1. bajisima

    7th Fleet commander dismissed

    Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin, the commander of the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet, was relieved of his post Wednesday following two recent deadly collisions involving warships, the U.S. Navy announced. He was removed "due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command" after the USS John S. McCain...
  2. Eve1

    Pentagon orders pause in Pacific Fleet

    The McCain collision was the fourth accident the Pacific fleet has had so far this year. In January, the cruiser Antietam ran aground in Tokyo Bay, and in May, another cruiser, Lake Champlain, crashed into a Korean fishing boat in the Sea of Japan. The McCain collided with The Alnic MC, It...
  3. The Man

    Russian fleet sials for Syria

    Major Russian naval deployment to intensify Aleppo assault: diplomat - The Globe and Mail Picture, from Norway I see the "Kuznetsov", up ahead, the "Pyotr Velikiy", not far nearby, and couple others. Certainly NOT the entire bloody Northern Fleet (38 warships and 42 submarines) or most...
  4. Spookycolt

    US Navy's stealth destroyer joins the fleet

    Overpriced and wasteful or worth the money? What are your opinions? USS Zumwalt stealth destroyer joins Navy fleet - CNNPolitics.com
  5. The Man

    Traitor admiral in command of Fleet...

    General Sergey Shoigu (left) Russia's Minister of Defense, and admiral Viktor Kravchuk, commander of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy. Shoigu has just removed Kravchuk from his position and rank, and, in fact, fired him outright from the military, along with a bunch of his subordinate...
  6. bajisima

    Russia bolsters sub fleet, tensions with US rise

    "Russian attack submarines, the most in two decades, are prowling the coastlines of Scandinavia and Scotland, the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic in what Western military officials say is a significantly increased presence aimed at contesting American and NATO undersea dominance."...
  7. The Man

    Russia to send fleet to Syria

    Just in case? Russian fleet to reach Syria in December — RT Some say, this will be as a deterrent to NATO from trying the same thing against Putin's friend Assad, as they did against Quadafi.
  8. EnigmaO01

    Computer Virus hits U.S. Drone Fleet

    (WIRED) -- A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America's Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots' every keystroke as they remotely fly missions over Afghanistan and other warzones. The virus, first detected nearly two weeks ago by the military's Host-Based Security System, has...
  9. B

    Chaos as Ukraine votes on fleet

    Chaos erupts in Ukraine's parliament as members vote to extend the lease on a Russian naval base in Ukraine. More...
  10. michaelr

    The ghost fleet of the recession

    The ghost fleet of the recession This fleet of ghost ships is larger than the worlds three largest navy's combined. Merry Christmas.....what I kept saying last year, under Bush....ho did that go...oh yea, "remember your last Christmas, it may be your last" little did I realize that for...