1. the watchman

    Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer lay out Trump's failures thus far.

    NPC Newsmaker: Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer | National Press Club My sarcastic summary of some of the main points: Schumer: well, at least he kept his campaign promises about sticking up for the middle class. He said he'd label the Chinese a currency manipulator "on day one" but didn't...
  2. Babba

    One Day's Worth of Scandals and Failures for Trump

    All in one photo.
  3. Friday13

    Trump's campaign failures The delusion of Donald Trump as seen in 10 tweets within 24 hours
  4. Babba

    Donald trump's many business failures, explained

    This article lays out the business failures of Trump's one right after the other. It shows he was totally dependent on Daddy's money from the get go and had way more failures than he ever had successes. And his failures were disasters. To call him a successful businessman is stretching reality...
  5. L

    The Definitive Roundup of Trump's Scandals and Business Failures

    by CELINA DURGIN March 15, 2016 4:44 PM Given their number and scale, it can be difficult to keep track of all of Donald Trump’s many scandals and debacles. And so, for those whose heads are still spinning, here is a comprehensive roundup of the man’s disastrous record: 1973: THE DEPARTMENT...
  6. heirtothewind

    Trump's failures and broken promises

    A list of Trump's failures and broken promises- Trump?s long record of broken promises | Capitol Hill Blue This man is just a windbag.
  7. ptif219

    Final Benghazi report details administration failures

    The report shows how the Obama administration failed and is responsible for the deaths Final Benghazi report details administration failures - POLITICO
  8. HadEnough2

    Bush Sr. Doesn't Blame Junior For His Failures

    It appears to me that Georgie Boy wasn't responsible for anything. It's like the kid that's failing in School and the parents blame the teacher. It's not that they could blame Bill Clinton so they turned on their own within the Administration. Who are they going to blame for Jeb'sailed...
  9. R

    FBI: Dylann Roof got gun because of screening-system failures.

    an interesting revelation. ------------------ Roof had been arrested for possessing narcotics in February but he was not listed the criminal databases that should have prevented him from purchasing the weapon. FBI: Dylann Roof got gun because of screening-system failures
  10. meridian5455

    Blacks Call Out Obama for His Failures and Lies
  11. meridian5455

    Video Montage of Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy Failures In regard to foreign policy, Hillary is as qualified to be president as Obama. Neither of them have any idea what the hell they are doing! It's like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob. - Patches O'Houlihan
  12. Use Caution

    GUNS and NUTTERS 2014 Compilation - The Best Failures handling guns so far. ------------------------------ This has so many truly funny failures, people messing with steel death. It's a wonder they live. One guy trying the old fast draw and gets a bullet in the knee.... lets recap the best NUTTERS screw-ups!:onthego:
  13. S

    Executive and Board Failures Plentiful in Corporate World

    I've long said that the US corporate environment was run badly. Short term profits at the long term health of a company is stupid. So are the compensation policies that reward incompetence.
  14. Inkslinger

    Obama's failures

    A list of things Obama was unable to accomplish: All blocked by the Republican Tea Party Congress.
  15. meridian5455

    Some of President Obama's Failures

    Failure: The Obama Economic Record | RedState With only 5 days to go until the 2012 election, an election that by all accounts will find voters basing their choices heavily on economic factors, it’s time to reflect upon and examine the Obama economic record. The Obama economic record can be...
  16. MGunner

    President Obamas Tax Payer Backed Green Energy Failures

    i am all for energy independence but when we have examples such as Spain where 2 private sector jobs were lost for every 1 green energy job created we should not be throwing this much tax payer money at green energy when we are broke. I would rather make a contest of it and get Universities and...
  17. ptif219

    Obama pressed on failures at Univision forum

    Obama looks like a fool calling a terrorist attack a protest of a film. Obama lies and blaming others will lose him the election Obama pressed on failures at Univision forum - Reid J. Epstein -
  18. meridian5455

    Obama's failures go on and on

    Solyndra headquarters could sell at fraction of original price | Fox News Taxpayers are about to take it on the chin again when it comes to solar-panel firm Solyndra, as the now-defunct company looks to sell off its glimmering headquarters for a fraction of the original price. Bankruptcy court...
  19. F

    4 generator failures hit US nuclear plants

    4 generator failures hit US nuclear plants :: ATLANTA — Four generators that power emergency systems at U.S. nuclear plants have failed when needed since April, an unusual cluster that has attracted the attention of federal inspectors and could prompt the industry to re-examine...
  20. Mouse

    Should BP be held totally responsible for the failures of those 3 fail-safe valves?

    There were 3 fail-safe shut off valves that failed to operate as designed in the BP Gulf disaster.. Should BP be held accountable for those equipment failures ???