1. chaos

    Trump Supporters Voted for a Fantasy

    Trump voters want to go back to a system when white christian males had all the power. Can anyone name an era when white males were not part of the working class? It's all fantasy. State religion was created to control the masses. The ruling class knew they could always get a certain percent of...
  2. Havelock

    America's Gun Fantasy

    America's Gun Fantasy I haven't seen this article referenced yet in any other thread. I thought it was interesting. The take home message is that no more than three percent of our fellow citizens owns fully half the nation's firearms. And to listen to their rhetoric, it appears as if the...
  3. C

    Fantasy, or Reality?

    I originally posted this under my Random thoughts about religion. However, as I thought about it, I decided that this thought actually might deserve a bit more exploration. The choice is very simple: Science, or mythology. Reality, or Fantasy You, and I are having a friendly, private...
  4. boontito

    2017 PH Fantasy Football League

    Even later than last year, but is anyone/everyone interested?
  5. bajisima

    ESPN apologizes for fantasy "slave auction"

    In case you missed this, on Monday ESPN hosted a fantasy football draft segment that, however unintentionally, looked, smelled and felt a whole lot like the slave auctions that took place throughout the south before the Civil War. There, on the stage, was white auctioneer Alan Wheeler, gavel in...
  6. GordonGecko

    Trump-land Fantasy #1- "Mexico will pay for the Wall"

    Skipping the idea that a "wall" will ever get built at all....let's go to the idea that "Mexico will pay for it" that Trump promised.... Imagine Trump tries to pressure Mexico on remittances or whatever crap he was flinging during the campaign, to explain how "Mexico will pay for the...
  7. boontito

    2016 PH Fantasy Football League

    ::: cough - cough - cough :::
  8. NightSwimmer

    Fantasy vs. Reality

    Do you remember Marion Robert Morrison? How about Marion Mitchell Morrison or Marion Michael Morrison? None of these names ring a bell for you? That wouldn't surprise me. Perhaps you do remember Marion Robert Morrison by his "screen name", John Wayne? I knew that you would. ;) Did you know that...
  9. FrankCoil82

    Should people with conservative views get into sci fi and fantasy? This is Phil Chalmers. He goes to schools to talk about teen killers. He says violent video games and movies are creating a generation of killers. His favorite TV shows are reality TV, Sports and Sitcoms. He appears on Fox News. He enjoys stock car...
  10. PACE

    Round Four The RNC fantasy fest continues

    Falwell's kid is up, I get to keep my tax exempt status and be politically involved, which means I am all up in your vagina and your bed room Claims Liberty is the most successful Christian University in the world Ah no,,,, that's not true Top Ten Christian Colleges by Forbes Ranking...
  11. justagurlinseattle

    Rape fantasy and Bernie Sanders. .... The Republicans Christmas Gift....

    do people REALLY think that this is going to play well with people? remember, America is still a VERY uptight society... Bernie Sanders? rape-fantasy essay reveals left-wing hypocrisy | New York Post
  12. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    I am not asking you, I am Fucking telling you! Fantasy based religions should be bann

    I am not asking you, I am Fucking telling you! Fantasy based religions should be banned. I do not swear much, but with so many believers of fantasy around, --- Some here will defend fantasy based religions; --- even as they see that stupid...
  13. Robert Urbanek

    Kaaba Kaboom

    The Kaaba in Mecca is the shrine central to Muslim rituals. During the annual week-long hajj pilgrimage, more than a million Muslims walk counter-clockwise around the building seven times. The Kaaba is also similar in size, shape and appearance to the building that housed the first H-bomb...
  14. PACE

    Christie didn't want to talk about Fantasy Football

    He mentioned "debt" how about a question or two about his own state? Worse news: New Jersey debt hits $170 billion - Christie has left New Jersey 145 times to campaign for president ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE TIMES And people wonder why Trump has higher numbers in Jersey than...
  15. BoiseBo

    Federal Judge admits having Brady on his fantasy team

    Mmm-Hmmm .. as suspected! Federal Judge Admits Having Brady on Fantasy Team - The New Yorker
  16. pragmatic

    2015 Hotwire Fantasy Football Discussion and Smack Talk thread

    OK.....for the sake of clarity/separation lets get the 2015 season started off with a clean slate. Plus the fact that the 2014 season really, really, sucked and in Chicago we would sorta like forget about it. Immediate topic is Jets and his loss of a quarterback (which was prolly a blessing...
  17. Isalexi

    A horrible fantasy

    What would happen if isis killed the hostages and in turn Jordan killed the hostage they want released? Wouldn't that take away their power? I know it is an awful suggestion and I hate myself for thinking about it.
  18. meridian5455

    Liberal rag Slate inadvertently argues that global warming ‘science’ is fantasy

    That seems to be part of what the article is saying. Science ain’t what it used to be. Our ideal of science is of a highly structured activity for establishing cause-and-effect relationships that can be tested in the field and the laboratory. Now the focus is increasingly on computational models...
  19. pragmatic

    2014 Hotwire Fantasy Football Discussion and Smack Talk thread....

    2014 PH Fantasy Football League "Hotwire Challenge" - ROSTER 1 CMAF Canadian Mafia East Dr.Gently Seraphima 2 ALOP Team alope East jackalope @mrjack 3 Joe Dumpster Divers East metheron 4 STIE Team Stiemsma West steezer 5 PMPK Lordof Pumpkins West @pumpkin I mean Mordent I mean...
  20. jackalope

    Open invite! Anyone want to join the PH Fantasy Football League?

    Commish is setting it up now! I think there's a couple spots still - and hell, if there's LOTS of interest, I bet the commish can set us up two :p (hahaha Dr.Gently) Follow the arrow to respond to thread in progress, if interested, por favor!