1. michaelr

    The Firearms Freedom Act (FFA) is sweeping the Nation.

    The Firearms Freedom Act (FFA) is sweeping the Nation. States are starting to sue the federal government with good reason. If a gun is made in a state then it can be purchased within the state, any thing else is interference of commerce. Get on your state reps and have them look into this!!
  2. F

    Socialism and Fascism according to FFA

    You said in another thread Fascism is a form of Socialism. Would you mind elaborating on that claim?
  3. N

    Why FFA is wrong about socialists

    I know I'm digressing, but please, can someone tell me where I can buy a tank in this country with ammo, legally? Or how bout a recently decommissioned F-14 Tomcat with a fully capable ready weapons system and the ordinance for it? Hm.... I think it's my duty as a citizen, to point this out to...
  4. P

    FFA can help!

    What do you think FFA, can you take a few in? They just need a chance to get on their feet and I figured you could help a few out. Maybe you could teach em what you do, it can't be that difficult.
  5. V

    Just for FFA & conservative -

    Falling Hillary Falling Hillary - The Falling Hillary Clinton Screensaver This might entertain you all day long.
  6. I

    This should piss off FFA and son Feslin

    The Great Oil Robbery posted 05/09/2007, 11:25 AM (Dave Lindorff) [Category: Commentary] In case you're wondering why crude oil prices are down from last year, hanging around at about $60 a barrel, while gasoline prices have soared past $3.10/gallon nationwide, just check out the latest profit...