1. Dittohead not!

    key Senate panel endorses finding that Russia attacked 2016 election

    In rebuke to Trump, key Senate panel endorses finding that Russia attacked 2016 election How is it that everyone but Trump knows that Russia meddled in the election?
  2. OldGaffer

    Miami finally finding out what causes their city to be going underwater.

    GOP lawmaker says rocks falling into ocean to blame for rising sea levels Thank God we have these GOP legislators to help us understand science and technology.....
  3. HadEnough2

    Trump Is Having Trouble Finding Lawyers Who will Work For Him

    Lawyers, we all hate them till we need one, right? Trump desperately needs a good Criminal Lawyer but they see Trump as a high risk, low reward client. It's really sad when even the Bottom Feeders don't want you as a client. Can't really blame them since Trump lies, will discredit you if you...
  4. Singularity

    Trump refuses to concur with British finding that Russia deployed nerve agent in U.K.

    A pathetic "we stand with our ally, don't ask how" statement from the White House this morning, explicitly leaving out any ascription of guilt. This despite confirmation from British Army chemical weapons experts that the poisoning was done with a Russian-made weapon. I can't imagine...
  5. T

    Trump administration releases report finding ‘no convincing alternative explanation’

    Wild! The president once called climate change a Chinese hoax....but then there is this. Apparently, the administration has concluded that climate change is caused by man. Seems a bit crazy, considering how Trump stacked his administration with folks that denied that very thing. One would...
  6. C

    Finding the way to understanding

    If I say: Black lives matter And you hear: Black lives matter more than others. We are having a misunderstanding. If I say: White Privilege is real, and means White people have some unearned social advantages just because they're white. And you hear: White Privilege is real and means White...
  7. L

    Trump Staffer Responsible For Finding Positive News Stories Resigns

    As director of rapid response, Andy Hemming was tasked with recirculating positive news to journalists. By Rebecca Shapiro President Donald Trump’s administration parted ways with yet another staffer this week. Politico reported Thursday that Andy Hemming resigned from his position as...
  8. L

    Chechen gay men hopeful of finding refuge in five countries

    Chechen gay men hopeful of finding refuge in five countries - BBC News How can this country sit by and deny these folks asylum? It makes me ill. People wanted to know what Trump could do to help this situation, well- this is it, take these people in.
  9. John T Ford

    Looks Like Ellen is Finding Out Who the Real Racist Are

    You know, I don't have anything for Ellen DeGeneres. I think she is just another bat shit crazy leftist. But, I have to say, I don't think there was any ill will what so ever in the photo she posted. However, the racist in American certainly do not see it that way. After pandering to...
  10. BYG Jacob

    New York voters finding their registration changed...

    ... Like in Arizona, when either lifelong Dems, or independents that switched in time were suddenly switched back to indy, or their registration was gone without their consent or knowledge Arizona All Over Again? Voter Registration Records Disappearing in New York -
  11. mrmike

    Gauging the Islamo threat and finding a fair/safe balance

    Interesting video (not new, but very relevant). It illustrates a real challenge for western culture to deal with the threats hiding and growing under the religious banner of Islam in a fair and equitable way. When you consider recent terror events and the growing and random distribution of...
  12. bajisima

    Rosie O'Donnell asks for help in finding daughter

    Rosie O'Donnell issued a plea for help Tuesday in finding her daughter Chelsea O'Donnell, who ran away from home and was last seen by her family on August 11, a family spokeswoman said. The 17-year-old left home with her 6-month-old therapy dog, a black terrier named Bear, O'Donnell said in...
  13. EnigmaO01

    Interesting finding at local McDonalds

    At the local McDonalds I've noticed the TV is locked on FOX news no matter what time I show up. Finally asked the manager that was waiting on us if it was possible to change the channel as no one was watching it anyway. Her response was interesting. She said although she had a lot of complaints...
  14. B

    Democrats threaten to block their own bill after finding abortion language

    Democrats threaten to block their own bill after finding abortion language try reading it, dumb asses. Funny, strikes me as perfectly plausible. Oh, and I have zero problem with federal funds NOT being allowed to be used for abortions. That's all this language does.
  15. meridian5455

    Democrats threaten to block their own bill after finding abortion language

    Senate Democrats are fuming over abortion language inserted into a bipartisan human trafficking bill that they failed to notice before voting to move the bill to the floor. Democrats are now threatening to block the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which cleared the Senate Judiciary...
  16. Devil505

    Putting to bed the lie that torture led to finding OBL!

    CIA director Brennan offered no connection between torture and information that led to OBL. He said that some OBL info came from some detainees who had been subjected to EIT (Torture) at some point during their detention.....which is a nice way of saying he couldn't connect the use of torture...
  17. jackalope

    Harvard team makes breakthrough in finding truly effective treatment for type 1 diabe

    Wowwwww .... really exciting news. Sounds like treatment, and not a cure. But, great news.
  18. R

    Finding Compromise: How far will you go?

    Much of our discussions (mine in particular) are dedicated to just how far apart (or so it seems) on a wide variety of issues. As such, I ask anyone to list a few issues, your position, and how far you would go, in order to find some level of "compromise..."
  19. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Spirituality, seeking and finding God, is all about internalizing a myth.

    Spirituality, seeking and finding God, is all about internalizing a myth. The Bible is a fantastic book. Even with all the harm that we have done to it, its plagiarized pages have still maintained some of their original message for us. In that sense, of being able to internalize...
  20. meridian5455

    More of the jobless are giving up on finding work

    The unemployment rate fell to 6.7% in December -- the first time it's been below 7% in five years. But the drop was for all the wrong reasons.The rate fell because many people got fed up, stopped looking for work and dropped out of the labor force altogether. (The jobless have to be actively...