1. The Man

    Girls kill abusive father

    Sisters Arrested For Killing 'Mafia Boss' Dad After 'Years Of Abuse' - LADbible The sisters: Kristina, 19 Angelina, 18 And Maria, 17 Such beautiful young ladies... The father, Mikhail Khachaturian reportedly a prominent figure in the illegal drug trade, among other...
  2. Friday13

    Trump’s Treason by Father Complex

    Presented here as a theory for PH denizens to dissect, discuss, debate. Very long article, I haven't finished reading it yet, so I will input my comments (if any) later. Just posting here a couple of excerpts to tempt you. Have at it! Trump’s Treason by Father Complex
  3. B

    Abusive deranged lunatic father of Jackson 5 dies

    Good. Pancreatic cancer - I hope he suffered.
  4. excalibur

    Father of Honduran two-year-old who became the face of the family separation crisis w

    How the rats in the MSM lie. So mom was searched, the little girl cried, and what a story the MSM went with. Fake news is the least of it. Father of Honduran two-year-old who became the face of the family separation crisis when she was photographed in tears as her mother was searched by...
  5. KnotaFrayed

    Happy Father's Day!! Be grateful you and your father or any of your.....

    ......ancestors or their fathers faced the same sorts of things, looking for a better life, for themselves and their children. Hard to celebrate Father's Day as something happy, when some fathers are forced to separate children from their fathers and/or mothers in the "land of the free"...
  6. DebateDrone

    JUST IN! Melania releases STUNNING statement on child separation!! ..ON FATHER'S DAY

    JUST IN! Melania releases STUNNING statement on child separation!! ? The Right Scoop If only someone could get a message to her to inform her that it's her husband pulling the strings. Melania is almost free. Pray for her.
  7. a777pilot

    Baby Daddy for Father's Day

    "Target is apologizing to offended customers after shoppers began slamming the retailer for offering "Baby Daddy" greeting cards ahead of Father’s Day, and after one Twitter user calling them 'an insult to black fathers and a slap in the face to the African-American community as a whole'.” Yes...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Palin kid wants judge to BAR MEDIA at his TRIAL for ASSAULTING his father!!

    So let's see, shall we. We had the family below as the 2ND FAMILY of the US and Biden was the laughing stock on the RIGHT. Yet we still have this KLONDIKE white trash after 10 years constantly in the news with some story of unintended pregnancies, divorces, assaults, cops called to drunken...
  9. L

    'She's owed an apology': Father of woman arrested at Alabama Waffle House

    By M.L. NESTEL Apr 23, 2018, 7:37 PM ET When a woman dining at a Waffle House refused to pay 50 cents extra for plastic utensils, she ended up tackled on the ground by Alabama police officers, according to the woman's stepfather and recorded video of the incident. A day after bailing out...
  10. Macduff

    The father of the Pulse shooter an FBI informant

    https://www.clickorlando.com/news/noor-salman-trial/motion-reveals-pulse-gunmans-father-was-fbi-informant?via=newsletter&source=CSAMedition Now where it gets really interesting is according to this reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, Krista Torralva, the FBI was working on developing Omar as an...
  11. bajisima

    Pulse nightclub gunman's father was FBI informant

    Asking for a mistrial ?? Attorneys for Noor Salman are calling for a mistrial after they say new details from prosecutors reveal that Pulse gunman Omar Mateen's father was an FBI source and is currently under a criminal investigation. According to a motion filed by the defense, prosecutors...
  12. Darkman

    Elvis Presley's daughter claims she has just $14000 left from father's fortune

    Elvis Presley's daughter claims she has just $14000 left from father's fortune National Post 12h ago Related Coverage All shook out - Lisa Marie sues adviser over loss of her $100m fortune from Elvis Independent.ie 1h ago Lisa Marie Presley sues ex-manager after Elvis cash falls to $14000...
  13. Darkman

    Meghan and Cindy McCain share new photos of father Sen. John McCain

    Meghan and Cindy McCain share new photos of Sen. John McCain Dan Nowicki, The Republic | azcentral.com Published 1:30 p.m. MT Feb. 18, 2018 | Updated 9:42 a.m. MT Feb. 19, 2018 Cindy and Meghan McCain on Sunday shared on social media what appeared to be new photos of Sen...
  14. Bronwyn

    Liberals hurl insults at Father of a Fla shooting victim

    Possibly the cruelest hateful thing I have ever heard. What is wrong with these people? Is their political dementia that deep that they would do this to a grieving Father? Liberals Hurl Insults at Father of Florida Shooting Victim -- Because He's a Trump Supporter!
  15. MaryAnne

    Father Of Three

    Girls abused by Doctor tries to attack him. Breaking news alert. Good for him!
  16. The Man

    Girls killed by father

    More: Deaths of B.C. girls at Christmas raises questions about judges and domestic violence This is a white Canadian family, not some Muslim immigrants. Some on here were going on about "honor killings", you know who you are...
  17. The Man

    Would you treat your father this way?

    Some teen boy in the Russian city of Perm has been getting famous online in last couple months, having launched pages on YouTube, Instagram, and VKontakte (Russian answer to Facebook), under name "Pyanyy batya" (literally "Drunken dad"), where he posts videos and photos of his dad getting wasted...
  18. PACE

    Nazi kills his own father for calling him a Nazi

    Yeah, these are well balanced people.... https://www.thedailybeast.com/youtube-trumpkin-and-former-milo-intern-kills-his-own-dad-for-calling-him-a-nazi
  19. PACE

    In the case of a father raping his 12 year old daughter, judge gives rapist 60 days

    My head is reeling here, so because some egghead said this guy was not a repeat risk and the sow who birthed this girl said the two sons need their father, they "throw away" this 12 year old's RIGHTS?????? I want to know what happens to this 12 year old in five or six years, and if she breaks...
  20. Idiocracat

    Eric Trump says his father ‘tunes out’ criticism so he doesn’t commit suicide ‘out of

    Sociopaths don't tend to be suicidal. Maybe a rare event will happen? Eric Trump says his father ‘tunes out’ criticism so he doesn’t commit suicide ‘out of depression’ Eric Trump suggested that his father doesn’t take criticism seriously because doing so would lead to depression and...