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    ack yall are so focused on fails yall

    i think she needs mental evaluation:Octuplet mom was treated at Beverly Hills clinic
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    What to do when democracy fails.

    What to do when democracy fails. In a democracy the citizens are sovereign; when the citizens of a democracy haven’t the capacity to comprehend the problems of that democracy that democracy will fail. Human ingenuity has proven to be capable of producing very sophisticated technology. But...
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    Doha fails again

    The latest round in the Doha talks has ended yet again with no substantial progress being made of any kind. The spectacle of 150 ministers railing against other countries tariffs while explaining the necessity for their own has gotten so tiresome that even that most dedicated career protesters...
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    IndyMac Bank Fails, 3rd Largest Bank Failure in U.S. history.

    IndyMac Bank was seized by the Feds as panicked customers made a run on the bank. It's the 3rd largest banking failure in U.S. history: IndyMac seized as financial troubles spread | Reuters It's interesting to note that the run on the bank was preceded by comments made by N.Y. D Senator...
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    Sharpton Fails to Shut Down NYC: But still gets arrested.

    link I though Reverend Al was going to "SHUT IT DOWN!". Oh well, at least he made a couple people late and got himself booked. It's a shame he didn't run for president again. That would have been fantastic.
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    War on Terror Fails at Following the Money

    Sounds like they understand "liquidity" better than our financial institutions.... Terrorism money is still flowing - Los Angeles Times I can't help but think if we could dismantle the "War on Drugs" bureaucracy, we'd be able to look at terrorism money a little more honestly. As it is...
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    House Fails Override Of Veto

    So it was 273 to 156 but not 2/3. The SCHIP program increase of 35 billion won't happen. Now the Democrats have to negotiate with the President like they should have which could have saved money and time but... it will be a great election tool since the media is hawking how the Republicans are...
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    Procedural Vote Fails

    However the Saga continues, Reed says they will bring it up again.
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    No Confidence Vote On Gonzalez Fails

    The democrat senators failed to even get the vote to the floor. What a waste of time. Even if they got the vote & did vote no confidence, what would it prove? that dem senators don't like Gonzalez? duh. If they have the goods on him, impeach him. This was just more of the same, lets keep the...
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    Why Democracy Fails Utterly

    Democracy Fails The current hot button political topic is the war in Iraq. Americans argue constantly about whether democracy can be established in this new country. Can we succeed? Should we pull out, or tough it out? The current thought system of our time would like you to believe that...