1. Singularity

    Trump to pardon conservative firebrand, campaign finance felon Dinesh D'Souza

    Likely a sign bad news for Trump is on the immediate horizon, so he's pulling a "look over here." D'Souza has of course served his time, this will just clear his status as a federal felon. Which is annoying, but not especially consequential. Some liberals are getting pissy on Twitter, but I...
  2. John T Ford

    Colorado Governor Pardons Felon to Stave Off Deportation

    DENVER – Colorado's governor on Friday pardoned a Cuban immigrant for an armed robbery he committed 19 years ago in an effort stave off the man's deportation after immigration authorities detained him following a judge's ruling that he should no longer be imprisoned. The pardon from Gov...
  3. Goofball

    40 year old illegal felon charged with raping 12 year old girl.

    But securing our border is racist. Departing these animals is racist.... Virginia illegal immigrant charged in sex abuse case involving 12-year-old girl | Fox News
  4. BAZINGA DrumpF

    PE Trump and a Pardon for Jared Kushner Daddy? A felon father-in-law. What day?

    That’s because his daughter Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton both have a felon for a father-in-law. What day will that/this be done for his daughter? And for Jared as well, if that makes daddy's little spoiled favorite girl happy. Gee! Felons in the family, seems to be a theme! Donald Trump...
  5. L

    Felon voting rights mean simpler path to gun ownership

    If you are able to hold public office and vote, you should be able to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights as well...
  6. Madeline

    Ohio Supreme Court Fails To Disbar Corrupt Former Judge

    Bridgette McCafferty has finished serving the incarceration portion of her sentence for four felony counts of lying to the FBI now, and the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that she is to be suspended but not disbarred. McCafferty was first elected to the Court of Common Pleas in 1999 via the...
  7. Stefan Bandera

    Felon Thanks The NRA

    LETTER: Felon Thanks The NRA - Courant.com Felon Thanks The NRA This is an opinion letter to the HARTFORD COURANT byGary W. Bornman, The writer is an inmate at the federal "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colo. edit edit edit I meant to type It's short so I posted it here...not her...
  8. G

    Feds investigate how suspected white supremacist -- a felon -- obtained arsenal

    Federal agents are trying to determine how a suspected Ohio white supremacist with a felony conviction for manslaughter acquired a cache of 18 assault weapons and other firearms, along with high-capacity magazines and more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition, according to federal law enforcement...
  9. B

    Newt's got the FELON vote locked-up!!!

    No shit. Randy Cunningham (R), FORMER Representative from California, who is currently sitting in jail, has endorsed Gingrich. "Newt, a voice out of the past. Down but not out and still fighting. First I do not want anything from you but have been watching the debates. I have 80% of inmates...
  10. meridian5455

    Teen gets branded a felon for life for robbing man of 7 cents

    A 15-year-old from Syracuse, Anthony Stewart, was sentenced to 2 to 6 years in a juvenile detention facility by Judge William Walsh of Onandaga County for a robbery in which the teenager took a mere 7 cents. Walsh said he issued the harsh sentence because Stewart declined to plead guilty...
  11. Devil505

    Fox News Judge Napolitano Says Bush A Felon

    I guess this video aired in May but I never saw it...I say get on with the trial already! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FUqeZDmV2w&feature=player_embedded
  12. M

    Federal Judge Ruling: George W. Bush is a Felon

    Here............. OK now is it about time to impeach???? how about now? now? More here........... howbout now??
  13. N

    A Felon's Resume

    Hey, some advice please. If you knew someone who was fresh out of jail for a felony and who is now faced with a job search, what would you suggest in regards to a resume? Do you think she should hide the fact of her prison term? I can do wonders with a scanty resume, but wonder if it'd be a bad...