Facebook Inc. His fortune tumbled by $16.8 billion in late trading Wednesday, as shares of the social media giant slid 20 percent at 5:37 p.m. in New York on disappointing results. If that holds through Thursday’s...
  8. BoiseBo

    Facebook: Fake news has to go - but not Infowars

    Their explanation makes no sense. Fake news gets the boot - But obviously false news from Alex Jones is okay? Go Figure :rolleyes: https://money.cnn.com/2018/07/11/media/facebook-infowars/index.html
  9. johnflesh

    Facebook Bots Remove "Hate Speech"

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2018/07/05/facebook-censored-a-post-for-hate-speech-it-was-the-declaration-of-independence/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d2a613dbb7df Overall, not a huge deal since they corrected the error and restored the post - however the level of censorship...
  10. Friday13

    3,500 Facebook ads show the scale of Russian manipulation

    The Russians were hard at work from mid-2015 thru mid-2017... “Pro-Beyoncé” vs. “Anti-Beyoncé”: 3,500 Facebook ads show the scale of Russian manipulation
  11. bajisima

    Facebook under fire for storing facial recognition data without consent

    A US federal judge on Monday ruled Facebook will have to face a class action lawsuit that alleges the social media giant used facial recognition on photos without user permission. Its facial recognition tool scans your photos and suggests you tag friends. The plaintiffs, a group of Facebook...
  12. DemoWhip

    Zuckerberg faces congressional grilling over Facebook user privacy, 2016 election

    Zuckerberg faces congressional grilling over Facebook user privacy, 2016 election By Lucien Bruggeman ==================================================== Zuckerberg is now being questioned before the Senate Congressional Committee. NBC News is carrying the inquiry now LIVE.
  13. bajisima

    People would have to pay if they want privacy on Facebook

    In an interview with NBC’s Today show, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that users who wished to entirely stop the social media platform from making money from their personal data would have to pay for the privilege, if the option were to be made available. “Could you come up with a tool...
  14. ptif219

    Unsafe to the community’: Facebook takes on pro-Trump Diamond and Silk

    Is this another democrat being racists. Maybe it is democrats trying to take away free speech. This shows how democrats who always demand tolerance are the ones that are never tolerant of anyone that disagrees with them. Remember Facebook was a big supporter of Obama. 'Unsafe to the...
  15. bajisima

    Facebook sent a doctor out to ask hospitals to share patient data

    Geez what could go wrong here??? Facebook has asked several major U.S. hospitals to share data about their patients, such as illnesses and prescription info, for a proposed research project. Facebook was intending to match it up with user data it had collected, and help the hospitals figure...
  16. DemoWhip

    Facebook now says up to 87 million users' data improperly shared

    Facebook now says up to 87 million users' data improperly shared By Lucien Bruggeman ==================================================== Are YOU on Facebook? If so, it behooves you to read up on this!
  17. L

    The Utility of Facebook

  18. R

    Zuckerberg has his billions, Facebook doesn't matter anymore to him.

    Thread title says it all!! Boycott Facebook. Cancel your account!
  19. R

    Are you on Facebook?

    If you are, quite.
  20. jacobfitcher

    Army vet who gave up AR-15s Facebook post threatened with death and rape of daughter

    Army vet who gave up AR-15s in viral Facebook post threatened with death and rape of his 14-year-old daughter A veteran of the US Army who became a viral sensation over the weekend by posting pictures of himself trading in his AR-15’s into Miami police officers, is being deluged with death...