1. jpsartre12

    FactCheckers are Leftwingers disguised as objective journalists

    That's a lie. The plant started closing down its SUV production in June 2008 but produced medium duty trucks until APRIL 9, 2009. Between that time, Ryan tried to get GM the funding to keep it open and Obama stated in his campaign:
  2. bluesman

    Republicans: We're Not Going To Let Our Campaign Be Dictated By Fact-Checkers

    The Romney Campaign and the right wing "media" have taken the strategy of attacking Fact Checkers. Here is the story from today's news: In Lockstep: Conservative Media Turn To Attacking The Fact-Checkers | Research | Media Matters for America ...Romney Surrogate: "We're Not Going [To] Let...
  3. nonsqtr

    Romney says: we have no use for fact-checkers

    Romney Pollster: We Won’t ‘Let Our Campaign Be Dictated By Fact-Checkers’ | Mediaite This is right up there with the Debbie Wasserman-Schulz thing. So now both parties have effectively admitted that they're not interested in the truth.
  4. Macduff

    Who Checks the Fact-Checkers?

    Every election season, a variety of newspapers and other entities set themselves up as arbiters of the accuracy of politicians’ statements. These “fact-checkers” nearly always turn out to be liberal apologists who don a false mantle of objectivity in order to advance the cause of the Democratic...