1. M

    Fat Tuesday

    Happy Fat Tuesday, America! To be followed by Morbidly Obese Wednesday. Then Diabetes Thursday. Let's face it, Americans are fat every day. Enjoy!
  2. Devil505

    Haul Trump's fat ass in front of a grand jury

    President Clinton was subpoenaed by Ken Starr in the Lewinsky matter. No one has the legal right to ignore a grand jury subpoena...... including a sitting President. Trump deserves no deference to avoid justice. Therefore: ....When/if Mueller would find it useful.....haul Trump's fat ass in...
  3. Spookycolt

    Single-payer health care means you might be denied surgery for being too fat

    So Britain is experiencing way too many costs under their UHC plan so they are being forced to ration car. A new policy says that fat people will have to wait a year to get surgery's or lose the weight. This is what we can expect here if liberals get their way. Single-payer health care...
  4. Southern Dad

    Are Diet Drinks Making Us Fat?

    When I began my weight loss journey, one of the first things that I changed was going from Coke to Diet Coke. Then when I began the Atkins Diet, I switched from Diet Coke to Diet Pepsi because it is aspartame free (silver can, not light blue). I did lose the weight. However, after reading...
  5. bajisima

    Low fat dairy diet linked to higher risk of Parkinsons

    Eating higher amounts of low-fat dairy could increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, according to a recent large-scale study. Those who consume three servings or more of low-fat dairy a day carried a 34% higher risk of developing the disease compared to those who consumed less...
  6. Kallie Knoetze

    The fat lady is singing, again....

    It's her third encore. Get over it libs. The pipeline is built, and oil be flowing: Dakota Access pipeline: Tribes' request to stop oil flow denied | Fox News That was a worthwhile protest, wot?
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Fat f'g chance! Dad of dead SEAL wants Trump's ego/carelessness investigated!!

    7 or 8 or 9 INVESTIGATIONS by Republicans for BENGHAZI, won't touch this with a 3 mile POLE. NO ONE EVEN MENTIONS IT!! ‘I want an investigation’: Father of slain SEAL blames Trump’s carelessness and ego for son’s death DAVID EDWARDS 26 FEB 2017 AT 09:05 ET his July 17, 2010 US Navy photo...
  8. R

    Are Fat Kim's days "numbered?"

    I have wondered about this, as Kim comes off as somewhat "dull." AND, in such an environment, there are always those looking to make THEMSELVES Governing Dieties. This is an interesting article about a recent defector, who feels the regime is soon to fall...
  9. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Donald's Short-Lived Weight-Loss Program fat pig, Lopez's butt, pregnant Kim fat

    The Saga of Donald's Short-Lived Weight-Loss Program "The Trump Network works with some of the best nutritionists, scientists, and technologists," "In another letter to potential customers, Trump billed the company as a way for people who had lost their jobs or savings in the Great Recession...
  10. TennesseeRain

    Trump Defends Himself Against "Miss Piggy" Comment By Calling Miss Universe Fat

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihO5KootGjY And she had an "attitude" problem. I would have an attitude problem if someone didn't pay me for my work as a spokesperson as promised and then brought a camera crew to the gym where I was working out. My bet, though, is that the real reason he...
  11. Robert Urbanek

    The Fat White Duke

    While Hillary supporters remind voters of the Clinton prosperity of the ‘90s, I see Trump as more of a late ‘70s or early ‘80s man: The Fat White Duke I stumble into town just like a sacred cow Visions of swastikas in my head Plans for everyone — David Bowie and Iggy Pop, China Girl...
  12. The Man

    Fat corrupt pig

    General Andrey Belyaninov, head (soon to be former) of the Federal Customs Service of Russia FSB and SKR (Investigative Committee of Russia, Russian FBI) agents came over to search his nice house outside Moscow today, VERY nice house, btw Fucker even has his own private marina on the...
  13. Wrangler

    Oprah endorses Hillary

    As if anyone cares.
  14. Kallie Knoetze

    Does this bill make me look fat?

    In the grand tradition of nick naming money by the subject matter on the bill (the Canadian Dollar is the loonie because of the loon on the face, the $100 bill is a Benjamin, the $20 bill is a Jackson), heretofore, the first American money with a woman on it will now be referred to as the...
  15. bajisima

    Is skim or low fat milk not good for us?

    "For years you’ve been told to go for skim over full-fat dairy. Even the latest dietary guidelines for Americans urge people to avoid the full fat, and following this lead, school lunch programs provide only low-fat milk and no whole milk at all, even though they do allow chocolate skim milk...
  16. Puzzling Evidence

    Exposure to cold weather found to burn body fat.

    I have understood for quite some time how cold temperatures and cause weight loss, but now scientist have uncovered a very important key to changing your metabolism in order to burn more calories -- open a window. Most of your body fat is what is known as white body fat. Some fat is called...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    BIg fat f'g pissing contest--not a debate!!

    This is a big fat NATIONAL joke that isn't a bit funny. I'm glad my RICH FAMILY and MOTHER gave birth to me??? My brother kept us safe? Again he has balls. These people disgust me! Cruz just said NO PAYROLL TAX. That means no SOCIAL SECURITY at .065 and then matching .065 by their...
  18. EnigmaO01

    Is the fat lady singing for Ben Carson?

    Ben Carson's Top Staffers Resign in a Delayed Campaign Shake Up https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2015/12/31/ben-carsons-top-staffers-resign-in-a-delayed-campaign-shake-up/
  19. PACE

    Krispy Kreme Fat Ass Christie calls head of NJ PBA a pig

    Now THAT's rich!!! Gov Chris Christie Attacks Law Enforcement Critic By Calling Him A "Pig" | NH Labor News
  20. J

    What is your opinion are Americans fat?

    There is a world-wide stereotype that many Americans are fat. Is it actually so in comparison with other nation? One idea of mine: Poorer people have to buy cheaper food. Cheap food tends to be more fattening and unhealthy than more expensive alternatives. The cheap food is the bad food. It's...