1. Blueneck

    Tracking farm subsidies

    Cool website. Click on a state, then mouse over a county to see total farm subsidies from 1995 to present. In my county in Ohio it was 45 million. That's a lot of money considering it's only 86,000 people and 1200 farms. Average per farm receiving payments is...
  2. bajisima

    Senate panel passes farm bill with hemp legalization

    The Senate Agriculture Committee on Wednesday passed the massive farm bill by a 20-1 vote and overcame an attempt to tighten subsidy payments to farmers. The draft farm bill, officially known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, contains more than 1,000 pages and covers everything from...
  3. NightSwimmer

    Trump's Animal Farm

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who detected a whiff of hypocrisy in Donald Trump's recent rants regarding Hispanics who don't pass the "humanity test". He doesn't hate MS-13 gang members because they're killers. He hates them because they're small time killers. Trump prefers more efficient...
  4. excalibur

    Mueller seeks delay in case alleging Russians interfered in U.S. presidential electio

    Interesting few days for Robert 'Anthrax' Mueller and his band of Dims. Mueller seeks delay in case for Russians interfered in U.S. presidential election
  5. DebateDrone

    US Farm Bill Coming. Trump Plans Cuts to SNAP & Promises Billions in Aid to Farmers.

    Agriculture & Nutrition Act of 2018. Trump proposes $193B in SNAP cuts President Trump proposed cutting $193 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program over the next decade, according to the...
  6. DemoWhip

    Farm state lawmakers, including Republicans, blame Trump for new China tariffs

    Farm state lawmakers, including Republicans, blame Trump for new China tariffs By ALI ROGIN ==================================================== Trump should have never imposed tariffs on China. That was yet another egregious move on his part. Now even members of his own political...
  7. MaryAnne

    Inside Troll Farm.

    Worse than what we thought. Insiders: Russia troll farm even zanier than indictment says* - Chicago Tribune To get worse. Russian Trolls and Fake News Are Set to Get Even Worse, Warns Former White...
  8. ptif219

    Scores of farm workers, activists march on ben & jerry's

    Interesting how liberals are all about workers rights and wages until it is their employees complaining. More double standards and hypocrisy from the left News from The Associated Press
  9. Madeline

    Farm Workers & Activists March on Ben & Jerry's

    The most iconic "hippie" brand in America has been targeted by its workers and their supporters for its horrible exploitation of them. The accusations could not be more serious. Wage theft is the practice of using shelter, food, and other necessities of life to not just deprive the...
  10. BYG Jacob

    Feds find inhumane living conditions at Arizona farm

    Feds find 'simply inhumane' living conditions for workers at Arizona farm Fuck you, asshole.
  11. Madeline

    How Big Ag Kills The Family Farm: $2.8 Million Fine For Plowing His Own Field

    Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field
  12. P

    New president gets off to rocky start with farm groups

    New president gets off to rocky start with farm groups Oooooops! And more......
  13. L

    Tired of Waiting for Corporate High-Speed Internet, Minnesota Farm Towns Build Their

    By Ben DeJarnette, YES! Magazine | Report Fourteen miles from Winthrop, in Moltke Township, population 330, one soybean- and wheat-farming family reported its sluggish DSL connection often made it impossible to upload reports to business partners. Organizers in Winthrop knew they were too...
  14. boontito

    Farm To School Program

    Inspired by recent discussion in another thread. There's a lot of whining about school lunches lately. The truth is though that there are some great options out there. Our school district got involved out here about four years ago with the Farm to School program that is somewhat catching on...
  15. meridian5455

    Liberal poster boy Bowie Bergdahl found hanging out at illegal pot farm

    Our finest negotiators couldn’t quite manage to work the release of four American hostages into the historic Iran nuclear deal, but President Obama will always enjoy the legacy of having traded five high-value Taliban prisoners for deserter Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. What’s Bergdahl been up to...
  16. Madeline

    Locally Grown, Small Farm Food Is Cheaper

    Even if I didn't care about whether my tomatoes taste like cardboard, locally grown, small farm food is significantly cheaper for me -- and I live in the city of Cleveland. Exactly why do we "need" Big Ag?
  17. bajisima

    Farm bill deal reached

    A bipartisan deal has been reached for a farm bill. Final vote will be tomorrow. "Today's bipartisan agreement puts us on the verge of enacting a five-year Farm Bill that saves taxpayers billions, eliminates unnecessary subsidies, creates a more effective farm safety-net and helps farmers...
  18. T

    Welfare next for illegal immigrant farm laborers being replaced by crop robots?

    Is the debate about giving citizenships to millions of illegal immigrants becoming irrelevant as technology begins to replace the need for today’s human labor required in planting and picking field crops? One argument for legalizing the migrants that have crossed the U.S.-Mexican border...
  19. BDBoop

    George Miller Criticizes House Republicans Over Farm Subsidies

    I'm trying to think of the correct term for lining one's own pockets at the expense of one's constituents, but I am too angry to think straight at this moment. Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) chastised Republicans in a Monday report over their decision to forfeit nutrition programs, while...
  20. Cicero

    U.S. House approves farm bill without food stamp aid

    U.S. House approves farm bill without food stamp aid By Deirdre Walsh, CNN Senior Congressional Producer updated 6:38 PM EDT, Thu July 11, 2013 Washington (CNN) -- House Republicans stripped food stamp provisions opposed by conservatives and narrowly passed scaled back legislation on...