1. Singularity

    The FBI's internal disciplinary board recommended demoting Strzok. Wray jus fired him

    I really don't want to hear that Trump's own goddamn appointees are being unfair, disloyal or overly protective of his enemies in the bureaucracy. Such a statement doesn't have any credibility anymore.
  2. CEngelbrecht

    This cartoon got a dude fired today

    Mocking these wankers: Belarus, Turkey, North Korea. And now Israel as the next opressive country under Pewtin's umbrella, lost in cults about past glory, refusing all reality, blind from blood...
  3. Dangermouse

    North Carolina mother alleges racism at private pool

    He demanded ID from a black lady at the community pool near his home. He made enough fuss that she started filming his oppressive action. She actually showed the policeman he called on her her pass card. The police declared it a civil matter, despite the fact that she was the only person asked...
  4. BDBoop

    Pharisee got fired

    NY Post I've had bosses like Dawn. Good to see somebody kicked her ass off the team.
  5. Darkman

    Canada: Restaurant manager fired for refusing service to customer wearing ‘MAGA’ hat

    Good start ... Need to see more of the same! --- Vancouver restaurant manager fired for refusing service to customer wearing ‘MAGA’ hat By Simon Little and Niki Reitmayer CKNW A manager of a popular B.C. restaurant is without a job tonight, all because of a red hat. As Kristen Robinson...
  6. aboutenough

    Court sides with fireman fired for his faith

    A recent ruling by the highest court in The Evergreen State is being viewed as an important reminder of First Amendment principles. The Washington Supreme Court ruled on Thursday (Jan. 25) in favor of a former Spokane fire captain who was fired for refusing to self-censor his religious...
  7. C

    ‘Viva Le Resistance’: Mueller Team Attorney Sent Anti-Trump Texts - and was Fired!

    ?Viva Le Resistance?: Mueller Team Attorney Sent Anti-Trump Texts | The Daily Caller An FBI attorney who worked on the special counsel’s Russia investigation until earlier this year sent anti-Trump text messages to a colleague, including one exclaiming: “Viva le Resistance.” The attorney’s...
  8. The Man

    Teacher fired for swimsuit pics

    Teacher fired in Omsk after posing in swimsuit as plus size model Not by far the first such case. Last year, for example, Yulia Ryvkina, a 25 year old gym teacher and (beloved, to her girls) coach of her school's cheer-leading squad, which she herself alparently founded was fired...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    DR. Ronny (Pres. physician) fired from WH--DOD IG opening an investigation

    You know Dr. Ronny Jackson worked for 3 presidents. He got glowing remarks. But was Dr. Ronny the kind of man that all of us have known in our lives? KISS UP, KICK DOWN. Lots of brass on your uniform might make you an officer but not necessarily a 'gentleman'. John Bolton apparently is the...
  10. aboutenough

    Judge Rules in Favor of Fired Christian Fire Chief: Gov’t Can’t Put Out Fire of Faith

    And until a few years ago, he was the Chief of the Atlanta Fire Department, a job he would probably still hold if city officials had any respect for Cochran’s rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech.Cochran got into trouble over a book he wrote on his own time for a small group that...
  11. the watchman

    Congressman admit the true purpose of GOP antics is really to get Mueller fired. can't make this stuff up.
  12. Dittohead not!

    Rudy Giuliani Just Came Clean About Why Trump Fired Comey

    Rudy Giuliani Just Came Clean About Why Trump Fired Comey Do you suppose that Guiliani ran his statements past his boss before he made them?
  13. cpicturetaker12

    LAWSUIT! FOX's Ingraham fired her assist. for going out on maternity leave

    That was just STOOOPID. Ingraham has never been pregnant though she adopted kids. Just because she didn't need it, it's the law. She was stupid and FOX will pay. (Or she better have some 'paperwork' about the woman's incompetence 'created' retroactively). Besides how dare these bitches...
  14. D

    James Comey gives first interview since President Trump fired him

    James Comey gives first interview since President Trump fired him By Meghan Keneally ==================================================== It's ALMOST time! T-Minus Minutes and counting!
  15. sweettee

    My my my.....Sure, McCabe and Comey made mistakes. But that’s not why they were fired

    From a CONSERVATIVE no less. I can’t decide if Trump defenders are credulous or...
  16. Friday13

    Parkland teacher faces charge after his gun is fired in public bathroom

    Sure...just arm the teachers. This one was allegedly "gun trained"... Gun-trained Stoneman Douglas teacher facing charges after leaving his gun in a public bathroom Parkland teacher faces charge after his gun is fired in public bathroom
  17. jacobfitcher

    Fired FBI deputy Andrew McCabe raises over $200,000 to pay for legal bills

    He's raised $361,000 as of the time of this post. In 13 hours. A GoFundMe fundraiser set up to cover the legal bills of fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe raised six figures within just a few hours Thursday, exceeding expectations and prompting the organizers to increase the goal...
  18. the watchman

    shulkin says he was fired because he didn't want to privatize the VA. not exactly going quietly into the night - is he?
  19. Friday13

    McCabe, fired by Sessions, was leading criminal probe into Sessions

    Of course, Elf on the Shelf denies any knowledge of investigation into his lies to Congress. FBI deputy fired by Sessions was leading criminal probe into Sessions
  20. the watchman

    mccabe fired.

    just finding out. Sessions fired MCCABE. The only question I have is what Sessions is doing getting involved? He's suppose to be recused. MCCABE STATEMENT: