1. Dittohead not!

    Push to allow Dreamers to enlist in the military for citizenship fails, again

    Push to allow Dreamers to enlist in the military for citizenship fails, again I wonder if our Congress is ever going to get their act together and address this issue. It's way past due.
  2. Darkman

    Mitt Romney fails to secure Utah GOP nomination, will face primary

    Mitt Romney fails to secure Utah GOP nomination, will face primary CNN 3h ago Romney forced into primary for Utah Senate seat Washington Post 1h ago Romney forced into GOP primary for Utah Senate nomination The Hill 3h ago --- Mittens Strong!
  3. DebateDrone

    Senate Fails to Pass Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks

    Vote garnered 51 votes, falling short of 60 required; forced ‘red-state Democrats’ to vote on contentious issue Let me state at this point that the reason the Senate held the vote was not to pass legislation. No one expected the bill to pass. It was to have Senators on the record so their...
  4. O

    Democrat Commissioned Effort to Demonstrate Illegal Online Gun Sales Fails Utterly

    The Government Accountability Office has conducted a study attempting to demonstrate the danger of internet gun sales, but they weren't able to complete even one transaction on the open internet. The study was commissioned by anti-gun democrat legislators Elijah Cummings, Elizabeth Warren, and...
  5. Madeline

    Pro-Trade Trump's Anti-Trade Nominee for Export-Import Bank Fails

    Senate panel rejects Trump's nominee to lead Ex-Im Bank | TheHill I can SORT OF understand Trump's antipathy for HHS, Education and the EPA, etc. But I thought he approved of business? Of manufacturing? I thought he was alarmed about the trade deficit? Why then, would he nominate a...
  6. the watchman

    Tucker Carlson tries to defend Trump's anthem comments, fails spectacularly
  7. Eve1

    Trump even fails attempts at going to the DMZ

    To funny people, Trump got in a helicopter and made a big production with reporters that follow him in a top secret attempt to go to the DMZ. Trouble is apparently weather prevented them from getting there and they had to turn back. Only Trump could actually fail at even doing a simple thing...
  8. L

    Dollar Down, Euro Up as U.S. GDP Data Fails to Sway Market By REUTERSJULY 28, 2017, 3:45 P.M. NEW YORK — The U.S. dollar was broadly lower on Friday as a combination of uninspiring U.S. economic data and political uncertainty kept traders biased towards the euro and other...
  9. MaryAnne

    ACA Repeal Fails!

    Guess who cast the deciding vote? Graham and his Nevada buddy caved. Only one in that PC stood tall,along with Collins and Murkowski!! US healthcare: Senate 'skinny repeal' bill fails - BBC News
  10. DemoWhip

    GOP to consider 'skinny' repeal option on health care

    Of course it is a foregone conclusion that removing the individual mandate from the Republican-led healthcare bill will result in more people opting out of purchasing health insurance and instead just going to hospitals and clinics when they need to and the taxpayers as well as the government...
  11. DemoWhip

    McConnell calls for Obamacare repeal vote after replacement plan fails

    What convoluted thinking on McConnell's part to want to do away with Obamacare right now and not have anything else in place in the meantime! He's simply angry because his own ilk will not support the Republican bill. Of course we all realize that not having adequate insurance is not going to...
  12. T

    Trump: If GOP health care bill fails, repeal Obamacare now, replace later

    Brilliant plan. As it appears the very unpopular senate health care bill/tax cut for the wealthy/dry fisting for most is an increasingly long shot to pass, our genius in chief has a new plan. Granted, this was the clown that said the bill ahd a surprise in it (not known what that surprise was)...
  13. Singularity

    OPEC panicking as hard-won global production cut fails to arrest oil price decrease

    If it gets into the 30s and stays there for more than a brief period of time, we will have an official crash on our hands. If you are celebrating bad news for OPEC --- well, I get that, I really do, fuck OPEC. But don't, at least because if things remain this way Venezuela has no hope at all...
  14. the watchman

    North Korea's missile test fails, US military says

    (CNN)North Korea on Saturday launched a ballistic missile that blew up over land, a spokesman for the US Pacific Command said. The missile didn't leave North Korean territory, US Navy Cmdr. Dave Benham said. A US military assessment found the main part of the missile landed approximately 35...
  15. Madeline

    Succeeding Where Everyone Fails: CLE DOG Magazine

    Nothing is more of an anachronism of the 20th Century than monthly magazine subscriptions. If you are over 30, you probably recall seeing Newsweek and TV Guide and the like lying around your parents' and grandparents' living rooms. Now, every magazine published by the big houses, like Conde...
  16. G

    Trump threatens to leave ObamaCare in place if repeal bill fails

    President Trump warned House Republicans on Thursday that he will leave ObamaCare in place unless they approve legislation to repeal and replace it. Trump threatens to leave ObamaCare in place if repeal bill fails | TheHill Like he has a this point Obamacare owns him and has...
  17. RNG

    White house fails to back top advisor

    More power struggles or a small degree of rationality slowly seeping in? White House aide declines to back Flynn over Russia contact - BBC News
  18. Goofball

    Obama fails again.

    Just met with Bernie at the White House and couldn't convince him to get out of the race. Dude couldn't negotiate a Happy Meal at the drive thru. Bernie is on to DC primary!
  19. GordonGecko

    Indiana is the new "Stop Trump" "firewall"....but if it fails?

    Campaign Wrap: Cruz, Trump Poised for Indiana Showdown - Bloomberg Politics All the Establishment and #NeverTrump guys are now saying that Indiana will Cruz's "big comeback"......they've already written off the Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, and Rhode Island primaries next...
  20. Djinn

    John Kaisch Utterly Fails to Relate to Jews

    There just aren't enough Kaisch threads, and I'm trying to help out... Prior to last night's New York primary, Republican candidate John Kaisch reached out to New York City's Jewish community. And he flubbed it - badly. This wasn't a "slip of the tongue," like Trump's recent 9-11 / 7-11 slip...