1. bajisima

    Merkels fate hangs in the balance as deadline is set

    Germany’s Christian Social Union party will give Chancellor Angela Merkel a two-week deadline to meet its demands for overhauling asylum policy, the Bild Zeitung reported, in what would mark an unprecedented challenge to her authority that risks plunging the nation into chaos. The executive...
  2. The Man

    Did he cause his own fate?

    Crimean savagely beaten for pro-Ukraine views gets 2-year prison sentence for 'extremism' - Human Rights in Ukraine Movenko with his bike Vladimir Sukhodolsky (no need to bastardise his name in the Ukrainian style, dude is Russian and identifies as such, patriotically so lol), his...
  3. the watchman

    Trump urges House GOP to OK tax bill; Senate fate less clear

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump urged House Republicans Thursday to approve a near $1.5 trillion tax overhaul as the party prepared to drive the measure through the House. Across the Capitol, Democrats pointed to new numbers showing the Senate version of the plan would boost taxes on...
  4. Monk-Eye

    Trump praises Turkey's Erdogan as a friend

    " Frump Gives Hand Job To Turn Key Fictional Mussel Men Brother Hood Call It Fate " * Support Base Irate * Why is ta yip yap ear dog again despot being invited to the us period ? Whatever the reaction would be if putin were invited to the us is what we expect to see against tay yip yap ...
  5. The Man

    Fate of Assad up to Russia: Tillerson

    US Secretary of State says 'Syria's fate is in Russian hands now' | The Independent
  6. Monk-Eye

    I Slam Call It Fate Rift Origins Off Sunni Versus Shia

    " I Slam Call It Fate Rift Origins Off Sunni Versus Shia " * Squabble Foibles Oops See * The leaders of tribal vanities were playing a game of call it fate when the grandson of muhamad ended up dead , that also motivated the abbassid revolution ...
  7. K

    Hillary's fall is the 2016 equivalent to Boss Tweed of 1871. Similar Fate?

    The more things change, the more they are just a cycle of the same ol' things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_M._Tweed In short, Hillary is now shown to be just another very corrupt politician and manipulator, in the same vein as the ol' Boss Tweed. So, will she suffer a...
  8. The Man

    He chose his fate...

    Vasily Slepak was a talented Ukrainian singer whose name was known around former USSR. For 19 years, he lived in France, in Paris, and performed in the Opera there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZa0opccOYo When war in the Donbass broke out, he returned to Ukraine, joined the nationalist...
  9. OldGaffer

    Bernie's fate in the CA primary is in the hands of the hispanic vote

    Hispanic Voters Will Decide Bernie Sanders?s Fate in California | FiveThirtyEight An interesting analysis by Nate Silver. The guy is just the best when it comes to this numbers shit.
  10. meridian5455

    New York Daily News says one of the San Bernardino victims deserved his fate

    NY Daily News says Jewish victim just as culpable as the Jihadi terrorists who killed him. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/san-bernardino-bloodbath-born-bigots-article-1.2456491?utm_content=buffer0141d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=NYDailyNewsTw This is...
  11. B

    Hillary Clinton’s fate no longer in her hands?

    Here's hoping that lying bitch never gets to be President (see? NOT in the thread title)... https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2015/11/06/hillary-clintons-fate-no-longer-in-her-hands/
  12. GordonGecko

    So a genocidal tyrant (Hitler, Stalin, etc) & an good agnostic suffer the same fate?

    As is typically stated in non-Catholic Christianity....yes. Despite Dante's non-Biblical efforts to resolve this question, standard Christian dogma teaches that Adolph Hitler will be punished in precisely the same degree in Hell... as the person who....despite being kind and generous...
  13. TNVolunteer73

    The Fate of a Hillary "Rhymes with Witch" tour. DNC "Call Warren from Heifer Pen"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXdNYXMQoy8 SNL Hit the Nail of her "lovability" on the head.
  14. bajisima

    Toledo nervously awaits fate of beloved Jeep

    Workers at Chrysler are nervously awaiting the fate of their beloved icon, the Jeep Wrangler as Chrysler Corporation has announced it will move production elsewhere. New CEO Sergio Marchionne surprised everyone last week by announcing that its too expensive to retool and continue making the...
  15. Detective Mike Logan

    The fate of the voyagers probes?????

    Voyager 1 has left the solar system!! Voyager will follow soon apparently- THESE ARE THE 2 MOST DISTANT OBJECTS MANKIND HAS EVER MADE?? will they discover anything more of interest before we lose contact with them in 2025? what do you speculate will be their ultimate fate? 1) they will...
  16. BoiseBo

    Famous Jameis learns his fate in about an hour

    News conference 2 PM EST.. predictions? Looks like a flip of the coin to me. Prosecutor says investigation of FSU QB Jameis Winston is complete, will announce findings Thursday | Fox News
  17. michaelr

    San Bernardino, California, Weighs Chapter 9 Bankruptcy; That Seals the Fate

    San Bernardino, California, Weighs Chapter 9 Bankruptcy; That Seals the Fate First Stockton, now San Bernardino. Hell CA is bankrupt and has been for a damn long time. Then you have cities hanging on by a thread and moving wages to minimum. Because Once You Drop By Bankruptcy Court, You...
  18. aboutenough

    Political, legal fights over school vouchers' fate

    Louisiana Governor's School Voucher Plan Clears Legislature BATON ROUGE, La., April 5, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Louisiana will be home to one of the nation's largest school voucher programs once Gov. Bobby Jindal signs legislation that recently passed his state's legislature...
  19. Blackbeard

    Obama's political fate will no longer be tied to Washington.

    Obama Will Govern Without Congress Congress has like.....5% approval rating. Obama smart to disassociate himself from Washington, his political strats aren't stupid. Smart Cats in my guess. But what are the long range ramifications? Should the GOP take the Senate and Obama win re-election...
  20. Granite

    Health care reform's fate to be determined by 2012

    An interesting perspective, I'd say. In three of the four scenarios Obamacare is damaged or gone. In one scenario (a very unlikely scenario) Obamacare survives intact. Doesn't sound good for the Democrats. Of course, this whole analysis could be moot if the Supremes dump Obamacare first.