1. excalibur

    Illegal Alien Gets No Jail Time And Small Fine For Killing FBI Agent And Fireman

    Outrageous, travesty of justice. Illegal Alien Gets No Jail Time And Small Fine For Killing FBI Agent And Fireman
  2. kmiller1610

    A fine mind, a dedicated journalist and a articulate writer bids us all adieu...

    Thanks Charles .... June 8, 2018I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months. I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I’m afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course for me.In August of last year, I underwent surgery to remove...
  3. BDBoop

    A world in which there are no racists, aka: very fine people

    I see people all the time on the internet, saying racist things, having racist attitudes, and then melting when they are called out for being racist. The most recent discussion I've had involved being told Trump is not a racist. So as far as I can tell? There are no racists. The people saying...
  4. D

    Republican John Cornyn explains—Lying is fine, telling the truth is 'leaking classifi

    Republican John Cornyn explains—Lying is fine, telling the truth is 'leaking classified information' By Mark Sumner ==================================================== Republican thinking is an anomaly. It is so convoluted most times that when they speak one has to always be on...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    NY JETS OWNER, 'feel free to take a knee players' I'll pay the fine!

    My kinda guy!! Not just do it quietly but tell the world he will. NY Jets Owner says if any player ‘takes a knee’ he’ll pay the NFL fine NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT 23 MAY 2018 AT 17:50 ET New York Jets Owner Christopher Johnson DON'T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW RAW STORY...
  6. Spookycolt

    California Considers $1,000 Fine for Waiters Offering Unsolicited Plastic Straws

    As if this idiot state could get any dumber, now they want to fine hard working, usually poor, waiters 1000 dollars for giving people straws in a restaurant. Something must be done about this liberal blight on our nation. California Considers $1,000 Fine for Waiters Offering Unsolicited...
  7. Kallie Knoetze

    Another fine illegal California deemed worthy of protection
  8. EnigmaO01

    You picked a fine time to be a dumbass.
  9. John T Ford

    Jury Convicts Theif, Then Pays Her Fine

    A Virginia woman was outraged after the maid she hired stole $5,000 worth of jewelry from her home and then the jury chipped in to pay for the woman’s fine after convicting her of theft. Sandra Mendez Ortega, 19, who is in the country illegally, was convicted of felony grand larceny for...
  10. Singularity

    Trump did not serve. That's fine. What's not OK is attacking service of a man who did

    Let's review: Donald Trump, all other things being equal, would've been drafted. He was the exactly appropriate age per the needs of the service and the law. He was in good, if not great athletic shape. He had previously been involved in military school. He, at least at that time, had a capable...
  11. L

    How Rent Spikes Are Creating Fine Dining ‘Deserts’ In New York City

    With the imminent closing of Republic, Union Square West—once home to pioneering restaurants such as Blue Water Grill and Union Square Cafe—is turning to a bland stretch of chain restaurants and stores. Here's why. By Kate Krader and James Tarmy July 20, 2017 8:20:49 AM PDT July 20, 2017...
  12. Madeline

    How Big Ag Kills The Family Farm: $2.8 Million Fine For Plowing His Own Field

    Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field
  13. L

    Texas bill would fine men $100 each time they masturbate

    This is hilarious! I wonder how far it will get? :) Texas bill would fine men $100 each time they masturbate -
  14. cpicturetaker12

    $200K gets you entre to Trump security 'meeting' with fine dining & PHOTO OPS

    This is just sooooo FUCKING bizarre! It's just a freak show. So the well heeled Palm Beach crowd watches on as Trump and Japan's PM discuss Korea launching a missile in his club's dining room as they 'chat' on cell phones, the piano player plays on, and their wives drink their wine. 'Yep, Korea...
  15. the watchman

    Ryan: I'm 'Fine' With Trump Voter Fraud Probe Despite Not Having Any Evidence.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Wednesday evening that he's "fine" with President Donald Trump's announcement that he will conduct an investigation into alleged massive voter fraud in the 2016 election, despite having seen no evidence to support Trump's unsubstantiated claims. "I think it's...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    Trump FINE PRINT, MAJOR DEAL in Scotland doesn't count, its an old property??

    He can still command, demand or have people grease the skids, give him preferential treatment, special pricing, legislation, tax cuts, all round kiss his for deal on ANY property he owns, old or new. So his 'TRUST' only counts for NEW DEALS. Really? Who the fuck do we think we're kidding...
  17. D

    Michael Moore Appeals to GOP Electors: Go Rogue and I Will Pay Your State Fine

    Mr. Moore is a wonderful man who obviously believes that the vote of the people should prevail! In so doing, he has most generously made an offer to the electors who want to vote for Hillary Clinton but who might be penalized for it. ********************* Michael Moore Appeals to GOP...
  18. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Deutsche Bank, a Big Trump Lender, should Face Independent Prosecutor, on 14B Fine!

    Two Justice Department investigations of the German bank that has loaned Donald Trump more than $300 million must be turned over to an independent prosecutor, a senior U.S. Senator said this week, because there will be “a clear conflict of interest” between Trump’s personal business interests...
  19. D

    Trump paid IRS fine after illegal political contribution: report

    So, Trump has had to pay a punitive fine with regard to his Trump Foundation. And then there's the report about Bondi and why no charges were brought after the donation. That's something that is worthy of questions and greater scrutiny. ********** Trump paid IRS fine after illegal...
  20. B

    Judge dismisses fine against New Jersey homeowner who flew Trump flags

    Judge dismisses fine against New Jersey homeowner who flew Trump flags | Fox News good on the judge. BTW, remove TRUMP, and replace it with CLINTON... my reaction is the same.